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Pretend you live in California. You want to go to Denver Colorado. The ticket is $550. But there's also a flight to Nashville Tennessee that has a layover in Denver. This flight is only $300. So you book the flight to Nashville and just get off your plane when it stops in Denver and you stay in Denver.

The only issue with this is it's a one way ticket and you cannot check your baggage. you either have to mail it to your destination beforehand or just have carry on baggage.

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This is probably an obvious question for you, but do HIPAA laws not apply to military?

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I've been to a handful of sex shops and some shady strip clubs that had rooms you could use. These rooms had monitors you could rent movies on. Very tiny rooms, like a little bigger than a photo booth. Legally no sex acts were allowed to happen....legally. realistically tho......

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Round trip only. your return one way ticket will be safe.

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This is exactly what happened last housing drop. Investers snapped up everything. And banks held properties that were foreclosed on. Rent prices skyrocketed.