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I like your pizza box sign- is "Macaulay Culkinama" your Japanese pseudonym?

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Who would you say is your favorite Lord of the Rings character?

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It's actually depressingly pragmatic, really.

I'm Anheuser-Busch, (or more accurately, AB InBev), and I make product A. Another product that I don't make, Product B, is causing me to lose customers. If I rail against Product B, I might galvanize customers that are loyal to my product, but in the same turn, I'll galvanize those who are loyal to the other product. This isn't great for business, because at best it will slow the bleeding.

Instead, now I'm going to control both Product A and B. Now I'm going to beat the drums of war against Product B. My customers loyal to Product A will be emboldened, and those loyal to product B will defensively rally to "their own" product. Except its not theirs. It's mine. I sell both of them, and with one act I drum up support for both. And I can do this, because the overwhelming majority of people don't know that I control both products, or simply don't care.

The edgy teenager in me thinks it's even more depressing that this somewhat accurately parallels our political system.

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What exactly makes your chocolate chips "no-compromise"?