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I wouldn't want to mess with Chiwetel, I heard he is a red belt in Jiu Jitsu

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They only know how to ask the tough questions, not answer them

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Obligatory question mark? I worked for quick trip (a midwest gasnstation) for a year. They taught me how to count back change, for which I am ever grateful, otherwise they can suck a bag of dicks. I got written up for asking a dude if he was going to get it on after he bought a box of condoms. In hindsight it was a little insensitive, but in my 15 year old virgin addled mind it was a legitimate question.

The manager always made me restock the freezer and fill up ice bags while he did fuck all. When i asked him why he didn't do anything, he said it was because he was the manager. Fuck you Randy, you lazy piece of shit

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I would have respected that level of savage. I always knew to step back when I was pwned. Kudos to you sir

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Oil, metal and loads of pussy amirite?

Thanks for the reply