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WOAH! - We are in front of royalty here. Brazzers? THE Brazzers?

How do we even start? :) Well, people have compared the gameplay to UNO, but with Sexual Puns, references, mini-games, and optional drinking rules. You start with 4 cards (each are 100% unique, no duplicates) -so, if you have the "Anal" card, nobody else does.

Anywho, let's say it's your turn to play. You put down the "Anal" card -which tells you to "Fuck someone in the Ass" ---> the rule on that card states that you must pick someone to "fuck in the ass". That person will have to draw 3 cards from the deck and take a shot.

So, whichever friend you use that card on is screwed; now has 3 more cards to get rid of.

Follow? :)

....Brazzers (We can't believe it/ this is awesome)

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Feel free to reach out on twitter, and let us know where to mail the package :)

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Holy shit, that's funny.

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  • Self Publishing is key.
  • We're made in the USA - believe it or not, 90% (if not more) of all printing companies overseas said NO WAY when they saw the cards.
  • I'm sure publishers are out there who would pick up your game, but in today's world, all the tools are available to make it work in your own vision without restriction. There's really no secret. We're still trying to find our place....

It's silly - think about Hustler Magazine, and all the Smut of our yesteryear. After watching Michael Nirenbergs documentary "Back Issues: The Story of Hustler Magazine", we recently realized that we're in a far more prude society today. Everyone has a voice ....free-thinkers, scholars, those with agendas, the moral police, the ill-informed - you name it.

Create your own space - you can totally do it.

(PS- Keep us posted, and feel free to contact us if you ever need any help or referrals.)

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A toss-up between Barney, and this stoner: http://i.imgur.com/JtVlJTc.png