Alright, I'm getting offhah for some sleep. I'll be back in the morning to hang out and check up on this thread. I hope it doesn't blow up while I sleep

EDIT 2. I'M BACK. I woke up and yup, it blew up. Hopefully my work place doesn't notice? lol

EDIT 3. I'll be here until the thread hits 24 hours. I'm at work now, but it's ok.

Edit 4. The amount of females in San diego that want to "enjoy" themselves with me is amazing @.@

Most important edit . DOES ANYONE KNOW THE RULES TO HANDING OUT MY EMAIL? Im getting a ton of requests and my poor ass wants to accept, but my heart is telling no. To those that are PMing me to donate to a "get him out of the work place fund" its okay. Lol, you don't have to. surprised i haven't gotten dick pics tho"


Hi! My name is JizzBgone and I clean semen for a living. Along with cleaning semen I also help out the actual store front. I sell adult products from vibrators, butt plugs, magazines, and on and on and on.. Along with some small management tasks like filing important documents, and blah blah blah.

My Proof: some stuff I found while sweeping

a picture of the floor on a daily basis with a blacklight

More proof, friendos!

Even more proof. Jizz shoe and floor I also started a blog! Mostly to vent, but also slight entertainment?

Here is my new twitter

Had to share this sweet art by /u/kenjutsudude []

Final thoughts:

Hey guys, thanks again for the fun times! This AMA turned out way better and way different than I expected. I received a lot of kind words and kind.. donations? I guess. Totally unasked for, but I can tell that there is sympathy out there. Thank you for the kind thoughts, kind words, and hilarious questions. I hope to do an AMA again when I find a new job, so I can give the raunchier details. Who uses the word raunchy? Feel free to follow my twitter and my blog where I will not hesitate to post information about my days at work. Thanks guys! Feel free to keep asking! I'll be here.

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thedloan3284 karma

There are a lot of very innocent (naive?) questions in this AMA and I don't think OP makes it clear what's happening in the booths.

Adult video booths are commonly used by men to hook up with other men. Unless the management is very strict, guys will hang around looking for other guys to go into a booth with.

If there are glory holes between the booths, one guy will signal through the hole to the guy in the neighbouring booth inviting him to put his penis through. The first guy will then give him a blow job. They may take turns sucking and being sucked, or one will give head to the other. Sometimes, one of the men will bend over and get fucked through the glory hole.

Very occasionally, a couple will come in so that a man can watch his wife blow strangers. Or she can watch him.

Most of the men who use video booths and glory holes are men who act straight in their everyday lives. Gay men go to gay bars for their hookups - they don't need anonymity.

I hope this clears things up a bit.

JizzBgone807 karma

I'm not sure how much I could say about them, but hell yeah thats basically what happens. Expect its like 99% male. Nothing wrong with that at all! But it does get uncomfortable.

velmaa232 karma

What usually happens when a single woman comes in?

JizzBgone1033 karma

It's like those streets in countries that don't have streetlights and they have cars just taking turns and going and going

Now imagine being a 4000lb elephant with its legs cut off in the middle of that

albo_underhill2282 karma

Many, many years ago I worked at Mcdonalds, after a few weeks I couldn't stomach the thought of eating it ever again. Just being around the smell 50 hours a week was too much. Have you ever had the same response to masturbation?

JizzBgone3610 karma

Yes, actually. I use to masturbate twice a day. Now once every other day.

innocii878 karma

Wouldn't you think that had more to do with you growing out of your teens? (I don't know how old you are, but it seems probably you're in your twenties)

JizzBgone1263 karma

Twenties indeed.. and maybe? I hope that's the reason

dirtmerchant19801907 karma

As a jizz mopper is it true that cum leaves streaks if you don't clean it right away?

JizzBgone2071 karma

Yes. HUGE streaks. You need to scrub it with a sponge and then wipe with a towel.

ajaxsirius1023 karma

What's the best way to get cum out of a fabric?

JizzBgone2367 karma

More cum. Kiddding. Run it through warm water and then cold water. Spray some pet piss cleaner on that bad boy.

i7alianStallion1761 karma

I'm a janitor at a high school and lemme tell you, I've seen some shit (literally). I just want to say that I salute you.

My question is what war stories do you have for us? The tl;dr version of mine is a teacher I see on a regular basis walked into the women's bathroom before I cleaned it, took the most vial/girthiest shit I've ever encountered, clogged the toilet and called me in to show me and apologize. I can't look at her the same again. Im sure you have something equivalent.

JizzBgone2257 karma

I saw a four man train, fully naked, out eating ass and ass packin. I later went to clean and found shit all over the place with only one condom. One. That's one of the many stories. Also had a guy not all over himself and try to hug other arcade guests

Edit: first gold? Hell yeah. Was a throwaway, now I'll use it for stories

i7alianStallion445 karma

I can only hope that you're at least making good money doing what you do because after hearing that, suddenly my job doesn't seem so bad, and my job involves picking up shit. Human (sometimes animal) shit.

God bless

JizzBgone1228 karma

$11 isn't worth this. My felony record says otherwise

Mrunclesam405 karma

Shit im sorry man:(

JizzBgone860 karma

It's alright. I just keep telling myself it'll be alright. I have the support of friends, girlfriend, and family. I'm lucky to have that.

prettytrump1550 karma

What's the cheapest and also most expensive thing in your store?

JizzBgone2168 karma

Cheapest would be some condoms. Most expensive is the Fuck Me Silly toy doll.

the_shit_disturber934 karma

Can you describe what makes this silly toy so expensive?

JizzBgone1720 karma

The material, the size, and the design. It sells too. It's basically just the lower half of a woman.

goldfishpaws1193 karma

With respect, what the hell else kind of job were your parents lining you up for with a name like that? ;-)

JizzBgone1484 karma

A dentist :/

NicolasNordstrom1046 karma

Do you regularly find toys or other intimate objects used in the bathrooms?

JizzBgone1517 karma

Mostly lube and poop condoms. Worst I have found is a wig ._.

-PotencY-1244 karma

poop condoms

I'll regret asking what that is, but what is that

JizzBgone2135 karma

A condom that has been used for anal, then shit inside of.

Unglossed1473 karma

TIL that people poop inside of condoms after getting shagged in the a-hole.

Going back to sleep now. Will try again tomorrow.

JizzBgone1221 karma

It's okay, I've woken up every day for the past 7 months still trying to figure this one out

astrobrain619 karma

Oh for fuck's sake.

Take a record of who goes into which booth. If you find the asshole who does shit like that, ban 'em. I understand what happens in those booths, why they're there, all of that, but a god damn poop condom goes beyond acceptable limits. Make them do that shit in their own homes.

JizzBgone882 karma

I know right? We do ban people for good. Someone wanked it in front of our, female, assistant manager. She was scarred. Someone groped me, he is now banned. Both situations were documented.

Some people even pee all over the booth.

BloodInTheSink378 karma

What the fuck. I didn't know this stuff honestly happen at sex shops lmao.

JizzBgone479 karma

Me either... idk man. I've seen too many things

blahblahyaddaydadda234 karma

Honestly never thought I'd add the word "poop condom" to my vocab. Thank you sir.

JizzBgone319 karma

Hey no problem. Hopefully you aren't a visual learner.

[deleted]-12 karma


JizzBgone41 karma

Well, he kind of forced it upon her. Trapped her in a corner and said "WATCH ME NOOWW!!"

ferretsRfantastic380 karma

So let me get this straight. The condom was used to penetrate an anus and then was crapped into after the deed?! Why?! What are the mechanics of the situation?!

JizzBgone240 karma

I am not sure about the mechanics. I just know that they didn't use gloves to home the condom. That's disgusting to think about

m00click336 karma

I want to be horrified, but I'm amazed by the dexterity it must take to achieve such a feat.

Edit: unless they're just shitting all over their hands and a little bit happens to end up in the condom. In which case, yes. I am sufficiently horrified.

Edit 2: why the fuck am I envisioning this?!?? Dammit Reddit.

JizzBgone440 karma

You want horrified? Some guy sat in a condom and proceeded to yell FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK and then left.


Elaborate please.

JizzBgone507 karma

I didn't get to all the booths for cleaning. This guy sits in booth 8 and sits on a used condom. Laughs were had

-PotencY-9 karma


JizzBgone17 karma

Same :/

WonderWeeble884 karma

How concerned are you about the possibility of contracting something contagious? What precautions do you take?

JizzBgone1726 karma

Incredibly concerned honestly. I wear gloves, a face mask, and almost every protective equipment I can get. The company will support any request I have in terms of safety equipment..

Not so much my safety from the people though lol

WonderWeeble412 karma

Have you ever made a mistake and gotten exposed? Did you need testing to be sure you were okay?

JizzBgone1054 karma

I have only gotten testing once, but the company will help me out with testing whenever I need it, i think?. Mistake.. hmm.. Maybe? I think one time my glove ripped and I didn't notice. I treat it like the worst injury ever and wash my hands for 30 minutes.

lescrios12828 karma

Where are you based? Have any of customers asked you out?

JizzBgone1457 karma

Can't say too much about where I am based. West coast.

And yes, three males from the arcade and a lot of females. I decline respectfully.

HoTs_DoTs422 karma

California ?

JizzBgone552 karma


HoTs_DoTs301 karma


JizzBgone403 karma


HoTs_DoTs493 karma

OPs mom ?

JizzBgone1697 karma

fk. ive been found out

joeymicl2 karma


JizzBgone3 karma


darkwingpsyduck634 karma

Do you know how much the average jizz mopper makes per hour?

JizzBgone443 karma

Nope. I wish LOL

AnAuthority630 karma

Are any of those fluids yours?

JizzBgone1650 karma

Nice try manager.

Edit: nah. Almost every inch of the floor is covered in someone else's gunk. I can't imagine wanting to wank it in there

camdotcam606 karma

Have you considered cutting down on mess by providing customers with a bucket .... or a box

To jizz into?

JizzBgone619 karma

Some ideas are too wise for the simple minded men that jizz into the abyss.

I have, but I would have to build it and design it. I'm not a doctor, so the woodwork will be tough. I'll try it though!

sushideception192 karma

the simple minded men that jizz into the abyss

Oh man, that had me rolling. This is a great AMA, you seem like a cool person.

JizzBgone79 karma

Thanks man! I try to be calm and collected. These answers are as true as can be though lol

Zip2kx508 karma

This ama is legendary.

If you had to pick something you learned for your future jobs, what would it be?

JizzBgone730 karma

People change once they get what they want. I have had some nice conversations with the people that buy an arcade pass. But on the inside.. I never feel safe.

tailsfromretail473 karma

Does your name tag have the title "jizz mopper" on it? Also, I worked at a video store years ago. Do the rentals still come back sticky?

JizzBgone561 karma

Confirmed, sticky indeed. Honestly, I'll probably ask to change it to jizzBgone on my last week of work.

evildoer993429 karma

So I've only been in one adult store in my life, it was very clean and well lit. Not shady in the least.

Can you describe how this happens and the process? Floor plan? I mean, I dunno, I guess I'm a square.

Your facility can't possibly condone this stuff? I mean, is this in the USA? Are there glory holes?

I have so many damn questions

JizzBgone564 karma

It's attached to the store, and the door to the arcade is closed. Arcade being the place that I go to clean. The door is closed, and we have signs that tell people they can't do things of sexual nature.. but the doors are closed, ya know?

edit: the actual store front is really nice and normal.

SantasDead345 karma

I've been to a handful of sex shops and some shady strip clubs that had rooms you could use. These rooms had monitors you could rent movies on. Very tiny rooms, like a little bigger than a photo booth. Legally no sex acts were allowed to happen....legally. realistically tho......

JizzBgone430 karma

Realistically.. lol. Yeah, I can't tell you how many times I hear slurpin'

TryMeOnBirdLaw418 karma

So YOU'RE the guy who wipes down the loads?

JizzBgone244 karma

It is I, load wiper. Not proud of it, but I'm good at it! Take THAT to my 5th grade talent show.

genesisofDOOM401 karma

I'm so surprised by this, because all the sex shops I've visited have been clean and welcoming and never have a "back door area." Is the place you clean up attached to the store? Is it easy to get to or is it more hidden and you have to know what or who to ask?

JizzBgone348 karma

It's easy to get to and well known. It's basically separated by a door, so it's attached to our store as if it were just an extension of our store

hurdur1395 karma

How much do you make?

Is it worth it?

How much longer will you do this? Any other career plans?

JizzBgone761 karma

I make minimum wage. Well, .50 above minimum. so $11 Nope. Not much longer if I dont get more money. I want to be a web developer. :D

Kacxer1716 karma

Get programming!, i've almost got a whole library of online guides, tutorials and learning paths that can teach you a lot. If you want some of it i'd love to help :)

(i teach web dev)

edit: whoa people, its not like i've got access to some super-secret educational materials, i've only got a collection of links and guides which i've gathered over the past 2-3 years. Unfortunately i cant use the material i've made for my school, as its the schools materials :)

I'll make a list and put it here with some small comments when its done, shouldnt be more than a day or so.

So, web development.

First i'd like to write a little.

People are going to recommend all sorts of frameworks, languages, libraries and so on, for you to begin with. Forget it, just forget it. Its a huge mess. The thing is with all that stuff, it requires you to do additional installs, downloads, all sorts of crap that will just confuse you, and you'll spend an hour installing stuff before you even begin making the first line of code.

Start out simple, make a small website with "hello world" on it, then go from there. Learn the HTML basics first, how to make tables, then divs, then master the HTML5 semantic. While doing that, begin making some basic stylesheets, change the text color, font, style. Then begin delving into float, inline, block, various types of ways to display the HTML elements.

Dont start using flex before you've mastered everythign else, it seems basic but some of it is really strange.

after you're well into HTML and CSS you can begin looking into either Boostrap or javascript, after javascript you can begin on jQuery, then the backend languages.

There is a ton of languages for backend programming, and everyone has their own favorite. Be it NodeJS, Ruby, PHP, Python, whatever. Dont pick the newest most hyped language on the market, it will be hard to find help, as there wont be a lot of users, and there'll be fewer companies using it. Sure some tech-startup might be using it, but most of the old-timers still run with the old languages. My recommendation is to start with PHP for backend, its easy, simple and straightforward.

Learn the backend language, what is the different between get and post, how do i use it to communicate with a database, how do i insert something into a table and so on. After you've mastered that you can begin looking into the more arcane languages, my reasoning for this, is that once you've learned one language, learning the rest of them comes pretty easily.

So, for resources: For learning basic HTML and CSS i'll recommend codecademy, i've had a lot of success with it in the past, and its fairly all-round. - start out with the guide named "learn HTML and CSS"

However, codecademy is pretty anal about how you write your code, i've had an issue as recently as today, where one of the "make a website" parts wouldnt complete because the student was using a high-dpi screen.

So make sure you write exactly what the guide tells you to write, all the way down to capital letters and commas, dont miss anything. If you've got any issues with the course there's a lot of help to get on google.

After doing codecademy, i'd like to refer to W3Schools own resources and tutorial for HTML and CSS:


Then on to CSS, there was a bit of it on codecademy, but in case thats not enough, you can check out the w3schools CSS documentation, personally i think its easier to look through than the mozilla dev network.

Note: when using w3schools as a tutorial, write all of the "try it yourself" out as a file on your own computer, it might seem tempting to just read through it, but the knowledge wont stick, write it, get the excersize, its boring and you know what you'll end up with, but it works. for an editor i'll recommend brackets, its a free editor find it on - there's a rather large plugin community as well, if you need additional functionality for the editor.

After having gone through these guides, try making a basic website, using a layout like this:

It should be doable with what you've learned so far. If you're able to make a layout like this, scour the web for similar designs and make them, its a lot of repetetive work, but its good excersize and gives a lot of routine in how to write HTML and CSS. Generally you want to find a lot of layouts, or make them yourself, and make them into websites, and make sure to save each website alone in a folder with its files in the same folder, so you can always go back and see how you made a certain piece of code, call it your own reference library or whatever ;)

Next up is bootstrap. Bootstrap will make everything you just learned seem like the hardest work you've ever done, its a breeze. All you have to do is modify the style a bit with your own classes and ID's and you're set with a pretty decent layout. However, dont go learn this before you learn regular CSS, as it requires some knowledge about CSS.

Things you want to read up on now is:

Again, try making a website with these technologies, to see how they work and what they do, reading is not enough, write some code. If you get stuck ask for help, there's a lot of forums and communities who want to help you, here on reddit too :)

Next up is javascript, thats a bit more complex, codecademy has a decent course on javascript, though its not very related to web development, its a good course on how to learn the syntax.

Having learned the javascript syntax, go to w3schools,, they've got a lot of resources on how it works and what you can do, go through each menu item, and write the code for yourself, see how it works, if you dont understand how it works, figure it out :)

After javascript you can try jQuery, this time though, i wont recommend codecademy, as the jQuery website has some good examples:

jQuery is a library (framework?) which makes web-development way easier, things like fading items in and out is 10-20 times easier using jquery than plain javascript.

So why didnt i recommend this to begin with?, well, starting out with jQuery means you wont understand how javascript works, and thats important, i think so at least. Same goes with all frameworks, in my opinion, learn the basic language first, then learn the library/framework, it gives you good understanding of the language, even though its a bit more difficult learning path.

In any case, google will be your best friend, so many people have had problems with web dev, and so many answers have been posted, you'll be able to find answers to most of your issues if you just google hard enough.

As for resources and guides, there's a collection of links. In it you'll find all sorts of guides, examples, tutorials and stuff i've found over a longer time period, there's some nice things among it: <- if you want to make a php oop login system <- some light design reading <- in case you want to make a clock <- javascript for web tutorial, the guy has a LOT of good tutorials on various programming languages

That should be it, if you've got any short questions feel free to ask, i'm not too great with database architecture and such, but i'm fairly good at frontend programming.

JizzBgone358 karma

I would love a guide or two! I am at a very basic point in my learning right now. I do like to set my mind to what I do, so if I can get my hands on a great guide, I will definitely learn a lot! Thanks!

Ilikephlying332 karma

I never even knew such things existed. I can 'kinda' get the idea of weirdos going in there to jack it, but couples, to fuck? Surely literally anywhere would be better than a jizz room.

Your company gives you every thing you need to defend against disease, what about the people who go in there to do their thing? Are they getting naked and just slopping around in the jizz sea?

JizzBgone509 karma

I have only seen two couples go in. They both went in to fuck and I had to stand guard. T.T You would think its marvelous. But it's not. Most of them are indeed getting naked and just hangin around. They lean against the walls that have semen on them. They put their hands on every surface they can. And every surface has jizz.

Ilikephlying181 karma

I must be missing the part about how the sign says "no sexual acts" but then you hear slurping a lot. Is it not a couple? Are the patrons just going in and gloryholing each other?

JizzBgone350 karma

Yup! I have seen many men just going at it. I walk in on them because I am supposed to clean as many booths as I can.. and welp, they just don't turn the booth on. So I walk in on a couple of naked dudes. Not fun..

Ilikephlying298 karma

That sounds like a shit job but if you're desensitising yourself to bodily fluids you could get into crime scene cleaning. Might pay more?

JizzBgone1088 karma

Ayy, I like that idea a lot. I'll look into that! Although I feel like scrubbing these potential babies will be different than scrubbing actual babies :(

LadyDragonDog75280 karma

Do u get little old ladies buying sex toys? Do they ask for advice?

JizzBgone447 karma

I once had this elderly lady buy "The Great american challenge". It was interesting . In terms of advice, yeah! All the time!

DyldoTheGreat261 karma

So... Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur?

JizzBgone350 karma


zipperNYC895 karma

Think he's pretty tired of the squirtles

JizzBgone557 karma

Ayyy lmao

Of_Chiefs212 karma

Have the cops ever been called on this place?

JizzBgone239 karma

Not since I've been there. I guess cops know about this spot though? It's an interesting place..

radome9154 karma

What sort of disposable gloves do you recommend?

AnimeX42149 karma

How long have you been doing this?

JizzBgone301 karma

7 months! I plan on quitting soon if I don't get a raise. I work for minimum right now. Minimum. Wage.

AnimeX42138 karma

How can you clean up *** for 7.25 per hour?

JizzBgone373 karma

I'm a felon in CA. :/

MrSelatcia151 karma

What was your felony?

JizzBgone294 karma

Grand theft

innocii140 karma

Story time? Or would you rather not talk about it? I wouldn't know firsthand how you feel about this.

Will this ever be purged from your record, or will every employer ever know about it? (not from the US, sorry for not knowing)

JizzBgone341 karma

The store I worked at lost thousands of dollars during inventory, a time where all Items need to be accounted for. I got blamed for the loss of items. I think it will get purged in 3 years if I get my lawyer to expunge it.

Zabhahs118 karma

How is that legal? You said blamed, implying not your fault

JizzBgone187 karma

They had more evidence against me than my lawyer could get to prove my innocence. They had me with footage of putting stuff in a bag ( for inventory) but they said i was takin it.

ThePoontangler61 karma

Try supplementing your income with Mturk when you are at home and on the internet doing fuck all. The r/beermoney subreddit helped me at a time I had no other way to make money and now I make $200/mo to supplement my meager income. If I aim for $5/day of just mindless shit for a few minutes here and there while I am already netflixing or browsing or reading, it isn't so bad.

JizzBgone34 karma

Hmm.. I'll look into it. An extra $100 a month would help a lot..

PonderousWanker142 karma

Have you seen the movie Clerks? If so what was your reaction to the term jizz mopper?

JizzBgone119 karma

I have not! Holy shit thats a great movie. I'll watch it tonight!

-Lime-121 karma

How old is the average booth user?

JizzBgone167 karma


notkristian84 karma

How'd you get the job?

JizzBgone252 karma

I'm a felon, so it was the first job that actually called me back after I applied and called.

zpandexx54 karma

What's the most disgusting thing you've found?

JizzBgone252 karma

Found isn't as bad as seen. I have found a whole toilet full of jizz and shit. It wasn't fun to clean.. Still, it didn't smell bad, I will admit

Edited for poem credit

Bosticles93 karma

This is the beginning of a poem. You need another line that rhymes with "shit".

JizzBgone105 karma

I gotchu

Ickleslimer48 karma

Who's the guy you've seen in there who you'd think the least likely to frequent these kinds of shops?

JizzBgone99 karma

This super rich guy that shows up with a corvette and buys poppers, google it. I caught him with three guys around him. He has a wife. He showed me

wordsauce46 karma

Have you ever thought about creating and marketing a cleaning product solely for the purpose of cleaning bodily fluids?

JizzBgone67 karma

Not till just now. It could help improve the company as a whole.. I dig!

JonBonSpumoni45 karma

What is your favorite bodily fluid?

JizzBgone290 karma


TheSchnozzberry43 karma

Why have you not contacted Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs yet?

JizzBgone47 karma

I'm not sure honestly.. good idea? What's his info lol

jellyscallywag40 karma

How hard is it to remove dried jizz? Do you need a chisel?

BTW, after reading some answers, I wish you best of luck with web dev! It'll be one fun ride.

JizzBgone33 karma

Sometimes you need a scraper, which is basically a chisel. It's a razer with a handle. But most of the times, especially when its on the walls, a simple sponge and some cleaning fluid does well. Gotta scrub, wipe, scrub, wipe in order to get it all off

nittanylionstorm0736 karma

Have you ever seen the... After results of any extreme fetish play?

So I've been to an adult store a few times for.... Reasons. I was always creeped out in the arcade and theater, but I did get off once or twice.

Probably the worst thing I've ever seen was when I had to piss and I walked into a stall where the toilet was literally covered in shit... Like it actually looked like someone had shat on the toilet and played with it with their hands like a toddler might do to a chocolate cake.

Like bro if you are into that, that's cool but do it at fucking home.

JizzBgone46 karma

I think the shit condoms are all from one person with an extreme fetish

CarlSpackler3724 karma

After doing this job, do you still eat mayonnaise?

JizzBgone9 karma

Yes. Every bite is torture. Especially when you have a friend that says "jizz jizz jizz" to remind me lmao

el___diablo6 karma

What sort of bodily fluids do women leave behind ?

JizzBgone54 karma

Pffft. Women don't enter on their own