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If you had to make an album with the cast of a movie you've been in, which movie's cast would you pick?

And what would the album be titled?

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Woe be to thee who pilfers mine croissant.

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Darn Tough socks, footwear I like Asolo Restons, but I would recommend trying out different footwear, everyone's feet are so different that getting footwear advice from someone on the internet seems really fraught.

EDIT: Missed the 2nd part of the question, My 7th Pair of boots are almost on their way out, and socks... probably been through 10 pairs before I switched to darn tough about 6000 miles ago, and have burnt out 2 maybe 3 pairs since I think.

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Its in reference to the fact that I am hiking until I run out of money, sort of like a war of attrition. I got it from my friend Nemo, whom I hiked the first thousand or so miles with.

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This is a really hard one to nail down to just one.

Death Valley is a strong contender; Badwater Basin is really surreal. When I went through Glacier last summer I was in maybe the perfect spot mentally to be totally overcome by Mountains, having spent the past month and a half walking across the plains of Western MN, ND, and Eastern MT. Wyoming's Wind River Range is maybe my favorite mountain range in total, especially after having seen the eclipse from there. Other Mentions would be the Pasayten Wilderness in North WA, Pictured Rocks on MI's Upper Penninsula, and the White Mountains of NH.

If I had to pick one in absolute though I think making the top of Katahdin for sunrise at the North end of the AT was probably the most powerful singular experience of the trip.