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Wait... You made it 90. Smoking didn't see to slow you down much.

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What airline did you fly for afterwards?

As a F4 weapons officer did you also have pilot training?

Did the pilot who shot you down use a missile or cannon?

Were you aware of the incoming weapon and airplane that got you?

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I think it would be exhausting to be on stage. Is it difficult if clients pick other girls one after the other and you aren't selected?

Also, at the end of the night, do you just find yourself wanting to curl up in a comfy blanket and not talk to anybody?

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Well said!

My wife would be shocked, I mean shocked, to learn is that I buy Playboy for the articles and that I hold the magazine with two hands.

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So what exactly did you say when arrested? I have no clue what is in the car, I have no comment or I want a lawyer?

Just asking for a friend.