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If I can make a suggestion; have a decently sized battery pack to carry around, get a laser driver, and have a 2W blue laser diode included. Burn shit with your gaze at distance.

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"Her gaze was blinding" said the pilot, as the 747 turned groundwards, its pilots permanently blinded by a ground-to-air laser attacks

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Did you ever chat about Battle bots with Jamie? What was your take on Blendo?

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Lots of games that I've played over the years have had a clear effect on my emotional state; League of Legends made me frustrated and angry, Team Fortress 2 was just good fun, and RuneScape and Pokemon make me feel at home. What kinds of games did you take inspiration from when designing your own? How did you think through what kinds of mechanics would be involved? What kind of emphasis was placed on the writing and worldbuilding?

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Just gonna take a guess and say astronauts