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How long does it take to manufacture a doll? Are you the only ones doing high end products such as this? Also, how many units do you ship a year?

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Does your name tag have the title "jizz mopper" on it? Also, I worked at a video store years ago. Do the rentals still come back sticky?

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Oh good times. The video store I worked at would have a couple of guys lining up before we opened the door, then as soon as we let them in, straight back to the adult section... Had to kick out a few who'll do would play pocket pool to the box covers of videos.

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Did you evey try "hair in a can?" What were the results?

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Since Ag uses about 85% of water in California and industry another 10% or so, why does the taxpayers focus on residential users to curb consumption of water in California? I question how going from a 5 gallon toilet to one using 1.2 gallons (that constantly clogs and needs multiple flushes to work) will make a difference when farmers use water by the acre foot (a one acre field one foot deep in water).