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I am stuyingmedicine and in our uni is free it has a lot of problems: is very slow (downoadin 1gb takes 3h), it has a lot of censrship and we can nly have acccess from 7:00pm to 7:00 am but hey is FREE.

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IDK most of my friends just say dude download porn, and the ones that have a better taste are here in my uni so they can acces the internt and dont need to ask me nything.

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4can and reddit

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PORN, and some websites that he goverment does not like, a hew weeks ago the admins of the uni blocked 4chan i still can acces to 4chan with he hyper expensive internett but not in my uni and that sucs but is not a surprise that they id tha taking in consideration the content of that web.

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Offcourse, they cant censor all the porn in the internet and you still can cheat the censrship using a vpn besides there are a very high amount of porn circulating here in Cuba anyways.