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MrAcurite978 karma

If I can make a suggestion; have a decently sized battery pack to carry around, get a laser driver, and have a 2W blue laser diode included. Burn shit with your gaze at distance.

MrAcurite269 karma

"Her gaze was blinding" said the pilot, as the 747 turned groundwards, its pilots permanently blinded by a ground-to-air laser attacks

MrAcurite217 karma

Did you ever chat about Battle bots with Jamie? What was your take on Blendo?

MrAcurite201 karma

Just gonna take a guess and say astronauts

MrAcurite98 karma

Uber for prostitutes. I call it "Screwber." I would like $2,000,000 for 0.3% equity, please.