Hey there, I'm Evan Walters. As the title said, I'm the Commissioner of the World Axe Throwing League with this AmA just in time for International Axe Throwing Day! (June 13th)
In addition to axe throwing, I'm a hockey fan, a gamer, and I love to travel. I've spent the past year growing the World Axe Throwing League from about 10 affiliated axe throwing venues in 2 countries to almost 100 locations in 9 countries! My latest project is to announce here, the first-annual U.S.Open Axe Throwing Championship in Chicago on August 10-12. It's been in production since December and I'm extremely excited to say we'll be launching it soon.

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hobnobbinbobthegob217 karma

Who would you say is your favorite Lord of the Rings character?

WATLofficial268 karma

And MY axe!

MrFeexit145 karma

What’s your reaction to the current uptick in bars featuring axe throwing ranges? They look fun, haven’t been to one yet.

WATLofficial172 karma

For me, I love to see it. Axe Throwing reminds me of darts or bowling. A sport made better with friends and beer! As long as everyone is responsible and wanting to help expand the axe throwing world, then I'm all for it!

goooseJuice126 karma

As someone who’s never thrown an axe, how should I throw an axe at an intruder to inflict maximum damage? Also, side question, why does crab clan even?

WATLofficial103 karma

  1. Well, Axe Throwing isn't quite like in the movies so hurling it won't get you far if you want to hit with the blade. There's a lot more technique and geometry involved for that. Though, I suppose if you're just looking to hit your enemy with an axe and to damage, hitting them with a blunt end would hurt pretty bad too. For the sport of urban axe throwing though, we take very special precautions to make sure no-one gets in the way of an axe!
  2. Why not?

Enclavean45 karma

I read this 3 times before I realized you didn’t answer the question

WATLofficial118 karma

TL;DR: If fyou want to hit them with the blade, use better technique. If you want to just hit them, throw it hard.

thenixxer82 karma

Another US Open question. Will we be able to use our own axes?

WATLofficial74 karma

EDIT: We will allow any axes to be used as long as they meet WATL regulation! Also meat

thenixxer16 karma

The first annual, as in the World champs, or the Arnold?

WATLofficial11 karma

That's the plan!

raptinox19 karma

For clarity, does that mean you can use your own WATL official axe, or you can only use the WATL official axes provided by the US Open?

WATLofficial31 karma

I actually just spoke with the other WATL officials and our affiliate and we will offer the use of WATL axes but you can definitely bring your own! We'll be making sure they meet proper specs when you arrive and sign in!

coryrenton57 karma

what are the weirdest sponsors that have sought you out?

WATLofficial90 karma

I wouldn't say weird so much as unexpected. We had a little bus tour group in Bermuda that wanted to host the World Championship. There's another I wish I could say but there may be news on that soon haha

coryrenton10 karma

what's the most affordable way to sponsor some aspect of the competition?

WATLofficial12 karma

If you head over to our US Open page and scroll all the way down on the right you'll find a link to contact our marketing rep about sponsorship info.

coryrenton8 karma

Do you have rules against competitors wearing, say, a hat or t-shirt advertising their friend's real estate agency?

WATLofficial23 karma

There's no dress code other than that you have to wear closed-toes shoes. But they'd have to be there to seriously compete. We have limited spaces so we'd prefer people not sign up just to wear their shirt. It's also going to be a 3-day event so I hope people would wear more than one! haha

mathieu888843 karma

Does it drive you as crazy as it drives me when somebody actually says "axe" instead of "ask"?

WATLofficial37 karma

Honestly, I didn't mind them so much at first but I am kinda tired of the axe puns. But for someone who doesn't see 100 of them a day they're pretty fresh.

giraffesareburning41 karma

What kind of axes are used for throwing? Are there axes specifically used for axe throwing, and if so, did these develop from more utilitatrian forms of axes?

WATLofficial40 karma

The type of axe depends on the affiliation. For URban Axe Throwing (like what we do) we use hand axes (or hatchets). Though there are other types of axe throwing like the large double bit axes. Those competitions are very popular in timber sports and in Europe. In the historic military application there were axes made specifically for throwing but in the heat of battle, they weren't super practical from what I understand. I do recall I think the Danes Franks had a very cool axe with a curved axe head, but that's about all I can think of off the top of my head that differs in any design from regular axes.

Stentata16 karma

The Francesca, would you ever be interested in including those in the league? Also they were designed to be thrown at the ground, roll along for a rotation or two, and pop back up at the target. I would love to see a specialized competition that incorporates that.

WATLofficial9 karma

The Francesca

That's the one I meant! I'm not sure about the rolling and bouncing but I'd love to see it!

boioing39 karma

WATL it take for axe throwing to go mainstream?

WATLofficial26 karma

I think it's two things primarily. Spreading the word and accessibility. I recently spoke with the Commissioner of the American Cornhole League and they were just featured on ESPN. The reason is that tons of people know it and know how to play.

tFraze17 karma

I think AMAs on reddit would also be good start, have you thought about doing one?

WATLofficial25 karma

Nah that seems lame

jetsdude31 karma

is there anyone in your league who simply chops up the competition?

WATLofficial39 karma

We have some amazing competitive throwers for sure! I'd say the top three locations in terms of passion for the sport and getting consistently high scores are probably, Far Shot in Orangeville Ontario (where the current World Champion throws), Tom O'Hawks in Galway, Ireland, and the Bad Axe Throwing in Denver, Colorado. Though we have stars pop up each season. For example in Ottawa they had a 15-year-old girl take their regional champion title for the spring season which is pretty amazing!

GeauxTeam14 karma

Considering gymnastics, dance, marksmanship and a myriad of other sports and athletic endeavors girls in that age excel in, I'm not surprised, really.

WATLofficial20 karma

Absolutely! It was mostly surprising because it was her first season competing against vets of the league. One o fthe things I love about axe throwing is how accessible it is. As long as you have one working arm you can compete!

scaliacheese6 karma

Are you aware that there is a Bad Axe, Michigan? FYI.

WATLofficial2 karma

I've seen that! Seems like a small town. I'd love to visit.

MattBaster25 karma

Is this incredibly stupid or incredibly impressive?

WATLofficial37 karma

An incredibly impressive feat of incredible stupidity.

shauni5523 karma

What is the most insane axe throw you've ever seen?

WATLofficial35 karma

Oh man, I've seen a ton of trick throws that are pretty amazing. I saw a guy do a throw at a target 90 feet away which was pretty insane. I'd love to try and beat that one day. My favorite trick throws to see are creative ones. There was one guy who put a fresh twist on throwing an axe by throwing it as close to the target as he could get. I love to see that kind of creativity.

barlister17 karma

"throwing it as close to the target as he could get", isn't that kind of the point in general, or do you mean he's trying to get as close without hitting it or something?

Celestium19 karma

I think he was standing close, so the difficulty would maybe be in getting the axe to rotate fast enough to actually stick in the target from the closest distance.

At least that was the only way I could interpret the sentence and have it still sound difficult.

WATLofficial8 karma

Correct, the thrower called it the 1-inch throw

ixwd18 karma

Are you the commissioner of the largest organisation that throws axes or a regular organisation that throws the largest axes?

WATLofficial8 karma

I knew as soon as I submitted that title I'd get this question haha. The former of your options is what I am. Although who knows, maybe one day we'll throw the largest axes too!

IntellegentIdiot17 karma

Do you call it Lynx throwing in Europe?

WATLofficial7 karma

Not to my knowledge haha

thenixxer16 karma

Sweet! US OPEN! Open to all nationalities?

WATLofficial17 karma

Definitely! It's only the U.S. Open because it's in the U.S. haha. Sign up soon though as there are limited spots!

DongleNocker16 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses wielding axes or one horse sized Duck wielding throwing axes?

Also Thors ax throw at the end of the Avengers, how do you rate his form?

WATLofficial45 karma

  1. 100 duck sized horses weilding axes because then I'd be like Sauron in the begining of Lord of the Rings cleaving through waves of them.
  2. I'd give it a 8/10. He should've aimed for the head.

bluewolf2215 karma

When can we get WATL axes from Amazon?

How far would you like to see urban axe throwing expand?

WATLofficial22 karma

  1. Very soon! There's a bit of red tape to get through (especially selling internationally) but we're hoping that they'll be on Amazon before our Summer Season (July 9th)
  2. Personally, I would love to see axe throwing in the Olympics. It may sound silly to some but seeing the Olympians from all over the world compete, doing something they love is definitely one of my primary inspirations in WATL.

bluewolf228 karma

I’ve experienced various types of games played with throwing axes: Sequences, TIMBER (like HORSE), and 10 throws like bowling. What is your favorite game to play?

WATLofficial10 karma

I got to help out with a Halloween Charity event last year that had an amazing zombie game with two teams. One person would be the Patient 0 zombie, then everyone else had to try to beat that zombie 1 on 1, but if the zombie beat you then you'd get turned into a zombie and move to their team. It's was super fun!

LerxstFan13 karma

When you come up with a plan to do an axe-related pun, how do you hatchet?

WATLofficial18 karma

I just toss them as best you can and hope they stick on target. Sometimes you just really have to grind them out to keep them sharp, you know, just to get a handle on it.

EightsOfClubs13 karma

Over the last week I’ve seen like 20 posts on Facebook about axe throwing, and now this.

Is it a concerted social media blitz, or just happy coincidence?

WATLofficial9 karma

Happy coincidence I hope!

kyleflippynips12 karma

how do you feel about the vikings?

WATLofficial18 karma

The show is pretty good. The historical people from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, are awesome Just dfinished Neil Gaimans Norse Mythology book and it's very cool. We actually have an affiliate named Møllevej in Denmark and the man who runs that location is super awesome.

Darkchyylde11 karma

When are you going to admit that NATF is way cooler?

WATLofficial10 karma

As long as you enjoy axe throwing you're cool in my book. ButWATListhecoolest

Randym122110 karma

Can I see your customized axe ?? And does it come in a case ?

WATLofficial20 karma

Do you mean our official WATL axes? One of our affiliates took a sweet glam shot you can see here. It doesn't come in a case sadly. But if you're competing then it won't stay in a case for long anyway ;)

Rriott459 karma

Do a lot of women attend these events/how has your value as a sexual partner been influenced by your career?

WATLofficial8 karma

It's a pretty even split between guys and girls that compete. Of all the questions I did not expect today the second half of that is definitely the winner haha

Rriott4511 karma

You didnt answer though :/

How do you think it has affected your value as a sexual partner?

WATLofficial5 karma

I don't think it has much one way or another

nitewalkerz8 karma

Where did you find so many people who wanted to throw axes too?

WATLofficial9 karma


atlas6107 karma

Do you do a dance like this at the start of all your meetings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kZ4SHVKlRA

WATLofficial5 karma

Every time

albagone7 karma

Have there ever been any injuries during competitions?

WATLofficial17 karma

You would think that with axe throwing there would be, but honestly, the worst I've seen is a rather large splinter

hanswurst_throwaway6 karma

What Brand of deodorant do you prefer?

WATLofficial40 karma

Hello, ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using ladies scented body wash and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he’s me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a boat with the man your man could smell like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. Look again, the tickets are now diamonds. Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady. I’m on a horse.

AtheistComic6 karma

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever been axed?

WATLofficial17 karma

In terms of axe throwing, I've had someone ask me if we throw "real axes".

Nobsailor5 karma

Can you please advise your health and safety protocols and provisions?

WATLofficial9 karma

Don't keep the blades too sharp. They don't need to cut paper and they can be rather dull and still stick in wood. Make sure the throwing area is clear. Lastly, Make sure you wear closed-toed shoes. Wood is durable and can bounce back an axe if not thrown properly.

eatonsht5 karma

What kind of body spray do you use, and why is it axe?

WATLofficial2 karma

Because it smells like genuine axe

good_testing_bad5 karma

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

WATLofficial8 karma

I'm pretty partial to hoppy meads. Though I'm a fan of lighter beers on hot summer days, and in the winter months a nice pint of Guinness or Boddingtons really hits the spot.

HideyoshiJP5 karma

Is the World Axe Throwing League just a convenient front for the Axe Gang?

WATLofficial5 karma

"I realized then that good guys never win. I want to be bad. I want to be a ruthless killer!"

Ninjasaurus90005 karma

I'm a BATL guy here... but how do you guys quantify "the largest Axe Throwing organization"? I thought the NATF was larger?

WATLofficial8 karma

The participation varies for both organizations in terms of players (like with any sport) but we have more affiliates and locations in more countries than any other.

paiute5 karma

Is Ed Ames one of your Saints?

WATLofficial6 karma


Selachian5 karma


I am taking a date to an axe throwing bar this next weekend. I can't look like a chump in front of her. Do you have any tips?

WATLofficial9 karma

Don't go all matcho and hurl the axe really hard. It's a technique thing. What you should focus on it your rotation. If you hit the axe on the head. Take a step forward and do the exact same throw. If you hit the axe on the handle, take a step back and give it a go.

tummytouch5 karma

How do you feel about ripping off the name of BATL (Backyard Axe Throwing League) and look of NATF (national axe throwing federation )?

WATLofficial10 karma

That's simply unfounded and untrue. I hadn't heard of either of them before I started working for WATL so I have no history with them. In my personal opinion though, as long as anyone is spreading the word of axe throwing in goodwill then keep rocking it.

WATLofficial4 karma

Hey Everybody. Thank you so much for all the questions. It's been a blast getting to talk about axe throwing. If you'd like to see more please check out our website worldaxethrowingleague.com And don't forget tro sign up for the U.S. Open or find your local WATL affiliate and join their seasonal league!

OMG_GOP_WTF4 karma

Why throw an axe? They are designed for something else and throwing tools is just a bad idea.

WATLofficial8 karma

That's actually a great point. You're correct they originally weren't made for throwing. But Skii's weren't originally made for racing. Just because somethings had an original intended purpose doesn't mean you can't think of new ways to use them. Case In point we wouldn't have superglue if the inventor didn't decide to use it as an adhesive instead of just as a new type of plastic for gun scopes in WWII.

UKSterling4 karma

Is the league truly a world league, or is it like the NFL and MLB in that it's only North American competitors?

WATLofficial5 karma

It is truly a world-wide league! We have had thousands of competitors that span across 9 countries. (Though more coming soon!)

harryandmorty4 karma

What mistakes usually kill someone?

WATLofficial13 karma

Smoking. Not looking both ways while crossing traffic. Eating food that's gone bad. Making a wild predatory animal angry. Playing chicken with a steamroller. the List goes on.

Gaaargh4 karma

Why face-grain instead of end grain for WATL?

I throw at an IKTOF-related range, and we started with WATL targets, but have a lot of success with IKTOF.

WATLofficial4 karma

Essentially, It's harder to standardise end-grain wood. It works fine for larger double bit axes like in IKTOF or Timbersports but for the single handed ones, it's easier to regulate boards. We'd definitely love to incorporate them in the future but we're sticking to urban axe throwing for now.

Chtorrr4 karma

What is your opinion on pineapple as a pizza topping?

WATLofficial5 karma

I'm a classic pepperoni guy. My thought on the argument though is that citrus does weird things to cheese.so I generally avoid mixing the two.

DarthPokeher4 karma

Have you thrown an axe on a school bus?

WATLofficial2 karma

I have not. Probably not enough room. I would definitely not recommend it

CamenSeider3 karma

Have you ever thrown a hatchet?

WATLofficial3 karma

I have!

Skiie3 karma

Have you ever caught an axe flying at you?

have you ever caught an axe using the handle of an axe you are holding so that when it hits the handle it stays inside the axe you are holding? have you ever caught an axe with the handle of the axe you just caught using the handle of the axe?

WATLofficial5 karma

  1. Yes 2/3. You lost me

koopatroopa73 karma

What was your highest scored match? And are the rounds still best of 3 with 5 throws each round?

WATLofficial4 karma

The top score you can get in a single match is 64 points. I've seen a handful of those happen. Each week is 4 matches and the final tourney is single elimination until the final round. In a single week (4 matches) the top score you can get is 256 and we found that of all we have on record only about 2% of people have made it past 200 in a week.

bilgerat783 karma

How did you come up with the organization’s name?

WATLofficial3 karma

I was actually brought on after the organization was started so I didn't come up with the name, but the goal of the organization is to spread the sport of axe throwing around the world so seemed appropriate. Plus, who doesn't want to be in a league? Heck, even Batman is in a league

randomyaho03 karma

Why do you still refuse to acknowledge the Universal Axe Throwing Federation as the unified governing body of the sport? Honestly, you'd be better off having your legal team respond.

WATLofficial5 karma

If there are some axe throwers out in the universe I'd be happy to throw with some aliens

cid1023 karma

Is it weird that I read this as a commissar of the largest axe throwing organization? Have you ever needed to deal with dissidence from the rank and file? Did you resolve it with axes? Am I axing to many questions?

WATLofficial5 karma

There's no place for heretics in WATL

ilrasso3 karma

Do we have any historical records of an axe being thrown and hitting an enemy?

WATLofficial3 karma

Tales is all I believe. There are definitely historical records of throwing axes across many cultures specificly designed for war. But I'm sure there's an evidence of it being successful.

Madhatter-ken3 karma

Hi when can we expect to all be throwing with watl axes ?

WATLofficial4 karma

We're working on getting a shop set up as well as some up on Amazon soon. The goal is before Summer league which is July 9th.

Smoochtime3 karma

How'd you come up with the name?

WATLofficial13 karma

I was actually brought on after the organization was started so I didn't come up with the name, but the goal of the organization is to spread the sport of axe throwing around the world so seemed appropriate. Plus, who doesn't want to be in a league? Heck, even Batman is in a league

SerratedCucumberz3 karma

What would you recommend to someone looking to get into knife throwing and axe throwing? Assuming they're starting from small.

WATLofficial6 karma

Get some axes and throw them in a safe environment! A key secret to axe throwing is it's not about how hard you throw, but the rotations. If you over rotate, do the same throw after taking a step back or forward

WATLofficial3 karma

If you're the guy on the left, then nice work! The big difference between you both is that the gent on the righ baseball swung it, while you maintained a straight vertical arm and axe while throwing. It makes a HUGE difference.

PandemicArise3 karma

So do you prefer a knife or an axe?

WATLofficial5 karma

For throwing, I prefer an axe. for day to day use, I prefer a knife.

UseDaSchwartz3 karma

How often do you use that oh so clever pun?

WATLofficial3 karma

More than I care to say for the sake of my dignity

McJumbos3 karma

the craziest axe incident that you have witness?

WATLofficial4 karma

I'm happy to say I haven't seen any harmful incidents. Though craziest axe thing I've seen was probably tha internet video what made the rounds of a hair stylist that used axes for haircuts.

OriginalIronDan3 karma

Have you ever been interviewed by ESPN, and did it turn into a hatchet job?

WATLofficial6 karma

I've been interviewed by quite a few news publications so far (coolest one being a news station in the Netherlands) but luckily none of them have been hatchet jobs.

McJumbos3 karma

how did you first get into axe throwing?

WATLofficial3 karma

I did a little in boy scouts when I was a kid, but I saw a local place was coming into the city I lived at the time and got a part-time job with them, and the rest is history haha.

kodebot3 karma

Are you in your 30s and have a big ass beard?

WATLofficial6 karma

Correct on both accounts!

subnauticalife3 karma

Do you by chance go by the name draven?

WATLofficial5 karma

Only when I'm in Summoners Rift.

giveer3 karma

After watching Batl up here in Canada grow like mad over the last 10 years, I'm giving your sport less than 10 years before it's a demonstration sport for being an official Olympic event.
Have you all considered this and/or prepping for it?

Because I can't see it not happening.

WATLofficial5 karma

That's my goal! We are indeed.

MuddySnapps3 karma

Is there any correlation to beard length and girth to throwing axes?

WATLofficial9 karma

I can neither confirm nor deny the power of the beard

MuddySnapps3 karma

Follow up question: if one does not have a beard what are their options?

WATLofficial5 karma

It's not about the beard on the outside, but on the inside

Ramoach2 karma

What is the silliest question anyone has ever axed you?

WATLofficial3 karma

In terms of axe throwing, I've had someone ask me if we throw "real axes".

anooblol2 karma

About how many axes is too many axes? There's got to be a line between "Axe Enthusiast" and "Axe Murderer". Or am I wrong about this thought?

WATLofficial3 karma

I think it really depends on the number of axes and where they are. For example, I've met some folks with AMAZING axe collections in glass cases, with axes older than my grandparents were. But if I saw like 15 axes in a duffle bag in a trunk I'd start asking questions.

rytis2 karma

How do you sharpen your axe?

WATLofficial3 karma

Automatic grinder, though I've heard there are better ways. It's just the quickest and easiest way to do it.

CletusVanDamnit1 karma

How often do you make axe related puns like the one in your title?

Have you ever seen the movie Ax 'Em, which is the worst movie ever made?

WATLofficial1 karma

Oh my god I've never heard of Ax 'Em but I just watched the trailer and I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. This is amazing and it's definitely going on the list for my friends next bad movie night.

For axe puns. I generally avoid them for the most part, to be honest. I see about 50 a day at least haha

Nadodan1 karma

How often do you try to use Axe based puns in your everyday life? and do you believe you use them moreso then a layman?

WATLofficial2 karma

Honestly don't use them very often. But at this point I probably have used them ore than a layman

helios221 karma

What is your opinion on people who use axe for ask in a non punny way?

WATLofficial1 karma

I get reminded of futurama and how in the future "ask" is the archaic version of the word "axe".

Airsoul1 karma

Whats the largest allowable Axe to be thrown?

WATLofficial2 karma

Technically, as long as the handle is at least 12 inches and the axe head doesn't weigh more than 2lbs then any lsize is ok!

dissenter_the_dragon1 karma

Knew this dude named Taft who used to throw in like 2001. You ever meet him? Think he was a tiny part native American

WATLofficial1 karma

I haven't met him, but I'd be happy to!

TNSepta0 karma

Are the Franks your favourite civilisation in Age of Empires II?

WATLofficial1 karma

Oh man, that's a throwback. I'll never forget the priest character with the funny sound he made. Wo-lo-loooo