Hi Reddit! My name is Jane and I work at a legal brothel. Lately I've been more open about what I do and have received some very interesting questions about it. What would you like to know?

Proof: Hi!

EDIT: Still answering if you're still asking!

EDIT: Alright it's been real, but I've got to go. Thank you so much for all your questions, you rock! If you have anything specific you'd really like to know from me you can send me a message. Have a good night everyone!

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Hippieremover164 karma

Do you know a good lasagna recipe?

janejupiter111 karma

I'm sorry, I'm a terrible cook. Like, really bad.

CantGrammarGood127 karma

What if my fantasy involved you making me lasagna?

janejupiter199 karma

Then please book your appointment for next month so I have time to practice lol.

LivingBreathingF_ing41 karma

Have you ever (or would you consider) practicing for a scheduled session which requires a skill you do not have? For example, let's assume you have no experience in bondage, would you learn knots and schedule an appointment or simply redirect the client towards a colleague?

janejupiter63 karma

I would, but the person would probably have to pay a bit upfront. And in your example, I wouldn't mind learning the knots, but if they wanted a full blown bdsm experience I would opt out, as that's not something I feel naturally inclined to.

NinjaLanternShark3 karma

Mmmm... Lasagne is my funk. See you in February!

janejupiter2 karma

Time to buy some cheese

francis255917 karma

Like, bad lasagna.

janejupiter18 karma

Let's do it!

AlexsAwkwardWood146 karma

Do you suck they dicks?

janejupiter391 karma

I suck they dicks.

LivingBreathingF_ing69 karma

How do you feel about grammar in general?

PS: I found this hilarious, hence the odd question.

janejupiter135 karma

That comment made me laugh so hard. When I was a teen I was super into grammar and spelling, being a big ol whiny brat about it. I also "wasn't like other girls", if you know the type of angsty. Then I realized that life and grammar is made up and girls are amazing.

xxivyxx128 karma

I personally have experience in the business, not so legally. After being in the business for a while every aspect of the business/industry has become extremely intriguing to me. I recently found out about the legal brothels, and am curious about how you got into that? Sorry if that's too personal

janejupiter145 karma

Awesome to talk to another girl in the industry! I have been in the sex industry for about 6 years, camming and filming mostly solo stuff. I follow a lot of other sex workers on twitter, and one of them was talking about working at a brothel, so I asked her about it, did some research and decided to give it a go. It was my first time doing "real life" offline sex work, and I wasn't sure it would be for me, but I love it.

xxivyxx49 karma

I personally think it's an honor for other girls to allow themselves to be so open about it and willing to talk to others, so thank you!! Pleasure is all mine!! I've recently gone out of the way to follow others on Twitter, and have learned a bit from them. So it's just like a normal job? You apply and go from there? Id think you would already need a little bit of a name out there for yourself? I've thought and wanted to go about camming but haven't researched too much yet. I wasn't sure how I would feel either, but it's nice that a vast majority of the men, take care of you!

janejupiter62 karma

Yeah it's like a normal job in that sense. You apply and wait for an email lol. It helps if you have a bit of a name for yourself already, but a lot of the girls don't. Either way, having a twitter and tweeting about working there is a good way to get to know people and meet future clients. Most of the guys online are pretty respectful.

xxivyxx27 karma

Awesome!! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me and everyone else. Also for being open about what you do, I know it helps other girls out there in the business and you're a very strong person for what you are doing. Keep doing what you do, own it, and have a lovely day!!

janejupiter20 karma

Hey, you are so welcome! I love helping other girls.

CaptainReggie121 karma

Can you explain what a courtesan does exactly? I'm not familiar with it.

Thanks for doing an AMA! :-)

janejupiter196 karma

I spend my time making people's fantasies come true. I take being a host very seriously, but at the same time let's be real, it is a fancy word for being a sex worker. What we will do in my room depends on the client and what they would love to experience that day. Sometimes it's a simple act, sometimes it's a whole elaborate experience.

clueless_as_fuck76 karma

Do you make any of your fantasies true?

janejupiter162 karma

Yes! One of my fantasies was to have a threesome, as I hadn't had one before, and that happened on my 1st week working there. It's still my only one, but it was really fun.

rubirouge114 karma

How many clients do you take a day? What type of clients do you get?

janejupiter204 karma

I usually have 1 or 2 clients per day, rarely 3. All different sorts! Usually men, sometimes couples, and I haven't had any solo women yet although I would love to.

SoylentRainbow112 karma


janejupiter231 karma

fuck no

ipitythefool42099 karma

How exactly does a legal brothel work?

janejupiter404 karma

There are lots of laws that the brothels have to follow to be legal. I am not aware of all of them, but some of them seem quite arbitrary. Brothels have to be in a county with a population under a certain amount, so while full service sex work is legal in Nevada, it isn't legal EVERYWHERE in Nevada. Getting a girl in Vegas from the internet isn't legal for example. The brothel also has to be a certain amount of miles outside the main town, and my favorite rule, it has to have a fence around it. To keep all the naughty whores in, I guess. Ours is a cute little white fence about 2 feet tall.

PurifiedFlubber234 karma

To keep all the naughty whores in, I guess. Ours is a cute little white fence about 2 feet tall.

I mean until I see evidence they can jump the fence, I'm gonna assume it does its job.

janejupiter122 karma

Oh man that would be a good vine.

LivingBreathingF_ing77 karma

I am ready to bet that someone thought the fence was necessary due to the risk of toddlers wandering in.

janejupiter169 karma

Haha! That's probably it. So many titties in one place, a toddlers dream.

WindWalkerWhoosh12 karma

Too bad vine is being shutdown then.

janejupiter12 karma

It is :(

FiveDozenWhales89 karma

What's your opinion on legalization and regulation vs. non-regulation of sex work?

janejupiter111 karma

I think sex work should be decriminalized and not regulated as opposed to legalized and regulated.

KyOatey92 karma

I'm curious as to why you're opposed to regulation. Seems to me like a lot of the negatives that those critical of prostitution cite - human trafficking, underage workers, etc. - could be greatly reduced if the industry were regulated.

janejupiter93 karma

Well one of the number one dangers for sex workers has been the law/police forces, and I don't trust police to suddenly be in charge of these fields and have it go well. That's one reason. There are others that I don't want to get into at this moment, but if you do research on "sex work legalization vs decriminalization" you can form your own opinion.

ReptarMyNigga80 karma

I've noticed that pornstsrs and stuff always have links to Amazon wishlists on their profiles. Do people ever actually buy you stuff off of that?

janejupiter121 karma

Yeah! I had a lovely client buy me some prismacolor pencils, a figure drawing book, and a sketchbook a couple weeks ago. I buy girls things off their wishlists too sometimes lol. It's fun.

ReptarMyNigga30 karma

Cool that's nice. Thanks for answering questions and good luck with everything!

janejupiter30 karma

Thanks for being rad!

PmMeGiftCardCodes69 karma

Is there any romance once the man gets into the room with you or does he just walk in, leave money on the nightstand, drop trou, and say "now I want you to suck my cock"?

janejupiter134 karma

Good question! Well first we go to my room to discuss what specific things you would like to do and prices. We do this on my couch, and I like to cuddle a bit while we talk unless he is really uncomfortable. Then I have to do the DC, aka dick check, or look at his junk to make sure he doesn't have any obvious STIs. Then I take the cash or credit card to the office to "book" the session, then I go back to the room, put my music on (Glass Animals new album is my jam right now), strip, and get to business. I like to be intimate and touch and laugh a bit, I enjoy sex and I'm here to make sure we both have fun.

PmMeGiftCardCodes63 karma

Is it a black leather couch?

janejupiter79 karma

Haha noooo. Green and very soft.

cpkwtf32 karma

Fuck yea Glass Animals

janejupiter22 karma

hell yes, so sexy!

CantGrammarGood54 karma


If you could dispel one misconception/stigma from your job what would it be?

janejupiter130 karma

That sex workers are dirty and stupid. We take care of our bodies and pay more attention to our sexual health and safety than the average person, especially in the age of hookups. Many of us have college degrees, some very advanced degrees. That said, I don't think you have a multitude of degrees or aspirations to be a valid sex worker, a lot of people have only ever done sex work, and that doesn't make it less of a valid job. You might not ever know that someone is a sex worker, they seem like an average person, because they really are just a person.

ReptarMyNigga48 karma

Two questions: What's the worst experience you've had there?

How do the owners or management treat you? Is upper level staff pretty respectful?

janejupiter89 karma

I haven't had a truly terrible experience. The worst ones so far are when someone is too drunk to really focus and have fun.

The upper management (or housemom :p) treats me well, we don't interact every day, but when we do it's very polite. The brothel is owned by a guy who I am told lives in another state, and he isn't really around, he's just a business man.

ReptarMyNigga31 karma

That's good that you haven't had anything terrible happen. How long have you been working there?

Cool I guess my only familiarity from a legal brothel was from sneaking downstairs when I was a kid to watch Cathouse on HBO lol so I didn't know how similar it was.

janejupiter30 karma

It's my forth month working there and I plan to keep coming back for a long time. Haha, that's too funny. I haven't seen it yet but I have heard about the show.

ReptarMyNigga16 karma

So do they make like a schedule or something or is it more informal like you just come in whenever you want to work?

janejupiter32 karma

There is a schedule that for the most part you are in control of. You come in for a week at a time, some girls stay for 2 weeks in a row, some for 3, some stagger every other week, etc. I come for one week per month, and try to have my schedule filled out 3 months or so in advance.

CommunistPepe42044 karma

What's that tattoo on your chest?

janejupiter56 karma

An upside down triangle

janejupiter45 karma

Just watched that episode lol

lolipoops3 karma

Yea but what does it mean?

janejupiter2 karma

I answered it somewhere in this thread, but basically it doesn't have a meaning. It's an aesthetic choice and nothing more.

cracklovelove39 karma

Is it true that a person can ge HPV even if they use a condom?

janejupiter79 karma

HPV is very easily transmittable, yes. From my research, more than half of people in their 20s have HPV. Sex unfortunately will never be 100% safe, but we do our best.

Nihiliszt39 karma

What do you plan to do when you are older and cannot retain your youth necessary for your profession?

janejupiter61 karma

That is a good question, but I would like to point out that it's a question people don't generally ask other people in careers that wear on their bodies. Anyway, there are actually sex workers of so many ages. There are some super hot cam models I follow in their 50s and 60s. I will definitely have a healthy bank account by then, and maybe I'll retire completely, or just retire from brothel work but still sell videos and cam shows. I really don't know yet, as I'm still expanding my career and deciding on the right balance of things for myself at this point in time.

Breitys32 karma

In germany the red light district goes hand in hand with MC's or other "gang" or family clans. There are always normal guys with family etc. but also lots of criminals. Is it the same in US?

Edit: just realized one could argue i'm a customer based on my questions so: I went to school in St. Pauli the biggest red light district in germany/world and this theme was part of my everyday life.

janejupiter31 karma

Yikes. No it's not. Also the brothels are spread out across the state and I think there are only about 25, so it's not much of a "district".

Breitys14 karma

Ah alright good for you. The less human traffic and drugs in the industry the better. Another question: Some brothels pay their employees a normal salary like 16$ per hour and if they get ill they still get their money. How does payment work at yours?

janejupiter20 karma

The employees get paid a normal amount per hour, this includes the bartenders, maids, clerks, etc. I don't know about their sick pay. The working girls are independent contractors and we get paid... kind of on commission I guess lol. We make a percentage of every "party" or session we have.

diveboydive28 karma


janejupiter96 karma

I offer a lot, from normal sexual activities, to fetish stuff and threesomes. I don't offer anal (unless you plan to spend lots and LOTS of cash and lots of time with me to ease into it). I also am not a domme, so if you want someone to kick your junk and tell you how disgusting you areit'snotme

diveboydive63 karma


janejupiter88 karma

Haha! Probably nothing If I could leave my butt prints all over it.

holdfast66628 karma

What are personal relationships (boyfriend/girlfriend) like for you; does your job inhibit that?

janejupiter51 karma

It doesn't, I'm in an open relationship that has always been open. I was doing sex work before we met, and so it wasn't anything new. We both sleep with other people in our personal lives as well.

PolishSausage128 karma

Are there guys you turn down because of poor hygiene? Or because they are not your type (like really bad looking)?

janejupiter74 karma

I'm not going to turn someone down because they look ugly, but I do turn people down if they are being an asshole or straight up creepy. That's pretty rare though and I have only done it a couple times. So far I haven't had anyone with bad hygiene (knock on wood), but if I did I would say something along the lines of "Alright, now why don't you go ahead and hop in the shower and I'll get the room ready" or something. If their hygiene was not able to be solved by a shower god forbid, then I would refuse them politely. I feel like I need a shower now lol.

WaxSealUK26 karma

Do you feel that you provide a vital companionship or service to your clients? Or so you see it as a mostly sexual endeavour?

(For example companionship or a form of compassionate company)

janejupiter36 karma

Interesting question! I feel that it's both. I think that people underestimate the importance of sexual companionship, at least in our country. I think that sex is important, and I love being able to give someone an experience they couldn't have before.

WaxSealUK9 karma

It seems to be a similar story about the forgotten intimacy Here in the U.K. brothels are illegal as well as the act of paying for sex yet paying someone for their time (not specific on what two people choose to do within their home or business) is fine I find it's a good balance of regulation. Thanks for taking the time to answer!

janejupiter26 karma

Oh, that's really interesting! I do know that some people in bigger cities in the US are "professional cuddlers". And then there are people who offer domme services, and as long as they are technically "non-sexual" it's legal. So you can kick someone in the nuts, pee on him, and as long as you don't touch his ding-dong it's ok lol.

kidwoclaws26 karma

Is the process of getting hired at a legal brothel similar to applying for any legal job in sex work like stripping? Or do they seek out the "courtesans" ?

janejupiter45 karma

They don't seek you out, that would be quite strange. You can apply on their websites, you submit photos and info about yourself. I wouldn't say it's like stripping, because you aren't expected to "perform" before getting hired, as that would also be.... strange in this context lol.

emanresol19 karma

Is hired the right word? A "courtesan" isn't an employee; I'm not sure a courtesan is even a contract worker, since according to what I read (a long time ago), you pay the brothel for room and board and it gets a cut of what the customers pay you. So how is this work arrangement characterized?

cc /u/kidwoclaws

janejupiter40 karma

That's exactly how it works. I am categorized as an independent contractor.

eldoradocaddy24 karma

What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done for money?

janejupiter81 karma

The kinkiest things I've done, I've done for free.

eldoradocaddy19 karma

Ok, what's the kinkiest thing you've ever done for free?

janejupiter49 karma

Had sex with a girl because I was jealous of her, or had sex in someone's parents van probably. But as far as the kinky stuff for pay, I've definitely played with those crazy Ovipositor egg laying alien toys.

xiqat23 karma

Why is prostitution illegal in most places while porn "actors/actresses" are doing the same thing but with a camera?

janejupiter29 karma

Tbh, I have frequently wondered about that.

MediocreMatthew21 karma

Anything you hate about your job?

janejupiter69 karma

I hate having to do DC's. DC literally stands for "dick check" and it's the part of the job where I have to give the clients junk a once over to check for any obvious STDs before we can play. It's not awkward to me, but it's often awkward for them, which makes it awkward for errbody.

diveboydive56 karma


janejupiter31 karma

Not yet!

gibmelson21 karma

How much enjoyment do you get and how much are you faking it?

janejupiter43 karma

I enjoy it so much! I might be a bit louder than I am in my personal life at times, although I don't try to be, I think it's just naturally happens. I like sex and I wouldn't do this job if I didn't.

thebuttler5319 karma

Do you ever encounter any sexism working in a brothel? Also how do you get along with others working there?

janejupiter37 karma

I have never had a client treat me poorly based on sexism that I'm aware of. I get along really well with some girls, just fine with others, and then there are some that ignore me because I've worked there for a shorter period of time than them, but that's pretty par for the course.

thebuttler5312 karma

It good to hear that there's not sexism from clients! Is there a sort of hierarchy between the people that work with you?

janejupiter29 karma

I don't know, I'm just chill with the people who are chill with me. My outlook is that I'm here to make money and meet clients, not to get involved in pettiness.

2fly2hyde12 karma

Just like other jobs!

janejupiter11 karma

So true!

SoylentRainbow19 karma


janejupiter37 karma

I have had a condom break once, during my first week working there too lol. I got tested and everything was fine. I have had people say "they just feel like they love me" which I'm pretty ok with, but I've never had anyone say that they actually think they love me yet.

coletron300018 karma

Do you feel that legalizing prostitution across a greater part of the United States would be a positive or a negative for the communities in which it is legalized? No political agenda here and I don't have a strong stance on the issue myself, but I find the question interesting considering the recent trend of social liberalization (at least at the state level) within the United States.

janejupiter23 karma

I think that it would be negative for the sex workers, as I don't think that as a whole it should be legalized and regulated across the US. I think that it should be decriminalized. I can't imagine what the effects would be on the communities, but I would love to know. I do know that a lot of people in the community where I work are very fond of the brothel for the taxes it brings in.

jorgander18 karma

Not to hijack OP's thread, but since the question has been asked several times, it should be understood that regulation is not the silver bullet everyone thinks it is. Take this chart for example; it's easy to see that industries where regulation, and in general, intervention, by the government have become more expensive, less accessible, and less relevant.

janejupiter8 karma

Thank you!!

coletron30006 karma

Thank you. That's a very nuanced answer. I hadn't even thought of decriminalization but I can see it being a sensible middle ground.

janejupiter7 karma

Yeah, thank you for your question!

zipzapkazoom17 karma

I think it would be exhausting to be on stage. Is it difficult if clients pick other girls one after the other and you aren't selected?

Also, at the end of the night, do you just find yourself wanting to curl up in a comfy blanket and not talk to anybody?

janejupiter47 karma

We actually don't usually do line ups like most brothels do. Our brothel has a bar and encourages the guys to sit and enjoy a drink or two while girls come up and talk to them. We have a 10 minute limit of talking to a guy before we have to dismiss ourselves or ask him to come back to our room. That way a guy can get to know some of the girls, instead of just quickly glancing them in a line up. I much prefer it this way too, I like forming that connection.

At the end of the night I absolutely cuddle myself in a comfy blanket in my room, usually because the bar is freezing and my dresses are often skimpy lol.

jorgander9 karma

Is it understood, either explicitly or implicitly, that sitting at the bar is an invitation for a girl to walk up and talk to you, and possibly more? Another way of asking the same questions: can the bar serve the purpose of any other bar where a guy goes there just for drinks, or only as a facilitator for sex work?

janejupiter21 karma

Yes, generally if you're there it's so that girls will talk to you and you'll go back with someone. That's what it's for. But there are lots of locals who go there for the food (lol), and they are generally left alone. The hostess talks to you when you walk in to see if you have an appointment, so you could always tell her that you are just there for a drink and would prefer to be left alone, and she would tell most of the girls she sees, but it would be a little strange.

standingfierce17 karma

How does the business owner ensure that employees are doing a good job? Do you get performance reviews?

janejupiter20 karma

We are independent contractors, not employees technically, but that's a good question. We get reviews submitted on our profiles online, but I don't think people would leave negative ones often, even if they had a negative experience. I think that mostly it works itself out. If a girl is not making money, she won't come back. Though I'm sure that if a girl is really terrible the guys will mention something to the hostess and if it keeps happening the brothel will probably ask her not to come back.

PolishSausage116 karma

Ever work with virgin guys? If so, how do you get them to relax (if that's a problem)?

janejupiter39 karma

I have! Usually we will have a drink and talk longer, then we will touch each other a lot and that usually gets things going. I'll also give him a little blow job before we move on to sex. I'm willing to take all the time in the world if he is!

ghostmw2222215 karma

What's the best experience you had in this job and what are the day-to-day difficulties you face?

janejupiter36 karma

The best experience is when I get to spend time with someone and they are so thankful and excited to have shared that with me! This happens most often after longer sessions, when I really feel like I've gotten to know them and appreciate them as a person. I think the best so far has been when a lovely guy came back again the next day, tipped me well both times, and scheduling something for the future. Ideally I would love to have more clients who I see every so often and develop a bit of a working friendship with them.

The day to day difficulties... wearing heels all the time, freezing my ass off in the bar, the boredom when no one is coming in. Lately though I have been using my time more constructively by learning or practicing my drawing.

ghostmw2222211 karma

Thank you so much for replying! I wish you the best for your future work!

janejupiter12 karma

Hey thanks!

MattYorick15 karma


janejupiter30 karma

I have real orgasms, after all, I like sex and I want to have fun too. But if a client is being weird about it and saying "cum, cum now!" sometimes I'll fake it for his own enjoyment. I wish more people were realistic about orgasms and know they can take some time, but sometimes you get those guys that don't really care, they just want the fantasy.

SurreptitiousHipster13 karma

Do you ever ethically question your job? I understand that you've made an educated career decision, and that's great, but does society's view ever get to you? Edit: I do not at all wish to point fingers or anything.

janejupiter22 karma

I have always done my own thing and had my own ethics, so it doesn't get to me much. I think it would get to me more if my parents disowned me because of it like a lot of women go through, but mine love me unconditionally. Overall, I surround myself with lovely people who appreciate me and don't think that sex work is a problem. It's so important to have friends who love you. Thanks for your question!


I think you're absolutely stunning, do you enjoy working there?

janejupiter30 karma

Thank you! I love working here. I get to hang out with beautiful women all week, have sex, and get paid. It really does feel like slutty summer camp.

MrAcurite11 karma

My mom, being an accountant, always takes pride whenever something accounting related comes up. Like how an accountant caught Al Capone, or that Kushim is the name of the first person of whom we know the name, and he was an accountant. Is there anything like that for you?

janejupiter45 karma

That is amazing! I like your mom already. Yeah, at times I do that as well! For example there was a sex worker, Heather, who killed a serial killer who had been preying on working girls. Maya Angelou was a sex worker at one point and was never shy about that point. I also laugh that Melania Trump is the luckiest sugar baby ever to go from marrying a rich guy to being the first lady, but it sucks that her husband is awful and she doesn't seem like a peach either to be honest. Thanks for the wonderful question!

Signs807 karma

Do you train in hand to hand combat techniques like William Fairbairn's "gutter fighting" or maybe Spanish medieval knife fighting methods?

janejupiter50 karma

Pocket sand, to be exact.

MrAcurite11 karma

I always feel like glitter would be more effective.

janejupiter30 karma

Sexier too. More pizzazz.

FemaleFartInhaler11 karma

Would you fart in a guy's face if he wanted you to? How much would that cost? (I'm serious)

janejupiter32 karma

It's not an uncommon fetish, but to be honest, I don't think I can fart on command so it would probably be a disappointing experience for everybody.

Meystrike10 karma

First off thanks for the AMA. This is not something I have seen often.

I would say there are a couple of questions.

  1. How do you prevent yourself from becoming bored/desensitized to it? Like has the extended time made it more difficult at times to find your release?

Have you ever run into a penis that was either too big or too small to work with? I've had a few friends that have stated that larger ones do become uncomfortable.

janejupiter24 karma

Thanks for your questions! I try to have a unique experience with everyone, get to know people a bit and joke around with them before we go back to my room. Every person is so different and I like meeting people from all over the world and with all walks of life.

As far a dicks go, sometimes they are very small, and I use my "snug fit" condoms and we go at it like normal. On the rare case that they are very big, we gotta use a lot of lube, and it does get uncomfortable at a point. My ideal size is about 5 inches.

FivePlus10 karma


janejupiter31 karma

Filming is not allowed unfortunately, as I think it could be fun. Protection is mandatory, it's for both our safeties! We use protection for everything, and get tested for STIs once per week.

SnakeFarmer13 karma

So if I go to a brothel, can I actually request to see the results of the lab work? Or is it a 'take your word for it' kind of thing? Do people ever try to time their visits to coincide with the "all clear"?

janejupiter23 karma

You know, I don't know about that. We don't even usually see the results. They can forward them to our email if I ask, but the protocol is that the testing office faxes the results to the brothel office, and then the clerk calls us in the morning and lets us know that we are cleared to work. If for some reason someone hasn't cleared (I've never heard of that happening though), they absolutely won't be allowed to work. So it's less of a trusting the girl situation and more of trusting the brothel. We are tested once a week, if anyone times their visits with our tests I am not aware of it, no one has ever expressed that to me. Good questions, sorry I can't give you an answer on the first one!

SnakeFarmer7 karma

Hmm okay interesting. Follow up to that follow up: do you know anyone who is no longer allowed to work due to that testing? Also I guess your test results are probably reported to the state, which seems crazy haha.

janejupiter16 karma

I don't think they are reported to the state, although I could be wrong about that. We do have to get a "sheriff's card" which has to be renewed 4 times a year, and we have to have a business license as well. I think all of that is separate from testing, as all brothels test, so there would be no need to have a formal report. I don't know anyone who hasn't been able to work due to STIs.

JustTheDoct0r10 karma

Favourite drink?

What's the most flattered you've felt with a client?

janejupiter21 karma

My go to is merlot. I love a dark biting wine. The most flattered I've ever been is when a client has kissed every inch of my body proclaiming how beautiful it is. Like, wow. The other was when a client compared my body to Venus de Milo.

Kypperstyx9 karma

Do you have like a chart that lists prices of different services so if a guy wanted 'this and that' you could refer to a pricing chart to know how much to charge or is it just a 'pay by the minute' kind of service?

janejupiter14 karma

Some girls do, but I don't. If they want to know about a specialty room like the jacuzzi room or nuru massage, I will tell them prices for that, but in general I just charge per hour.

dajokaman7599 karma

Is your family aware of your job? If so, are they supportive that you work on this?

janejupiter21 karma

They are aware, and supportive of me as a person, although they don't love my job. They're pretty cool though, they just don't ask how my work is going and I don't tell them how it's going, lol.

punter_throwaway90008 karma

Hi Jane,

In a few months I'll be traveling to Europe for work to a country where brothels and prostitution is legal. I've been curious about trying an escort for awhile but am wondering about a few things I'm hoping you can answer.

  1. My biggest concern is STDs. While I plan on using a condom during sex I'd like to receive a bare back blow job to help get round 2 going. What should I be on the look out for? Would it be rude to ask for proof of testing? Are there any instant STD tests you would suggest? I love eating pussy but it seems like to much of a risk with an escort, would you agree?
  2. Sex I've had in the past was with women I've been dating. We have some sort of bond and usually start flirting hours before we actually start fucking. I plan on getting an hour session(I don't have much free time) and I'm wondering how the process begins? Do I walk in the room we strip naked and fuck?
  3. Obviously I'm a bit nervous about doing this which in turn may effect performance. What would you suggest to do so I can relax and enjoy the experience?
  4. While I'm planning on getting an hour session I can't do an hour of stimulation. Luckily I have a pretty small recovery time. How do girls handle guys who cum before the hour is up and have enough time for another round?
  5. When is the appropriate time to ask about special requests?

janejupiter10 karma

I wish I could give you specific answers, but this all depends on the brothel and the individual. I don't know how things are done in Europe. I do know that in the US we are tested once a week and not allowed to work if the STI test comes back positive for something. We never do bareback blow jobs or pussy eating without a protective film on top. I don't think you should do either without protection, even if they do allow it. I would say it might help to ask for a 10 or so minute massage to help you to relax and get into the mood. Have a drink if it will relax you, but not if it will make it more difficult to get hard. I would say to ask about special requests early, before you guys have decided on what to do, as she might not want to do the special request in the middle of the session if she didn't agree to it earlier.

KomodoMoses8 karma

Would you charge a client double if he wanted nothing but to supply you with excessive tickkles? Laughter is at it's best when it's aggressively drawn out of you after all.

janejupiter9 karma

Honestly I couldn't handle it, no matter the price. I HATE being tickled, it literally hurts me. He would have to pretty much buy me a house to get me to do that lol.

Odinnotwotan8 karma

What happens after a client session? Do you take a set time to unwind or reset for the next party? Have a routine?

janejupiter13 karma

I gather up the sheets, any towels he might have used after a shower, etc, bring that all to the laundry room. Take a shower, usually unwind and watch tv for 20 minutes or so, then I go back to the bar. If it's a really long party I might just call it a night and stay in my room for the rest of it

Johnnytruant667 karma

I am guessing you have your own room at the brothel. Do you have a housekeeper? That does the sheets etc, or after the "party" do you have to do the laundry? Is it just sex on your end or a bunch of behind the scenes housework? Sorry. Always wondered who did the cleanup.

janejupiter5 karma

I manage my own room, there is a housekeeper that washes all the sheets and such, but I bring the sheets down to her. I am constantly straightening my room up lol. Usually because I have snacks and stuff laying about. If I go to one of the specialty rooms or a bungalow the housekeepers clean those entirely and I don't have to do anything. Good question!

Dnar_Semaj7 karma

I noticed you said in a earlier comment you consider cam girls to be sex workers. Unless I misunderstood, which is totally possible.

I always thought sex workers were just people who had actual physical contact with their customers. Like... handjobs and stuff.

My question is what jobs do you consider fall under the umbrella of the term sex worker?

janejupiter16 karma

Happy cake day! Under the term sex worker I would put jobs like phone sex operators, strippers, cam models, people who give happy ending massages, freestyle escorts, brothel girls, basically any job that uses sex and sexuality nearly exclusively. If you cater to horny people and couldn't work without horny people, it's sex work. The PC term for people who actually have sex for money is Full Service Sex Worker, as the word prostitute is hella loaded. I wish there was a neutral term for it that was shorter, but there isn't (that I know of) so usually people use "sex worker" for short.

WillyThrust7 karma

Hi and good evening from Spain. Have you ever had to card a guy because he looked too young to legally use your services?

janejupiter11 karma

All the young looking peeps are carded as soon as they walk in, it does happen. I don't do that part of it though. Most of my clients are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, some older some younger.

Cloud65565 karma

So how does that work do you have a bunch of outfits in your room or is it more about playing a character for people to make up their experiences rather than just putting on a costume? Also your hair is the best

janejupiter11 karma

Thank you!! I don't really have many outfits. I usually have about 10 dresses or skirt/top sets in my room and I wear one out to the brothel's bar and then we come back to my room and the fun begins. I haven't been asked to wear something specific yet, if so I think the person would have to bring me the items that he'd like to see me in. The first week I brought all kinds of lingerie, but I discovered I liked wearing the dresses more and no one asked for lingerie so I didn't bring it again.

Nova_Day5 karma


janejupiter14 karma

I personally have not, but if they guy told me about them and showed me some photos and literature on it I would be ok with it. Even better if we could do it over email before hand so I really know what to expect.

Not_Just_Any_Lurker5 karma

Favorite movie and favorite book?

janejupiter10 karma

My favorite movie changes but for the past year or so it's been Priceless. My favorite book is probably The Door to December, as it opened me up to ooky wooky spooky stuff as a 13 year old.

dazedwit5 karma

Do you get any fetish only customers? ie: no sex, just satisfying the fetish needs.

janejupiter11 karma

I have had people email me about having a fetish only session, but unfortunately I haven't had one follow through and come in yet. I'm still new though so it could happen. I would love to do fetish stuff, it makes me feel so happy to fulfill a need that they might feel uncomfortable asking for with their potential sex partners.

dianerama3 karma

What is the craziest thing you've been asked to do?

janejupiter24 karma

Man, I haven't had anything too crazy yet. I did have one guy who out of nowhere in a non-fetish party asked me "Can baby have milk?" while gesturing to my tits, that was... unexpected.

TheJollyTrout3 karma

How long did it take to get that tattoo?

janejupiter8 karma

The one on my side? about 6.5 hours so far, but lots to go as most of the flowers still need line work, and then the whole thing will be colored.

TheJollyTrout3 karma

Sorry I meant the one on your chest! I saw a couple pics on your twitter, and only saw the triangle on your chest.

janejupiter6 karma

Oh! hmm I'm not sure about that one. I think it took 2 hours the first time and probably another 2 hours when I got it redone. It can be hard for solid color to look great in one go.

TheJollyTrout3 karma

Love solid color tats. Bet the side one's gonna look badass when its colored in.

janejupiter3 karma

Thanks! :) I love it so much. David Robinson is so talented with his work!

TheJollyTrout3 karma

Well I mean he is a 10 time All-Star.

janejupiter3 karma


LivingBroke2 karma

What's your thoughts on what happened with Lamar Odom at the vegas brothel?

janejupiter3 karma

I'm not 100% clear on what happened. Didn't he do drunks and drink and pass out? And then pictures were taken? If that's the case I think that it's really fucked up that girls took photos, and also that he was allowed to do drugs there.

mucking_fidget2 karma

do you do pee stuff?

janejupiter2 karma

I haven't, but I would do some pee stuff.

mucking_fidget2 karma

like you piss on them or they piss on you?

janejupiter2 karma

I'd pee on someone. theoretically lol.

Klashus2 karma

Your beautiful! Is kissing and oral allowed? Or does it end up going right to business.

janejupiter3 karma

It doesn't have to go right to business! I love taking time and being romantic. I do kiss in my GFE (girlfriend experience) sessions. Oral on both of us is allowed with protective barriers. Thanks for your question!

farning102 karma

Do you doing this more than other jobs you've had in the past? What job would you do if you could choose anything?

janejupiter9 karma

I have never wanted to be employed by someone else. As a teen I was a maid at a hotel (grossest job I have had by far), a hospital kitchen worker, a clerk at a boutique for old ladies, and a salsa and chip refiller at a restaurant (lol). I went to college and got into sexwork my third year, mostly camming and solo video stuff. I still do both of those as well. I love this field and plan to do it until I retire. If I could do any job I would be a professional big cat cuddler, and still get paid enough to buy a house and travel.

caufenkamp1 karma

What are your limits may I ask? Gender limits? (Basically are you pansexual?)

janejupiter5 karma

I call myself bisexual, but yeah! I don't have any gender limits in my personal or buisness life. Non-binary babes get at me!

As far as limits for other stuff, I don't do anal, I don't domme, but I do love pegging.

DmitriRussian1 karma

Where you forced to do this job? Cause of money problems or no education?

janejupiter2 karma

Nopee. I mean, money problems as in I needed to work just like everyone else, sure. But it wasn't out of desperation. I've always been very interested in sex work. And I was involved in camming and selling solo videos before I decided to see what working in a brothel is like, and I really enjoy it.

DmitriRussian1 karma

Interesting answer, thanks! Well i'm glad you enjoy what you are doing :)

janejupiter2 karma

Thanks for your question!