The Party Game is an homage to the days of smutty Times Square, Vintage Peep shows, and Print Adult Media. A card game, similar to Uno - with Puns and Optional Drinking rules; the art is 100% Original and is rather graphic in a most-excellent way.

-How to play basics:

Something to dick around with, have a few drinks, and maybe learn a thing or two. It's a novelty that, since the start, has been supported by people in Porn, Comedians, Artists and all walks of life.

Porn has no demographic, and we're looking to keep enjoying the ride with excellent people, making some memories through this random card game and the company that grew from it.

We've done a few AMAs in the past, had a total blast, and even managed to improve ourselves through talking to Reddit.

*This time around, we're returning from our annual Exxxotica Adult Expo, and Inked Awards weekend -something new to talk about ;) *

My Proof:

edit : formatting.

  • edit 2: After almost 24 hours of Non-Stop AMA action, we're closing the window to enjoy the Saturday. Hope everyone has a most-excellent weekend.

  • Holiday-Package Edition of Porn: The Game will be restocked this week - didn't expect such a wonderful response from the community --- will be re-available for a limited-time Check back for status.

We love you all / Cheers & Stay Smutty

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MadMax1960700 karma

Did you just wake up some day and say, "you know what I like? Porn. Lets make porn: the game." or was it more complicated.

WeArePORNTheGame351 karma

Somewhat both - the idea came about while hanging and playing games with some friends.

Everything after that is far more complicated. Trademarking, Registering a company, Finding Artists, Commissioning art, Contracts, figuring out how to "Get it out there", etc.

The beginning was a mix of bureaucracy and legalities, mixed with the creative composition of writing the concept, rules, puns, extents of humor, etc.

It's pretty wild because an idea is just that - getting that train in motion is a hurdle - however, once done - everything just rolls along as you keep traveling. Win some/Lose some.

An education - but totally worth taking the random shot.

MiracleWhippit-197 karma

Pretty sure the mentality started with "Sex Sells and Porn is taboo! Lets make a game that is explicit and people will buy it because it's edgy!"

WeArePORNTheGame198 karma

Not quite - but people seem to like the idea. Why does anyone do anything?

Creative outlet, take a chance, have fun, be proud of something. Not everyone is trying to be "Edgy".

Before we created the game, we had many friends in the industry, have been to parties at the Playboy Mansion, and were around all sorts of artists and performers doing fun things (Tattoo Magazines, B-Movies, and all that).

We didn't want to stay forever at our other jobs and decided to pull the trigger and have a few laughs with a silly idea to join the party.

Ideas are easy, execution is something to take pride in.

Everything just lead into the direction it did.

MilkBeard14279 karma

How do you feel about the psychological impact that a continuous unending supply of porn is having on the male brain? Supposedly erectile dysfunction cases in younger men have skyrocketed compared to rates from 20-30 years ago.

WeArePORNTheGame393 karma

We recently spoke to Nina Hartley about this (legendary Porn actress and educator).

While I agree that moderation is key, it needs to be coupled with education. When we were kids with 14.4 modems, we had to wait 30 min to see a boobie. Now, a growing individual with his/her first urges can google "sex" and see an infinite number of things without any restraint.

That's a bit much. It's important for people to chill on the non stop strokage and balance it out with real life relationships and sexual interaction.

So, that's where we stand. Nina's answer was much more simple, in the sense that she believes everyone should be drilled with the notion that "It's FAKE". A Horror movie is fake, an action movie's violence is unrealistic, and the sex in pro-porn is 100% entertainment and not meant to represent reality.

Otherwise, you'll have a bunch of people, growing up, thinking that the "Piledriver" is a guaranteed way to get someone to orgasm. lol

Brooklyyyn235 karma

Much respect for your honest answer here. How do i buy one?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

Much love, right back.

Currently available here.

The Holiday Package needs restocking / should be available again next week.

g0_west3 karma


WeArePORNTheGame36 karma

She's REALLY cool.

We hung out in a Hotel Lobby and ended up talking sex and relationships for hours. She's truly an educator and someone who is out to show people that sex and porn aren't for the back alleys, but for society to openly discuss.

plainjanebanker2 karma

Can you elaborate on how pro porn is fake? I've seen a lot of amateur porn and webcam sex that proves that extreme stamina isn't at all impossible.

WeArePORNTheGame137 karma

Not the Stamina....

The fake orgasms, the Jack-Hammering, the faces and positions done for the viewers enjoyment - not those performing.

If you ask a Pornstar about their real sex life vs. scenes in porn, they almost 99% describe it has the exact opposite of what they do in porn. Missionary is pleasurable, romance and embracing is a turn on, not all BAM BAM POWWWW.

People growing into their sexuality should have times to explore and embrace the reality of it all. If since 12, they've been watching Gangbangs and Bukakke, their real-life sexual relationships could suffer. They'll be all-about "the show" and not taking the time to lose yourself in the person, no matter how bland the position or experience.

Aterius66 karma

Kids today will never know the joy of spotting a neon green boob for a split second on a scrambled playboy channel.

WeArePORNTheGame59 karma

Or when HBO, Showtime, or Cinemax latenight would play a flick that had a few books. It was a hell of a time.

a look back at NSFW Scribblevision

Tofinochris24 karma

This is what people don't seem to get. Stamina is just a thing that usually comes with age and experience, and the funny thing is it's not even necessary for a great sex life. I've seen a study posted plenty of times on Reddit that showed that women considered 7-10 minutes to be the sweet spot for intercourse. Here's a GQ article talking about it. 7 minutes is hardly superman stuff unless you're brand new to the world of sex, in which case shorter is totally fine. Mix foreplay and other play in there and you're perfect.

The amount of obviously fake stuff and crazy positions in porn is just comical really. Sure, it's great to work one of those positions into a session if your partner is flexible enough, or you both enjoy a bit of rougher stuff now and then, but if you're going from set piece to set piece you're not losing yourself in each other, and your partner isn't either. Have fun! You didn't get in bed with someone to impress the viewers. You got in bed to have fun, and maybe to share a romantic or intimate time. Lose yourself in it and you'll both enjoy it so much more. That's why amateur porn is so popular: people actually losing themselves in what they're doing, not performing for the camera, not showing off.

WeArePORNTheGame7 karma

Bravo. Excellent reply.

bobafreak1 karma


WeArePORNTheGame22 karma

A lot of people feel that way you do. It's easy to get pulled into any obsession: Porn, Drugs, Social Media, Working Out, Body Modification - the list goes on and on.... people go to extremes. It's part of the human condition.

It's never too late to turn in a positive direction, focusing on what you want, who you want to be, and how to get it.

We're all a part of this technological roller coaster of instant gratification.

If you're seriously upset about this or anything else, never hesitate to ask for help or reach out to someone. Take care, brother.

xynder07 karma

....what day is it?

WeArePORNTheGame53 karma

The first day of the rest of your life.

lilsniper5 karma

Isn't that every day?

WeArePORNTheGame14 karma

ding ding ding ;)

elquenuncahabla83 karma

Are those adult expos as bacchanalian as I imagine them to be, or do people keep it pretty professional?

WeArePORNTheGame134 karma

It's interesting: It's a professional expo - just like any other. Brands represent themselves, Entertainers and Venues promote and sell emerging media and products, etc.

At night time, when the parties kick in - the hotels get rather wild if you know where to look; madness in every direction. HOWEVER, it's not all super out in the open (until late night where the Lobby is a fantastic shit show of people letting loose).

Granted, one can image that there are shoots, swinger parties, etc etc going on in the comfort, safety, and privacy of their respective coordinators and people involved.

The images give a good idea of what to expect.

It should be said that the people who come out to these events are some of the nicest, most social, and professional cats around. An absolute pleasure to network and party with. It's all love and mutual support.

mcremnant81 karma

Is the logo of the game a reference to “They Call Her One Eye”?

WeArePORNTheGame89 karma

You have a very good...eye lol

It's a reference to our company name "Mondo Pirate Media".

Throughout the deck, some of the girls have eye-patches (example: Glory Hole). It ads a bit of humor, gives a nod to the company, and plays off various vintage Grindhouse features, such as the one you mentioned.

Right on ;)

Ksoms10 karma

I haven't seen this game irl. But having 'glory hole' accompany an eye patched girl is fucking hilariously brilliant. Kudos. I'll be looking to acquire this game!

Also speaking from a branding perspective, also more brilliance with the toe to the company name. As someone who brands companies for a living, beautiful moments like that are rare or funded enough to be so good haha.

WeArePORNTheGame28 karma


edit - NSFW

Judeas71 karma

A friend ordered your game and it never came. Is that normal?

WeArePORNTheGame161 karma

That doesn't sound right - AT ALL. Please relay the order number in a private message.

Each unit is tracked, with the code emailed with receipt, etc.

You sure you're just not messing with us? ;)

  • Did you friend follow up with anyone?
  • Where did he buy it from?
  • Did he receive a confirmation and tracking #?
  • When was it ordered?

Normal? Has never happened.

We can have the order 100% accounted for - have him confirm the Order # if legit, and we'll take are of it.

Hell, if it's the truth, we'll send over a plethora of free games. Because this doesn't seem likely.

Regardless, Would be our pleasure. In 4 years, hasn't happened once. Each package is tracked, with all info automatically provided.

Cheers & Thanks.

darsymian85 karma

Wow great customer service bro. Can you go crossover to EA and shake some shit up over there?

WeArePORNTheGame69 karma

Thanks - we take it seriously. In the end, your customers and supporters are who keep you alive.

It's imperative that everyone is treated with respect, all orders honored, and that we make people happy.

ShadeofIcarus76 karma

I'm not sure if he's serious or making a cum joke.

WeArePORNTheGame117 karma

Realized the possibility after providing the serious reply. lol

Either way, covered all grounds. We aim to please ;) lol

montusan16 karma

It take a lot of work to please a card game like that, tell him not to give up they all come eventually.

RageOverflows9 karma

I honestly thought you were making a sex joke..

WeArePORNTheGame21 karma

I think he was. lol

firekillerfloran37 karma

I've never played your game or seen much about it, but props to you for a great ama! You seem very engaged with your audience, which is more than what most amas can boast...

Anyway, I was wondering what ideas you have to continue on with in the future? Are you going to continue making games or branch out elsewhere?

WeArePORNTheGame31 karma

Thanks :)) Figure it's best to resonate honest points and touch-base with people who dig it. Considering it was a brain-fart a few years ago and where it's gone, it's a privilege to have any audience [at all] who's intrigued and likes what's become of the creation.

re: The Future

The Game's trademark and brand has grown legs of its own. Hoping "Porn: The Game" continues to go in the area of events, coverage, and additional licensing: Apps? Line of Sex Toys? Educational Seminars? We have some options to look over.

Porn: The Game / Party-People at Exxxotica

EDIT: We also want to make more videos like this - Porn: The Game! Presents: PARTY CRASHERS

SerFraust31 karma

How quickly will I get bored of this game?

WeArePORNTheGame103 karma

Just like any other game.

It's great for new people, parties, and people who like to play with the drinking rules as a "pre-gaming" session before heading out. It can be a conversation starter, a shot pounder/beer chugging game, or just a casual round of "Uno" like play. It has some mini-games with drawing and other challenges / in other words: a casual party game.

Collectors like it as well, for the Original Art.

The more you play, the more familiar each card and mechanic becomes -without the need to read each move out loud.

How soon do you get bored of any game?

It's a card game for parties, drinkers, and people who feel like dicking around.

It's far from Magic: The Gathering.

now_its_a_dick_joke54 karma

I play Magic in the nude. Will this game be more socially acceptable for me?

WeArePORNTheGame69 karma

Yes sir. You seem like our kind of person.

Tofinochris2 karma

Speaking of which, did you ever play the XXXenophile card game? A vintage classic.

WeArePORNTheGame13 karma

We have not --- but totally will. (Googling as we speak)

paralitix26 karma

yes what is this and why are you on my front page?

WeArePORNTheGame24 karma

It's Porn: The Game.

An homage to the history and beauty of vintage smut. A card game for parties, perverts, and drinkers.

Hope that helps ;)

GotMoFans25 karma

I thought Tracy Jordan (Morgan) invented Porn the Game?

WeArePORNTheGame36 karma

First time we released it, someone introduced us to that episode.

For those who don't know: "Goregasm: The Legend of Dong Slayer" is a Video Game/RPG that the fictional character Tracy Morgan in 30 Rock created.

Would love if they actually made that.

_skelly19 karma

What was your primary motive for making the game?

WeArePORNTheGame29 karma

A ganglia of reasons - all stemming from the same place.

..basically: To involve ourselves in some form of creative outlet/business. To get away from desk jobs - to have some fun - to see if it can be done; to take a shot and see what happens.

aheadwarp910 karma

What is your target demographic for this game?

WeArePORNTheGame16 karma

That's been the most interesting part. We don't have a "target" demo, and the people who seem to enjoy/understand the game come from all ages, sexes, and parts of the world.

We've learned that smut and humor have no true demo. lol

bozobozo10 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Sybre9 karma

Do you feel the game "plays itself" like cards against humanity e.g the cards are meant to be funny so the player doesn't need to be or do you feel like the game is a bonus to the social interaction and has longevity? I enjoy cards against humanity a few times, but after all the cards "shock value" died the game gets stale...Even when drunk.

Sorry this is a pretty nerdy question for a smut-based tabletop game.

WeArePORNTheGame8 karma

Not a bad question at all :)

The group definitely makes the game. Depending on their humor and personalities, it could go in either direction.

It's definitely about the social interaction coupling with the shock value of some cheap giggles and grimy art.

It can play like a round of Go Fish, or get people red-faced from learning a new term. Additionally, if the drinking rules are applied, it could easily become a quick game to get a party to have a few shots, before moving on with their night.

IsEasilyConfused8 karma

What inspired the creation of such a, unique, game?

WeArePORNTheGame9 karma

Loving the history of vintage smut, Time Sq/NYC Grindhouse history, Porn, and looking to bring it all together in a creation that represents it and gives us a chance to grow and have fun with our lives.

The game has given us the opportunity to meet and work with people we've always admired. For that, alone, it's been worth the journey.

catens7 karma

What in your opinion do you think separates your game from the existing "Cards Against Humanity" type of games?

WeArePORNTheGame21 karma

We aren't trying to reinvent the wheel. There are many First Person Shooting video games, Many card games, etc etc etc. Everything exists and has already been made.

Our game is nothing like CAH, but I see why it could be grouped together with it. In the end, we're all basic party games - aiming to entertain.

We'd be fools to act as if we invented something extraordinary.

PTG has graphic imagery (original art), some funny puns and easter eggs, and is a tribute (or "homage" as we like to say) to Oldschool Print Media, Seedy Theaters, and the pre-internet era of Smut.

FatGreek7 karma

Any chance you can modify the game so that you have to perform whatever is depicted on the cards? I'm friends with a bunch of competitive psychopaths, and my wife and I are really trying to one-up our friends.

WeArePORNTheGame7 karma

Πολύ καλή ιδέα.

We've toyed around with the concept.

A lot of people, at first glance, assume that's how the game's played. lol

iggyx3605 karma

Any plans on releasing more expansions to the game? Definitely had a great time playing this with friends!

WeArePORNTheGame5 karma

Thanks - really appreciated. We need to sit down and put those plans into motion.

At the moment, we want people to take advantage of the Full Package (Original and Expansion Combo pack) and the Holiday Package (Special Edition Set).

If interest grows, and people continue to support our American-made/Independent product, we'll keep rolling them out. We're a small group tackling what we can.

Your support means the world to us. Really happy you had fun - you rock, man.

machiavelli1934 karma

Consider making a gay/lesbian version. I know a lot of people who would love to buy it if there was one.

WeArePORNTheGame16 karma

The game covers all Porn, respecting all.


Danyn3 karma

Don't forget about endless amount of weird japanese fetishes and trademarks of porn such as the casting couch

WeArePORNTheGame4 karma

I mean, what kind of porn game would we be without a CASTING COUGH and some HENTAI

Mathewdm4235 karma

I am currently developing a card game myself. In the design/illustrate process and looking into trademarks.

Any advice on someone jumping into the gaming business?

WeArePORNTheGame17 karma

  • Trademark / Copyright; do what you can to ensure you're 100% by the books. This way, you're ready if you grow and are within your legal rights to do so.

  • Have contracts for freelancers, etc - State terms fairly and early, better chance of avoiding issues and miscommunication.

  • Stay active on boards and social media.

  • Support other Gamers and Emerging developers. It's not a competition.

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

  • Don't take the internet / critics too hard.

  • Surround your game and business model around the availability of easy change and adjustment; don't order 1000 copies of a game that you may be tweaking as you go along.

  • Keep archives, files, and emails, organized.

  • Have fun

Psychotic_Precision5 karma

If you could suck your own dick, would you pull out?

WeArePORNTheGame17 karma

I guess a person never knows until the time comes.

diddydiv1234 karma

Where can I buy this game in the UK?

WeArePORNTheGame10 karma

Working on exclusive international retail outlets.

In the interim, the below site has some fantastic international shipping rates for the game.

nate7253 karma

I'm always coming up with ideas I'd like to make real. But like you said, it's hard to get the idea out there. What were some of your most effective strategies for accomplishing this, and do you recommend any books or information that you found that helped with this??

WeArePORNTheGame7 karma

Books helped inspire, but not in the "self-help" / "how-to" sense, but more biographical highlights from people who inspire. The Hunter S. Thompsons, the Chuck Klostermans, Artists/Journalists/Musicians, and their life's path which lead them to wherever. Reading the life-stories of people who inspire and influence you is a great way to get the mojo going.

You start to think "screw it - we have one life - and we can change the course anytime"

As for getting it done

  • Lists / Goals
  • Organization and Charts on how/what to do when
  • Milestones (Short-Term and Long).
  • And many nights with a glass of jack and a few joints (Personal Preference - not for everyone).

Little by little you chip away at it and, like a sculpture, the idea becomes a reality you can see and feel without ever knowing how the whole composition came into fruition.

The hard part is not getting stale. To keep going and trying; it's easy to get lazy or off-track whether you win or lose. Both can be bad. One is content, and the other is discouragement.

nate7251 karma

Thanks For replying!! I mean more along the lines of, once it was complete, how did you get it off the ground and marketed so people saw could see and buy it? Did you give some away in hopes of getting reviews, social media, did you use a marketing firm? Sorry, I should have been for specific with my question. Thanks again for replying!!

WeArePORNTheGame7 karma

No marketing firm. Tried a few things out, but the best approach was oldschool networking. Of course, gave a few games out. Reached out to some resources via friends and just plain "chuck and pray" methods (sending to podcasts, tv shows, bars, etc)

Said it in the past and still rings true today, the Porn industry came to us with open arms and everyone was more than happy to help. They gave us an amazing welcome, provided guidance, and helped map out the web of associates we have today.

Surround yourself with people who understand the humor or flavor of your game. In our case, comedians, B-Movie buffs, collectors, porn fans, and alternative art media (tattoo companies, etc). For an example, the r/boardgames subreddit probably wouldn't care for a post about our game. And that's totally ok.

We've had events at Bars, did photo-shoots, and kept our twitter page up to date (the only social media we have).

It's tough to find new ways to get it out there; sometimes it hits, other times nada. After a while, you kind of build your own family of supporters, mutual businesses, sponsors, etc.

It's good to be upfront and kind. Plus, it never pays to be greedy.

Tleprie3 karma

How much playtesting did you do, and how much tweaking came about as a result of playtesting?

What were some challenges that you ran into that you didn't expect/didn't prepare for?

WeArePORNTheGame4 karma

We first created the original card concepts and mechanics using flash cards.

The first edition underwent a few art changes. Several cards were completely revised, we amended a few rules, and worked our way from there.

After we got to know the pervy-monster we had created, we took the experience and familiarity with the game and cross-referenced it with "virgins" (people who have never seen it). This allowed some fine-tuning.

The wrestling between "humorous/harmless novelty game" and "SMUTT PEDDLER" is what we identify as the essence to this mashup of Art, Entertainment, and Social Commentary. It's a challenge, but that's what it's all about. :)

Tleprie2 karma

Thanks for the answers! I've been slowly working on some of my own games.

I saw that y'all use The Game Crafter and was wondering what your experience has been with their poker tuck boxes? I've only ordered one thing that used it (a playing card deck I made), and it sadly hasn't held up too well. The cards are great quality, but the box is a bit lacking.

I'm not worried about this for when I'm just ordering a prototype or something for myself, but I don't know that I'd want to ship a game with that quality of box. I dunno, maybe I just got a bad one.

WeArePORNTheGame4 karma

TheGameCrafter has stepped up significantly. For retail and mass production, its always great to have alternative options as well.

For us, TGC is fantastic for direct to customer orders and for sales during times of being backed up or require autopilot. This allows you to expand your brand, while working on wholesale orders, customer service, events, and other things that require attention.

It's good to have multiple printers and sources.

They now offer Linen and UV coated boxes and cards. The quality is very nice.

Over the past few years, they've added professional production, laser-cut custom parts, and a bunch of other things for developers.

It's a great balance and middle-ground, and the people behind the company have been excellent. They are a small company, handling all sorts of things. It's pretty impressive.

I hope they continue to grow and we'll continue to support them.

farcicaldolphin382 karma

How is Tracy Jordan going to react to this?

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

That would be fantastic.


Pancakes or French toast?

WeArePORNTheGame8 karma

Bacon Egg and Cheese. on a Bagel.

With Salt/Pepper, Ketchup, and Hot Sauce.

Large Coffee. Black, no milk / no sugar.

datkrauskid1 karma

Ketchup and hotsauce? This boi aint fuckin around

WeArePORNTheGame8 karma


AnotherHentaiArtist2 karma

How is working in the industry? Do you have any helpful resources or tips for someone that might want to break into it?

WeArePORNTheGame5 karma

We walk the line between the Adult Industry and being a Game/Media Company. However, the XXX part has been one whose people in the industry were the most open and helpful.

It's great to go to events, meet people in person, and then continue communication from there. If you're professional, respectful, and have the right intentions - opportunities arise.

Of course, every industry has good and bad parts. It's important to know the lay of the land. Whether stocks or porn.

GreatAndPowerfulNixy2 karma

Do you have any suggestions for making the game a little more approachable? I understand it's supposed to be shocking, but some of the cards hit unexpected squicks so it's tough to introduce the game without revealing its unexpected humor to new players. Something like a public "what are your squicks" to the group seems too shaming and a private aside kind of ruins the joke.

WeArePORNTheGame12 karma

With the theme of the game, and it's uncensored approach to the topic and illustrations, we figured it would speak for itself.

On the flipside, you are 100% correct as it can sometimes be too graphic for those already uncomfortable with depictions of hardcore sex/porn.

Each card represents and reflects a unique porn-reference (without any duplicates in the deck). The actions and roles in those cards were compiled from pornographic search engines and commonly used phrases.

While doing this though, we made it a personal mission to maintain a sex-positive, supportive, representation where fetishes and kinks are shown - with respect to all parties, genders, etc.

GreatAndPowerfulNixy4 karma

I get the mission, but unfortunately not everyone is as open-minded as they think they are :/

WeArePORNTheGame24 karma

This is true, and we fully respect that.

It's funny how sex rules the world, is shoved down our throats for Potato Chip and Sneaker sales, fashion, etc -- meanwhile, the things we allude to are OK - ONLY if alluded to.

It's like censoring the word F*CK. You know what we're saying, so why not have it full blown and upfront. FUCK.

Who knows? Life is complicated and people have a right to feel however they do. All we can do in response is march on, respect others, and hopefully we all become a bit more open minded with one another in the process. :)

Onoh_92 karma

Have you heard of r/NoFap? Lol

WeArePORNTheGame27 karma

Sorry, what was that? Was busy masturbating.

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adam28pol1 karma

When does the Holiday Package become available?

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

Will be restocked next week :)

SkincareQuestions10-2 karma

When did immaturity become a lifestyle goal for you?

WeArePORNTheGame4 karma

You mean, Doing something you enjoy? Meeting wonderful people? Having a great time with various industries, and doing something to remove one's self from being confined to cubicles and spreadsheets?

That lifestyle goal manifested a long time ago.

Edit - Be well.