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you can always deactivate your account.

Can you delete your account as well?

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My favorite was as a school thing we had to spend an afternoon in city court. A lot of really colorful stories. Two guys brought in in white tank tops, really grungy, and they’d been pulling scrap out of the garbage behind shops. Technically, it was theft. Judge said he didn’t know whether to fine them or praise them for being so industrious, and let them go.

Second guy was busted for parking his car in the middle of an intersection, rolling down the windows and smoking a lot of pot, then refusing to stop when the cops arrived. Amazing levels of just “fuck everybody.”

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It is fairly standard stuff, although it looks scary. Basically they have to do this in case they use third party hosting at any point to provide their service around the globe.

It would be nice if they clarified that they won't use it in a TV commercial or something, but even something as scary as "incorporate into other works" can mean "we put a thumbnail into our own search engine." That's not a page you created, yet that page is very important for people to find your stuff.

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I tried to play PS4 with a pistol once.

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  1. How do libraries have a right to let people read your book for free?

  2. Some people are poor and cannot afford the prices demanded to participate in culture. On the other hand, other people have cash to burn and will cheerfully give you more than $2. Even if someone downloads your song for free, if its good, they will share it with others, and will back you in the future.

  3. If they are a scumbag that won't support you given the chance, why do you care that they are "stealing" a peek at your music? It costs you nothing, and their friends might hear your music too.

  4. Obscurity is the biggest enemy of an artist. With digital distribution, you have no overhead for scaling up. Once again, the more people that hear your music, the more potentially paying fans you recruit.