At the ripe young age of 21 I quit my job as a machinist to hike around the US. I've hiked across the US nearly 4 times, thru 29 states, and over 15,000 contiguous miles. Currently taking a rest day after watching the Solar Eclipse, in the last state of the Continental Divide Trail: Montana.

When I set out on the Appalachian Trail on February 12th of 2015 I had planned to hike until I ran out of either money or trails I could reasonably connect, but it was sort of a joke and I couldn't have understood what I was really up for. I've snowshoed across the High Sierra in November, the San Juan Mountains in May; trekked across the Great Plains, Death Valley, the Mojave and Sonoran deserts; shiverred my way through the Upper Midwestern winter; been swept down rivers and steep icy slopes. I've cried at the sight of grocery stores, and been kicked out of buffets for staying too long/eating too much. All the while carrying my trusty longsword.

If I had to pin down why I'm doing this, flippantly its because I played too much (or not enough) Dungeons and Dragons. More seriously would be that many things conspired to give me this opportunity, not least of which was my father having a cancer scare just before retiring, which made it clear as day that I couldn't count on retiring, so if I wanted to go traveling I needed to make it happen. The dumb heady reason is that I don't believe in free will so this is all post-fact rationalization anyways. Hiking was chosen as the mode of travel as combination of having started on the Appalachian Trail, and an inspiring meeting with another hiker doing a similar walk to what I've been up to, I am considering Kayaking the next leg of my trip. I carry the sword partly as a dedication device, I study Historical European Martial Arts (mainly Fiore if we have folks from /r/wma) and figured if I didn't bring it along then I wouldn't be likely to go back to it when I returned; but also I like the frame of mind carrying it puts me in, very adventurous and kindof like I am on some sort of quest.

I am not independently wealthy, but I did go to a low cost trade school to become a CNC machinist, and worked for about a year while pinching my pennies pretty tightly. I bought food in extreme bulk before I left and my parents help me by mailing boxes of it to post offices along the way. I do pay the postage but I'm trading the labor with my Mom, in exchange I'm planning to take her on a thru hike of the John Muir Trail in CA, during the summer after I call my hike complete.

Sporadically updated Blog:


Proof links:

12am Mountain time

EDIT: Aright its almost Midnight in Missoula, and past my bedtime. Time for sleep. Thanks Reddit! Its been a blast!

10:30am Mountain Time

2nd EDIT: I'm gonna answer a few more, while I wait for the phone repair place to finish replacing my broken phone camera.

12pm Mountain Time

3rd EDIT: Signing off once again, and gonna get back to hiking. I'll maybe pop back in next town stop and answer some questions that I missed. Thanks Reddit! It's been fun and weirdly exhausting!

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Allthehigherground942 karma

What's the matter? Somebody steal your sweetroll?

Appliers794 karma

Woe be to thee who pilfers mine croissant.

Smitsu482 karma

Do you have a favorite type of socks/footwear? How many have you gone through? Have your feet become the pinnacle of human adaption or are they now the barnacle-seized rudders on the ship that is your body?

Appliers549 karma

Darn Tough socks, footwear I like Asolo Restons, but I would recommend trying out different footwear, everyone's feet are so different that getting footwear advice from someone on the internet seems really fraught.

EDIT: Missed the 2nd part of the question, My 7th Pair of boots are almost on their way out, and socks... probably been through 10 pairs before I switched to darn tough about 6000 miles ago, and have burnt out 2 maybe 3 pairs since I think.

Chorazin177 karma

Darn Tough are amazing, and they fulfill warranty requests super quickly when you wear them out!

Appliers198 karma

its better than that, you can go to darn tough dealers and they'll often swap them out for you, so no lead time on replacing your socks. /unpaidschill

Ulti47 karma

Asolos are kind of the shit, I've had a pair for like a decade now and they're still holding up like a champ.

Appliers43 karma

I like them quite a bit. I wish that the Piumas were built better though, they'd be my first choice for sure over the Restons if they could hold up for more than 500 to 800 miles.

metric_units68 karma

Original measurement Metric measurement
500 to 800 miles 805 to 1,287 km


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Appliers136 karma

Good bot

Appliers145 karma

3rd part of the question, my feet have amazing pathfinding and keep excellent balance, but outside of my boots they are so sensitive. Far too sensitive.

EDIT: missed the second part of the question, this was actually the third part of the question.

Barsnip269 karma

So, this was all started with DnD, how how often do you get to do it now? Have there ever been instances on the trail where you've played? Or is your DnD addiction satisfied by basically living the story out?

Appliers299 karma

I think about DnD a lot on trail, and have been writing a campaign while on trail. I don't see enough people with enough regularity to really play DnD on trail. I've heard of trail families playing DnD on the Appalachian Trail, but it didn't happen to me.

FullBodyHairnet123 karma

Do you listen to podcasts while hiking? There are a few about playing DnD, like The Adventure Zone (which is super excellent).

Appliers107 karma

I Picked up Podcasts about 3000 miles in, was essential for some of the long roadwalks that characterized OH and ND. I might Check that one out.

Altyernat221 karma

How did you get the name Attrition?

Appliers336 karma

Its in reference to the fact that I am hiking until I run out of money, sort of like a war of attrition. I got it from my friend Nemo, whom I hiked the first thousand or so miles with.

Altyernat179 karma

So everyone hiking has weird names? Who were some of the more memorable people/names you'd run across?

Appliers243 karma

Spindrift, 2nd Lunch, Robert Redford. I'll maybe come back to this one, my mind is a little scrambled answering questions at the moment.

Hipster_Redditor363 karma

The same 2nd Lunch that's a former bartender from Jersey? Back in 2015 I shared a Motel 6 bed with him for 2 nights in Mojave after a 50 mile day on the PCT. He gave me my trail name, Crazy Legs, after I twitched all night like I was hiking in my sleep.

Appliers308 karma

Same dude! He's great, we keep in touch. Him and Unbreakable are hiking the Colorado trail right now

brokendate50 karma

These all sound like Transformer names

Appliers126 karma

Is 2nd lunch a food truck?

treadedon30 karma

Is Nemo a Ultra-light repeat AT thru-hiker who is small built?

Appliers40 karma

Not my Nemo, my Nemo is also a machinist, Springer to Harper's Ferry is his thru hiking resume.

hikingthru3 karma

Haha I am almost damn sure I know Nemo. Always brings a bag of wine with him? Great to hear man. I am halfway through the PCT and my triple crown. Glad to see your post blow up but you may well be the reason we have a few more thousand people on our trails haha.

Appliers5 karma

more people engaged with the outdoors will hopefully translate into more political will to protect the wild places we love. ¯\(ツ)

Theandric185 karma

What landscape or natural view has most captivated you?

Appliers328 karma

This is a really hard one to nail down to just one.

Death Valley is a strong contender; Badwater Basin is really surreal. When I went through Glacier last summer I was in maybe the perfect spot mentally to be totally overcome by Mountains, having spent the past month and a half walking across the plains of Western MN, ND, and Eastern MT. Wyoming's Wind River Range is maybe my favorite mountain range in total, especially after having seen the eclipse from there. Other Mentions would be the Pasayten Wilderness in North WA, Pictured Rocks on MI's Upper Penninsula, and the White Mountains of NH.

If I had to pick one in absolute though I think making the top of Katahdin for sunrise at the North end of the AT was probably the most powerful singular experience of the trip.

eggiezisNseason183 karma

I am an experienced hiker with pretty extensive knowledge in survival. I am currently planning to hike around 500 miles along the "Ice Age Trail" in Wisconsin (waiting for it to cool off a bit because mosquitoes up there are horrendous). My question is (I will PM you as well), would you like a hiking partner? I believe we would both benefit from each other's knowledge and company.

Appliers155 karma

do you have your trail legs on already? I'm gonna try to knock out some miles pretty soon here, I've been on a kick of side trips and visiting people who are near trail for a while and am pretty stoked to get back at it. I'd hang out with you if we keep a similar pace, but trying to stay with people who you have mismatched pace is bad practice. Sometime after I am back home though, I'd be down to hike with another midwesterner.

eggiezisNseason106 karma

My trail legs are always on bud! I'm good to match whatever pace is preferred. I can comfortably do 30 miles or more a day, or any amount less. I'm not the type that has to always have a set amount of miles per day. I like to enjoy the nature and scenery, as that is the point of the outdoors.

Appliers56 karma

Rad, maybe PM me in a day or so so it won't be caught up in the deluge hitting my inbox, can you make it to near Butte MT? thats my next big town.

edymondo158 karma

So what level are you? What's your speed? What's your alignment? These are important things to know

Appliers233 karma

Honestly, I'd probably peg myself as level 2; Rogue1/Ranger1, Chaotic Good. I generally travel about 3mph over most terrain, maybe closer to 4mph when I am on easy terrain and pushing. So that'd put me at between 25-35 speed.

This'd be calibrated to DnD 3.5e

Gingergeddon137 karma

What are some of the things that you miss most about regular living other than having shelter and convenience?

Also, what are some things that you're relieved you don't have to deal with from society?

Appliers241 karma

I miss people and my cat the most probably, I miss good pizza quite a bit. Tap water is pretty rad too.

Very happy to not have to deal with cars very often, maybe with a side of news.

A_No_Where_Man111 karma

Ah yes. Tap water seems like the gods' own elixir after drinking Iodine enhanced "Utah chocolate milk" for a month in the rainy season.

Ice is good too.

Appliers146 karma


Just the ability to be cold on demand. Game Changer.

patron_vectras39 karma

Tap water is pretty rad too.

On the trail do you drink raw, filter, or boil?

Appliers55 karma

Aquamira or raw

NytLyt134 karma

Yo, Attrition, where the Brits at?

Appliers152 karma

I think I passed them in Yellowstone, hoping they caught up while I was off trail for the eclipse. I bet they're by Chief Joseph Pass.

Mudgeon130 karma

Have you been hassled about the sword at all? I know that has got to be above approved carry blade lengths for most states!

Appliers153 karma

Honestly, not really. The few times I've been stopped by police or park rangers have all been for other reasons.

Mudgeon104 karma

That is a little surprising, but then again they probably have to worry more about crazy drunks in the park with guns than some guy just trying to get his LARP on. What has been the closest thing to the D & D campaigns that started you in your quest that you have experienced? Was it a vista or a cave something else entirely?

Appliers167 karma

I got swept away by a river last summer, and when I got out on the other side I had the thought of: that was a pretty lucky place to fail a balance check.

Whenever I meet people and they just offer to let me stay in their homes and rest.

When I made it up to Franconia Ridge in the Whites I felt a lot like I was on the great wall, or lighting Gondor's signal fires.

Beardtech97 karma

I imagine wandering out of the woods into a town, and the first guy you meet can only say "Welcome to 'townname'!". You then proceed to walk into homes uninvited and go through their things in search of money and potions.

Appliers151 karma

Break all their pots.

PresidentDonaldChump47 karma

So when you walk into a buffet or a grocery store with a big ass sword strapped on your back people are just cool with it? That's kind of awesome.

Appliers74 karma

I tend get more comments on it from other hikers than from townspeople.

slightlydampsock106 karma

How much does your pack weigh? What do you have in it?

Appliers206 karma

I haven't taken a good base weight measurement in a long time, if I had to guess I would say Minimum 16ish pounds (~7kg) Maximum 30ish pounds (13.5kg) depending on how much food and water are in there.



sleeping pad

sleeping bag

rain jacket

puffy jacket

liner gloves

trekking poles


water bag w/ hydration tube

empty gatorade bottle


fuel cannister

cooking pot

ursack (bear-proof food bag)

multitool knife

long Ti Spoon




external battery


charging cables



hand sanitizer

book (sometimes)

misc repair stuff for people and gear

that's probably about it

CashCop45 karma

Woah that sounds like a lot more than 30lbs damnn

Appliers82 karma

Each individual item is pretty light, the sword is the heaviest thing I carry by far.

InfoSecs44 karma

Wow, what an amazing experience. Can I ask how you charge your batteries? I once spent 6 months living in a tent over winter in the highlands of Scotland - I used portable solar panels to excellent effect. I have a small 10w 5v panel that fits on a rucksack - it outputs a steady 2-4w in cloud and 5-8w in uk sun.

Also, food? Dehydrated vegetables? Tins? Hunting/foraging? MREs?

Cheers :)

Appliers80 karma

stop into coffee shops or somewhere with an outlet in towns, and be conservative with my battery use. I can go up to 16 days from a full charge when I am using my phone for maps and being conservative. with paper maps I don't even really worry about my phone. On the AT my phone was dead for like 400 miles once.

I was recently given a solar panel so I am thinking about how necessary/useful it'd be, and how to integrate that into my systems.

mostly bulk staples (Lentils, Quinoa, Pasta, Rice) Peanut butter, Dried fruits, and stray nuts. I'll forage a little, but I'm not familiar with edible plants throughout the entire US so...

Meowts93 karma

What style of longsword to you have? What are the specs? Do you carry it in a scabbard at your side while you hike?

Also have you ever read The Book of Five Rings? This story reminds me a little bit of the story in that book, although I would hope without the maiming.

Appliers104 karma

Thats the sword that I carry, no real scabbard, I have/had cuben fiber rain cover for it that has disintegrated into almost nothing.

I have read the book of five rings. I'm a big fan of Musashi, and also try to keep the the precepts of the Dokkōdō in mind.

TheMalicious0ne41 karma

I am also curious about your sword. What type of steel is it made of and how well do you upkeep it. I would assume without many opportunities to get it in a dry environment, it could be prone to rusting. I can only imagine that you carry/use lots of oil and give her time out of a scabard.

As a fellow backpacker and blade enthusiast I have to wonder the task at hand for your longsword. However out in the middle of nowhere I have found it very therapeudic to find and care for ones belongings.

So how difficult is the upkeep and is it worth it to carry on your travels accounting for the passion you have for it.

Appliers42 karma

I use Olive Oil and a tiny bit of red scotchbrite for sword upkeep. Olive oil doubles as food.

EDIT: its pretty easy upkeep, if it wasn't worth it I'd mail it back to my parents house.

frakkin27 karma

Yep. Oil is essential. Especially if you're been sparring with someone else.

Appliers31 karma

Or crashing through damp brush!

lanimilbuston88 karma

Your way of life seems stimulating!

What would you say has been most dangerous about your travels?

Appliers136 karma

River crossings and traversing icy slopes are probably the most dangerous things I've done. Quite a few people have been killed or injured on the PCT this year in river crossing incidents as a result of the high snow this past winter.

Maybe staying in the homes of strangers, but I think that's overhyped.

TantricLiminality85 karma

What's the greatest life lesson you learned from this activity?

Appliers145 karma

Patience, and a tolerance for uncertainty. Thru-hiking is all about not giving up, even when given ample opportunities to do so.

TantricLiminality32 karma

Thanks for your insight. Safe travels!

Appliers37 karma


scoodly83 karma

May I join your quest?

Appliers121 karma

Do you have much outdoors experience? I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to gaining a party member.

Oh_God_its_Jesus188 karma

Don't bother, he's like, a lvl. 4 bard.

Appliers133 karma

One of my favorite companions was a bard, but he was also an ultra runner. Its good for morale.

My_comments_count65 karma

Haha, was the person doing something similar named Mamouth? I met you on the AT at a shelter when I was going sobo (I did a flip flop) and watched you practice your sword skills after dinner, you're definitely the real deal. I love that you're still hiking, that's awesome man!

Appliers52 karma

Yeah, I've Met Mammoth a couple times, we've met up a couple times, and still keep in touch! He's an even more hardcore budgetter than I am.

TrippelSpiral52 karma

Have you ever had to use the sword for self-defense against animals or other people?

Appliers64 karma

In a pinch I've used trekking poles, they're already in my hands. Mostly I've only had to ward off dogs while roadwalking, it hasn't come to blows yet thankfully. I like to cross the poles and try to catch the body of the dog with them so they can't approach closer than like 3 or 4 feet.

TrippelSpiral58 karma

I guess fending off dogs is preferable to fending off bears

Appliers82 karma

Yeah, I've had a lot of bear experiences, none have been particularly frightening though. I did pull bear spray on what I am pretty sure was a Wolverine last year near the western MT border.

AndyCAPP_LSB11 karma

Go on... I know there is a story there lol.

Appliers24 karma

eh sorta... I was on a forest service road on the way up a mountain and I heard a biggish rustling behind me, and out came a huge badger looking guy standing maybe 3-4 feet tall, or so with some grayish stripes about 25 or 30 feet away. I pulled my Bear Spray out, unchecked the safety and we stared each other down. After maybe 5 or 10 seconds of this, the Wolverine slumped down and trundled off the other way down the road.

Gryphin46 karma

Any medical close calls? I feel like there would be far more than normal while out there that much.

Appliers62 karma

I had IBS for like the first year or so, and that kept me on my extra toes about getting dehydrated. I've gotten sick a few times, but so far I've always been able to find somewhere to lay low for like 5 days and rest. Nothing too serious, although I jokingly worry about getting stung by a bee (never been stung before) and finding out that I am allergic, cause that could just be death.

crabalab200238 karma

Do you just ask a stranger if you can crash? Or do you pitch a tent and rest? Or what?

Your lifestyle is strange and fascinating.

Appliers57 karma

I'll talk to people and sometimes they'll offer me couch or lawn space after hearing the response of "crash under a bridge/in the woods/hills until I feel better."

Sometimes it just seems that the trail provides.

ExiledSenpai44 karma

Have you ever had fight off bandits with your sword? Or maybe a wild beast?

Appliers100 karma

I've definitely scared folks off with my sword (not intentionally, just throwing practice cuts at the top of a mountain pass) I'd like to think they were bandits, and that I wasn't just terrorizing dayhikers. I killed some giant spiders with it in PA.

mendvil43 karma

Do you carry any fencing treatises with you? It would be a good way to keep studying on trail and explain the art to the people who don't know about it.

Appliers41 karma

I have a ton of them downloaded to a tablet, Flower of Battle is what I always go back to, but I read some Meyer and Ringeck too on occasion.

mendvil17 karma

That's pretty cool. Where's your longsword from? Did you go out of your way to find any WMA/HEMA clubs along the way?

Appliers20 karma

its an Arms and Armor #204:

I did recently in Missoula, but not really often. If I were to do it all again I would probably try to more frequently, my skills have certainly depreciated a little without a partner.

edited for words

vagabond278742 karma

Would you say that while we chumps were at work, you have been studying the blade?

Appliers33 karma

and cultivating Inner Strength

Boraas37 karma

Wait, so you're telling me youve been hiking since feb 2015?

Appliers57 karma

well... I did go home for Xmas. So I guess it probably doesn't count. ;)

Redbeardshanks35 karma

I've always wanted to do this! I love the idea of being a wandering swordsman in an era that never expected one. How much money did you start with? And is budgeting difficult?

Appliers39 karma

Thanks! Budgeting was tougher at the beginning, I started with about $15,000. I have an automatic payment from savings to checking that keeps me on budget decently well.

Jonax34 karma

As a swordfighter, what is your favourite go-to insult?

Appliers68 karma

"You fight like a dairy farmer!"

AsianNinja4232 karma

What has been the most frightening experience? (Face to face with death, maybe?)

Appliers78 karma

I took a long sliding fall down a pretty steep icy slope in the San Juans this past May, where I thought I might die or be otherwise significantly injured. Maybe more affecting is the slow burn fear of noticing that the water sources you planned on utilizing are coming up dry one after another.

some_words4431 karma

Did you meet any weirdos or creepy people?

Appliers55 karma

yes, but the good weirdos vastly outnumber the bad weirdos in my experience. I've met a couple of people who were probably compulsive liars and one vaguely started to impersonate other people I was hiking with. I've gotten rides back to trail that went on pretty unexpected detours.

ddddddjim32 karma

can you elaborate on one or more of those detours? and may i add, you kick ass, sir.

Appliers56 karma

I got picked up by an old dude heading back to Newfound gap from Gatlinburg TN and he took me and 2 others on a 3 hour long roadtrip around the Smokies. He'd yell out the window at kayakers, take pictures while driving (That were all blurry because his camera couldn't focus or something) and tell us about forestry and a trip that he took to the smokies as a kid. His sister called the cops on us because of a loss of cell coverage induced miscommunication, thinking we had kidnapped him, but in reality he had kinda kidnapped us.

freebiscuits27 karma

Any tips for female thru hikers? This issue seems like the biggest barrier to me

Appliers41 karma

There are a fair number of people thru-hiking who are just weird, and they can be off putting. In general women I meet on trail seem to be pretty unafraid of creeps, although I have met a few who've gotten off trail because they were really sketched out by someone.

I dunno if I have anything that's real female targeted advice, but don't let it stop you if you want to do it. A lot of the most hardcore thru-hikers are Women. Look up Anish, and Not a Chance. Their blogs might have better info for you.

BFoster929 karma

How did you get started with the hike? What advice do you have for those considering through hikes or even something like your journey? Any sage advice gleaned over the course of your trek?

Appliers41 karma

Starting a big hike like this with a thru-hike of either the AT or the PCT would be a great way to learn the basics, and I am very happy that I did the AT as the first.

Its all about not quitting, nearly any individual section of my hike hasn't been so tough that most people couldn't tackle it. The trick is entirely to keep going, managing your mental state and motivation are the most important things. I've seen people get off trail for minor injuries, and also heard catastrophic stories that still end with someone finishing the trail.

BFoster911 karma

Thanks for answering. Two other questions: what's your favorite trail name you've heard, and what's your favorite story behind a trail name?

Mrmachinist16 karma

I'm going to guess the answer to this one is some guy named rescue.

Appliers11 karma

You guess right!

Rocco00129 karma

Interesting story, thanks for sharing!

You mentioned you have supplies mailed to you, but do you find yourself ever needing to live off the land and source food yourself? If so, what's been your favorite meals so far?

Appliers60 karma

I'll forage for food on occasion, but for the most part foraging for actual sustenance isn't super compatible with the pace I try to keep.

Best trail food so far non foraged would probably be: spicy lentils and quinoa, with a sauce made from butter, whole milk powder, diced dried mango, curry powder, and tajin. (dehydrated lime and cayanne)

Best foraged food, massive Morel mushrooms fried in butter.

Rocco00115 karma

Holy smokes, that sounds so good.

Thanks for the reply and all the best for future adventures!

Appliers12 karma


hijack60929 karma

How many pants have you ripped in this journey?

Appliers50 karma

1 pair of shorts, 4 pairs of pants. Also I'm on my 5th shirt I think, and 7th pair of boots.

NotLurk1ng28 karma

What food do you recommend for long quests?

Can you think of any improvements to the national forrest/parks? For the land, campers, through hikers, etc?

Appliers50 karma

Lentils, Quinoa, Peanut Butter, Raisins / other dried fruit, Butter and or Olive Oil. That right there is probably like 70% of my food. A little spice kit helps a lot, just having spiced your food yourself seems to have an outsized psychological effect on how good it tastes.

tony_the_scribe20 karma

Where are you considering kayaking to? Also, would you rather fight one Marshall-sized duck or one hundred duck-sized Marshalls.

Appliers23 karma

Hell, I'd fight 200 duck-sized Marshalls. Ducks are little, and Marshall can't fly.

As for Kayaking, I'm considering 3 options. Kayak the more wild Northern section of the Missouri River; Go to the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi near St. Louis; or take it to New Orleans. If I take it to NOLA then maybe I'll walk back to Springer Mtn in Georgia and make a Loop.

barlister15 karma

The Missouri in Montana upstream from holter lake is blue ribbon trout fishing.

Appliers14 karma

That sounds exciting, think I could do aright with a hand line from a kayak? I'm not much of an angler.

treadedon20 karma

Going for the triple crown?

Purest or more take it as it goes?

I met a guy named Lord Bearclaw on the AT last year he has a sword. That sucker was a pound and half I think. Have a weight estimate for yours?

Appliers46 karma

Got about 650 miles left before I finish the Triple.

I keep a continuous footpath, but I dunno that I would call myself a purist, the esotericness of being an every-fuckin'-incher isn't what I derive the value of hiking from.

Mine is just under 3 pounds, was he NoBo or SoBo? I would've loved to have run into someone else carrying a real sword. doubly so if we were headed in opposite directions and could spar right where we met.

HikarW18 karma

Do you piss in the shower?

Appliers31 karma

I don't shower very often, mostly wash myself in rivers. So its hard for me to actually consider anything a shower habit, but I have pee'd in the shower before.

LazarusRises17 karma

Have you had to deal with any injuries? I hiked the Camino de Santiago in Spain last summer and was very thankful I don't blister easily. Even a small thing can ruin a long walk!

Appliers23 karma

Sickness more than injuries. I am a proud owner of two very resilient feet, and can probably count my blisters on one hand from the entire trip.

WollfGang16 karma

I've always wanted to do things like this but never had friends that had the same mindset as I. Where did you find friends to do this with? Were they from college and naturally had the same interests as you or did you meet them along the trail or through websites?

Appliers27 karma

I was in boyscouts, and did a NOLS course. those would be decent places to start, but tons of people hike the Appalachian trail and the Pacific Crest trail with little to no outdoors experience. Most of what it takes is persistence and a willingness to laugh at yourself / learn from your mistakes. Those trails both have pretty active subreddits if you don't want to go too far.

Boondoc15 karma

anyone else remember the last celebrated, bladed weapon carrying transient that came to reddits attention and how that turned out?

Appliers10 karma

Actually no, link?

Boondoc22 karma

Kai, Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker

here's his wikipedia page. since i know you're busy with your AMA i'll summarize it, 3 months after that video he killed someone. i'm not sure if he used the eponymous axe

Appliers14 karma

Well, got no murder plans, so...

Revenzeum15 karma

Have you ever had any moments where you were close to quitting the hike and giving up?

Appliers28 karma

I give myself decision points at the end of each trail where I decide if I want to keep going, and I am very stubborn. At the end of the North Country Trail was probably the closest I've come to throwing in the towel, crossing the great plains was very mind numbing. I'm glad I did though, the west has really lived up to its hype for me.

KanonKyle14 karma

This is awesome! How possible would this be with a baby and a wife? Could you see a small family doing this?

Appliers22 karma

You wouldn't be the first, look up Buddy Backpacker. He's a 12 year old who has probably 7 or 8 thousand miles behind him. I've met 4 different parent child duos/groups who were thru hiking one of the triple crown trails. I think you could find a way to do it for sure.

kguenett13 karma

Any regrets? For the guy stuck in an office 5 days a week and 20k in the bank, no kids, etc etc, shpuld i just say fuck it and start walking?

Appliers13 karma

No regrets, its kind of a big decision to make on the word of an internet stranger. If you do want to, then I'd recommend starting with the Pacific Crest Trail and then maybe taking the Pacific Northwest Trail East or West from the end.

Rivei12 karma

Do you live solely off of your savings, or do you have some way of generating funds? Costs for clothes, food, and phone service (that is, assuming you have it) must really stack up.

Appliers20 karma

I have been living solely off of savings, You'd maybe be surprised by how frugal you can get.

I've been on a family plan for phone coverage since MN, but thats mainly because my parents want to be able to talk to me occasionally. I had a flip phone prior to that that was only turned on once or twice a month. you can do a lot just finding wifi at libraries with a cheap tablet.

Kuniotchi12 karma

Im a machinist. Are you going back to work when youre done?

Appliers15 karma

Yeah, I really do like machining quite a bit, and I imagine I'll go back to it long term when I am all wrapped up on this.

mphailey12 karma

How many girls have you slept with along the way?

Appliers26 karma

Not many, I'm chasing Miles, not tail.

Learn2dance11 karma

Oh shit wow! It's a shock to see you on the front page of Reddit man!

What I want to know is: who was the most interesting/impactful person you've met on your journey and why?

Keep on being a badass mofo,

~ Jakob

Appliers9 karma

haha, I sent you a text this morning.

impactful on the journey? Definitely Mammoth, another guy on a long walk, he was a huge inspiration as to exactly what I've ended up doing it, and to the style that I have done it in.

To life in general? that's really tough, and I feel like it'll take me being a few years out from the walk to really know who had the biggest effect on my life.

evenios10 karma

fight any bears?

Appliers13 karma

I've sent quite a few scurrying up trees.

moreawkwardthenyou10 karma

I'm so nervous...first off, you are like straight up my frickn hero! Secondly, since this is what it is, are you seeking a humble keep at the end of all this or are you more of a "The world is mine!" kinda guy?

Appliers16 karma

I'd be pretty happy with just a nice glade, but I aim to have a humble to moderate keep one day.

ledfrisby8 karma

Have any good sword fights on the AT?

Appliers25 karma

Not on the AT, but on the PCT I met a guy carrying a plastic adventure time sword. We came to a peaceful resolution though. There've been a couple times where I have met other martial artists on or near trail and played push hands or did some grappling.

FuckingHorus8 karma

Greetings, fellow hema guy! Did you find anyone to spar with along the way?

Appliers8 karma

I have before, if I was to start over again, I think I would try to be more dialed into the HFA community.

serch547 karma

Congrats on your vagrant freedom! I've been interested in CnC for a bit now. What low cost school did you go to?

Appliers9 karma

I went to MCTC in downtown Minneapolis and was very happy with both the Instructor and placement after finishing the course.

spongue4 karma

What was your favorite part of the eclipse? -Potato :)

Appliers7 karma

The Tetons for sure, I wasn't expecting to be able to see them so well once the totality hit, and they are truly beautiful mountains. Secondarily, the little spark of ultra brightness right at the beginning and end of the totality, but that's a little grainular.

himsenior2 karma

Where do you sleep around more populated areas?

Appliers2 karma

Under bridges can be pretty nice, little wooded areas, dry culverts, in a pinch I can walk till really late and just crash out of sight from a road, and get up early. Down after dark, up before light is a good mantra for stealth camping. If I can get internet I'll use google maps Satellite view to pre-scout stealth camping sites.

eHawleywood-1 karma

How does this contribute to society?

Appliers5 karma

Save for any interest or value that other questioners or lurkers are deriving from this, not much.