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Do they provide gender reassignment surgery there? Are transgenders treated ok?

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Correction: Australia actually manufactures things, but it’s very high tech/specialised and low volume. Eg F35 parts, high performance heat exchangers, mining equipment, etc. Nothing wrong with that; volume production is not the only way to have a healthy manufacturing industry.

I work in the industry on the technology side and frankly our biggest problem is how far behind we are with advanced manufacturing. It takes years to learn the new technologies and the US and Europe are already using it in end products, but we’re just starting to maybe, kinda think about investing. We’re several years behind.

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“To overcome the spider’s curse, simply quote a bible verse”

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Hi Louis, electrical engineer here who miserably failed modding a psx back in the day and appreciates your work.

For those of us not living in NYC, how can you recommend finding electronics repair technicians like yourself in other cities?