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I poked around a little on your site, and I didn't see prebaked server software to deploy a site-based update system (to prevent the clients from needing to fetch packages themselves from the internet, and allowing them to update "offline" from a single host machine on the network, like Windows Server Update Services). I know systems like that are possible in a normal Linux distro, but since Endless is targeted at the less tech-savvy is such a premade component in the works? Being able to save on update bandwidth would be huge.

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That doesn't actually describe the procedure at all. What literature is there to demonstrate the effecacy of this procedure?

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What do we do if we don't want to work in the horrific conditions that the corporate lifestyle forces on you?

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It has several complications that arise from using a balloon catheter to forcibly change bone structure.

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Do you have evidence with these consent forms? I'm not a psychiatrist, but I do have access to my facility's informed consent library, and the ECT consent form here absolutely states the potential for permanent damage and/or altered cognitive function.