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Danger Zone?

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As a swordfighter, what is your favourite go-to insult?

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Considering it's fairly obvious you're all used to Slack (nice way of coordinating an AMA BTW ;))...

Which is your favourite Slack server, and why is it the UK Industry Slack? ;-"

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This is weird - This is probably the first AMA where I know the people involved. :S

Congrats to you both on the release, but now I've got to make a question that hasn't been seen yet... thinks

...Given that CS has some similarties to it (in that both are unusual, spooky, slightly spine-tingling with unpredictable events), are there any easter eggs in the game referencing The Room? ;)

(Slightly) more seriously - Given the verification photo, has Alexis ever considered shaving his bonnet off and simply wearing an Ushanka for easier maintenance? :-"

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Hang on, there WASN'T a scratchcard featuring three Kanes?? :O