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WindWalkerWhoosh235 karma

It's a bunch of bullshit and buzzwords. He's just trying to get his name out there. It's basically impossible to start a new chat network without multiple millions. It'll die soon and he'll pad his resume with it.

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H1B is supposed to be to fill jobs that nobody can do in this country. And it paid $12/hr? Definitely sounds like abuse of the program.

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Clean comedy makes bank. Tons more opportunities.

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A tokenized p2p app store is more efficient and can scale faster than a centralized one.

Yeah, I'm not buying that at all. There's no problem scaling an app store with current tech. And building your own OS is going to make app development much much slower as you won't have a developer base to start with.

WindWalkerWhoosh64 karma

It's a bunch of buzzword hype to raise money.