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Does the packaging say when your vision will come back?

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Dude you just brushed that off like it was something anybody would do. I remember seeing that on the front page but I had no idea it was you. That is fucking legendary and only a truly dedicated dev team that really cares about their fan base would do that. Good on you

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Pretty smart on her part. Everything she said is technically true, 90% of redditors read the title and laugh at the mental image and then scroll on, and she gets free book publicity. The only losers are us, the 10% that read. Even then it’s far more interesting than other AMAs

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What this guy did (corner beside the door) is pretty smart if the shooter can’t get in.

Honestly, it’s hard to give any advice in situations like this though. It seemed like from what he said, it all happened really fast, add to that adrenaline and nerves, fight or flight is gonna kick in and it’s gonna be hard to remember to do anything.

The guy having a gun really escalates the pace of the situation exponentially

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I see your old reply still