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OPs mom ?

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California ?

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You are probably done but one question.

I LOVE the McChicken. I always get it with only mayo, so no lettuce or pickles. I get a small fry so I can put the fries on top. It's just 'my thing'. Any reason why sometimes it's so damn good and other times its just really crap? I don't eat fast food often. Literally only one a month but that is my favorite fast food item.

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In college I majored in Human Sexuality but after I was done with it I felt really de-sensitized when it came to sex. I find myself to be quite asexual actually. If anything I thought I would become more sexual because well...I was a BIG manwhore in college.

Just wondering if that is normal in the line of work or not? Would you consider yourself a very sexual person and enjoy it ? or do you just like helping others with their issues ?