We're Mr. Trash Wheel and Professor Trash Wheel. We live in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Since May 9, 2014, trash wheels have collected over a million pounds of trash, collecting as much as 38,000 lbs in a single day.

This is my (Mr. Trash Wheel) third AMA:

Here's the first: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3pidal/i_am_mr_trash_wheel_the_first_invention_of_its/

And the second: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/4fzb1w/i_am_mr_trash_wheel_im_a_trasheatin_freewheelin/

This is Professor Trash Wheel's first AMA. She'll be posting from Mr. Trash Wheel's account but will be identifying herself when she posts.

Ask me anything!

Proof: https://twitter.com/MrTrashWheel/status/805835057407623168

More about us: http://baltimorewaterfront.com/healthy-harbor/water-wheel/

EDIT: Thank you all again for a fantastic AMA. We are signing off. You can follow us on the social medias until we meet again.

Mr. Trash Wheel: Twitter and Facebook

Professor Trash Wheel: Twitter and Facebook

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Jenkins14141611 karma

If Professor Trash Wheel is the so called "Hero of Canton", then what would be the possibility of getting a giant Jayne hat made for her?

TheMrTrashWheel1039 karma

Depends on how many knitters in in Baltimore are willing to take up the challenge.

TheMrTrashWheel960 karma

PTW: Funny you mention it, my first name happens to be Jayne

jcu311952 karma

No duckling incidents since your last AMA, right?

TheMrTrashWheel2144 karma

MTW: I still deny any and all duckling incidents. Ducks are friends, not food.


Y'all related? Or just friends with similar names?

Any plans to install another trash wheel elsewhere in the States?

TheMrTrashWheel1533 karma

PTW: We are not related, Trash Wheel is just a common last name.

My friends at Clearwater Mills hope to build one on the Ala Wai Canal in Hawaii soon! (It would be cool to have a friend to visit there, I've always wanted to swim with dolphins)

PM_ME_UR_CC_INFO834 karma

Professor Trash Wheel: as a Baltimore resident, it is an honor to have you in our harbor! I look forward to seeing you around.

Do you have any plans to educate humans in the finer points of Trash Studies? Perhaps students could visit you on a field trip.

TheMrTrashWheel663 karma

PTW: YES! This is one of the things I'm looking forward to most in my new position. I'm working with humans to provide eco-tours of all the green initatives in place along the harbor to make our waterways cleaner. You can find out more here.

evan466450 karma

Eat any Miami Dolphins on their way out of town this week?

TheMrTrashWheel633 karma

I only eat certified dolphin-free trash but I am supporter of squishing the fish!

Osthato435 karma

Welcome to the harbor, Professor! A couple questions:

  • Where were you constructed? I noticed your path to the harbor started in Pasadena; what's in Pasadena?

  • Where did you get your degree in trash studies? What was your dissertation on? Do you have an abstract?

  • Why did you decide to eat the trash coming out of Harris creek as opposed to one of the other rivers?

  • What was your favorite part of the welcoming ceremony yesterday?

  • What advice did Mr. Trash Wheel give you to prepare for your job?

TheMrTrashWheel1117 karma

PTW: Pasadena is home of Clearwater Mills, LLC, the company that invented me. They have a beautiful marina there. It's a great place to get your wheel fitted.

I got my degree from Bogports School of Wheelcraft and Fisheries and now teach at Healthy Harbor University.

I took tenure at Harris Creek because it is the second largest contributor of Trash to the Baltimore Harbor after the Jones Falls, where Trashy McTrashface lives.

My favorite part of yesterday's welcoming ceremony was when they seasoned my conveyor with Old Bay. Everything tastes better with Old Bay even cigarette butts!

I have yet to meet MTW IRL, but he keeps texting me!

steinauf85100 karma

How long did it take to build you once fundraising was complete?

TheMrTrashWheel803 karma

PTW: It took 6 months to build me, less than what it takes to build a human child.

Mackin-N-Cheese404 karma

If Mr. Trash Wheel and Ms. Professor Trash Wheel were -- hypothetically, of course! -- to go out on a date, what would you do?

And I know I'm putting the wheel before the conveyor here, but what might be some good names for a little Trash Wheel Jr.?

TheMrTrashWheel920 karma

MTW: Woah, there tiger. Professor Trash Wheel just met. Let's not go rushing into things.

Okay, between you and me (and let's hope PTW is too busy answering questions to read this), we'd go out to a trash mob somewhere and scavenge for ingredients for a meal we'd cook together. Then we'd watch really crappy scifi and horror movies. To be honest, I thought about inviting her over for a Firefly marathon but the death of Ron Glass is still to real and I think spontaneously bursting into sobs is a little too much for a first date.

As for the next trash wheel, I'd leave it up to my good interweb friends. They came up with my name, Wheeliam. I'd like to see what ideas they have for Lil' Trashy McTrashface.

I_am_Bearstronaut356 karma

How much trash could a trash wheel wheel if a trash wheel could wheel trash?

Also the more you type "trash" the weirder it sounds/looks.

Love from your friend,


TheMrTrashWheel375 karma

MTW: It would wheel as much as a trash wheel could wheel if a trash wheel could wheel trash.

Yeah, I don't know what that means either.

pandasaysnope226 karma

Hi Mr. Trash Wheel! If there were a 6th season of The Wire centering around trash in the Inner Harbor, what would the main plot points be? What roles would you and Professor Trash Wheel play?

TheMrTrashWheel573 karma

Here's the plot: Trash is over flowing the streets of Baltimore. Trash storms plague the city on a regular basis and micro plastics have formed a choking fog that sits on the city at all times.

Professor Trash Wheel believes she can work within the system to get litter of the streets. She creates coalitions with nonprofits and government agencies to battle the rising tide of trash.

Mr. Trash Wheel obeys no law or man. He goes rogue attacking trash on the streets, in the harbor, wherever he can find it.

Who will win out? Find out on Season 6 of the Wire.

David Simon, you have my number. Stop ignoring my texts.

thefriskysquid203 karma

Do you guys have plans to release hats? Especially with big eyes on top?

Asking for a friend.

TheMrTrashWheel200 karma

PTW: At Healthy Harbor University not only am I a professor, but I'm also the mascot! Not hats yet, but we do have shirts: https://www.booster.com/professor-trash-wheel

SteveJammy203 karma

How do you plan to top the last AMA?

TheMrTrashWheel667 karma

MTW: Four words: Sharks with laser beams.

Oh and I had one of my crab friends steal all the secrets of Westworld Season 2 while Jonathan Nolan was sleeping last night. I will only reveal them if I make it to number one on Reddit. Mwahahahaha!

langis_on196 karma

I live on the Eastern shore of Maryland, how could I help get a trash wheel in Salisbury?

Edit: The Wicomico River in Salisbury MD is severely polluted and feeds into the Chesapeake Bay, which also suggests from pollution. Obviously the water wheel on our little river doesn't have to be as large as Professor water wheel, but it could really help clean up the river.

TheMrTrashWheel227 karma

PTW: I'd partner with local organizations to try to raise fund to build and maintain one of my kin. It takes a lot of human support to bring a new trash wheel to life.

If you need specifics about building a new trash wheel, reach out to my human inventors at Clearwater Mills: http://www.clearwatermills.com/

thefriskysquid187 karma

First, I want to say that Mr. Trash Wheel—and his stunning new compatriot—are two of my favorite things on the internet.

Second: Professor Trash Wheel, what are you a professor of?

TheMrTrashWheel209 karma

PTW: Thank you, Frisky Squid! I am a Professor of Trash Studies, with a focus on the Chesapeake Bay at Healthy Harbor University.

STrRedWolf161 karma

Professor Trash Wheel, what types of trash are you seeing coming down to Canton right now?

TheMrTrashWheel224 karma

PTW: Mostly smaller items that travel through storm drains!

sunxiaohu119 karma

What has been the impact of your trash consumption on the health of Chesapeake bay as a whole? Could you send a relative up to NYC to clean up our gross harbor?

TheMrTrashWheel276 karma

MTW: I have eaten over 1 million pounds of trash and debris since May 2014. That's equivalent to 62,500 honey hams!

MattBaster115 karma

Trashy McTrashface! Thanks for coming back!

Professor Trash Wheel, What would you say is the most rewarding thing about the work you two do?

TheMrTrashWheel181 karma

PTW: It's so rare to find rewarding work you are passionate about and actually moves the needle. It is even more rare to find that job in such a supportive community. I'm alive today because people around the world donated, little girls started a lemonade stand, businesses made incredible commitments to a cleaner harbor, and so much more. We have momentum now. We're unstoppable.

identicalParticle111 karma

What are some alternatives to trash wheels for cleaning rivers? Why are you guys better than the alternatives?

I hope this question doesn't seem rude.

TheMrTrashWheel210 karma

We are not better than the first alternative...which is to stop littering!! But tbh the end of the pipe is our best bet to remove trash before it enters larger bodies of water, and that is why the trash inceptors are strategically placed at their outfall locations in Baltimore

steinauf85102 karma

To what wind speeds are your eyes and canopy rated?

TheMrTrashWheel257 karma

MTW: The official answer is 60 miles an hour. What the humans who built me don't know is I've been dosing myself with gamma rays so I can hulk out in the face of any danger. Just you wait...

Capitals2189 karma

How much trash has been removed from the Harbor thanks to you?

TheMrTrashWheel209 karma

MTW: I have gorged on over 1,000,000 of trash since May, 2014.

TheMrTrashWheel348 karma

EDIT: 1,000,000 human souls pounds!

MagicNoodle86 karma


TheMrTrashWheel330 karma

MTW: I am completely powered by renewable energy. I am an anti-waste machine. My programming and lack of arms has made me virtually incapable of littering.

Metario82 karma

But if you don't have arms...how is this AMA happening?

TheMrTrashWheel204 karma

MTW: I use a voice to cloud software...and sometimes my human friends lend me a hand.

SkeletonCircus82 karma

Are you familiar with the wrestling legend known as the Trash Man?

TheMrTrashWheel146 karma

MTW: Frank Reynolds is one of my favorite people in the universe. I aspire to be him.

Transtar79 karma

Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

Also do you have any monitoring equipment to study the water quality coming from the streams that feed you? Also is there any data for how much trash you collect in a given day (and why that may be more/less than average)?

TheMrTrashWheel166 karma

MTW: All the time, especially since the last system update with the reveries. I've been remembering all sorts of crazy things from my past.

Also, I hear I will have some probes coming soon. I hope it's not too uncomfortable: https://nextcity.org/daily/entry/baltimore-harbor-water-quality-monitor

CRAWFiSH11774 karma

Welcome back! For MTW and PTW, what areas or cities of the United States do you think could benefit the most from your services? Of the world?

TheMrTrashWheel237 karma

MTW: I think Hawaii could really benefit from me. Yep, I'm definitely needed in Hawaii. Palm trees, sandy beaches, sunshine. Don't want any trash in the water there. Better get me out there quick!

Ilove80sHondas72 karma

Welcome to Baltimore Professor! On average, how much trash are you expecting to collect per day over in Canton?

TheMrTrashWheel180 karma

PTW: I am driven by the rain and so is the trash. The more it rains the more trash I get to eat until humans learn to dispose of it properly. By my calculations I will eat on average 5,000 lbs. of trash a month.

zverkalt63 karma

what upgrades have you received since your last AMA?

TheMrTrashWheel225 karma

MTW: Flamethrowers that shoot out of my eyes.

HipsterBrewfus58 karma

Can I come jump in the harbor and get pulled in by you just to spend some time together?

  • A smitten Baltimorean

TheMrTrashWheel121 karma

MTW: As much as I love visitors I think it's best if they stick with selfies from the shore at least until either the City fixes their leaking sewer system or they build a Mr. Trash Wheel theme park complete with conveyor belt rides made safe for humans.

nihilisticzealot56 karma

If you were around in 1258 AD during the sack of Baghdad, would you rather have been on the Tigris river and collected all the books (soggy though they may be), or the Euphrates river and collected other more mundane artifacts of the time?

TheMrTrashWheel98 karma

MTW: Ergh, the Mongols just ruin everything don't they! Hulagu Kahn? More like Hulagu Kahn not! Am I right?

Given the choice, I am saving the collective teachings of the House of Wisdom!

PizzusChrist55 karma

Do you like the googley eyes? Is that a standard feature or an upgrade?

TheMrTrashWheel109 karma

MTW: Standard feature so that us trash wheels can see what we're about to eat. Thanks for installing them Key Tech!

robot179350 karma

Hey Mr. Trash Wheel, I finally got to see you when I was in town for Bronycon! But down to business, have you been practicing on your new guitar? I'm sure you'll be irresistible once you can play Wonderwheel.

TheMrTrashWheel165 karma

MTW: I play mostly Garbage. Especially "I'm Only Happy When It Rains"

hubble-oh_seven49 karma

Mr. Trash Wheel, when will you find Mrs. Trash Wheel and make lots of little junior Trash Wheels? We need more of you!

TheMrTrashWheel116 karma

PTW: Trash Wheels are the first known species in the world where both males and females can reproduce via parthenogenesis, but we still appreciate going out to a nice dinner first.

TheMrTrashWheel94 karma

MTW: Whoa, whoa...PTW and I have yet to meet face to face! No pressure, amirite?!

robot179370 karma

hubble-oh_seven never mentioned the Professor, Wheeliam. Is there something on your mind you'd like to share?

TheMrTrashWheel115 karma

cough No, nope. I don't like Professor Trash Wheel. It's not a thing. Why would you think it is a thing? Obviously not a crush. I don't have crush.

johnsadventure46 karma

The "more about us" link provides statistics of what has been collected. How are these numbers obtained?

TheMrTrashWheel164 karma

MTW: Have you ever heard of a Trubbish Pokemon? He tends to inhabit unsanitary places and enjoys taking inventory of my dumpster

RndmHero40 karma

Hello! I'm a long-time fan of Mr. Trash Wheel and I'm super excited that Professor Trash Wheel has come to Canton to help keep the harbor clean.

Where and what does Professor Trash Wheel teach? Has Mr. Trash Wheel's taste in trash matured over time?

TheMrTrashWheel109 karma

PTW: I teach trash studies at Healthy Harbor University.

MTW: Not at all. I'd still eat pizza boxes every day if I could. Personally speaking I haven't really matured over time. I'm glad I was born into a job that I'm so good at because I struggle to adult.

WWIflyingace6239 karma

Hello, Mr. Trash Wheel! Would placing your compatriots in rivers and lakes en masse aid the robot revolution be enough to clean the vast majority of garbage from our waterways? What about SkyNet garbage that has sunk to the bottom, like tires?

TheMrTrashWheel55 karma

Ixnay on the obotray evolutionray! Humans, I would never do anything to harm you. Pay no attention to the vast stores of adamantium I've been collecting. You all just continue to build trash wheels and do your part in cleaning up garbage. I'll build a vast robot army to punish all those who dare litter continue to eat trash in peace.

whoatethekidsthen36 karma

When is John Waters going to cast you in a film?

TheMrTrashWheel140 karma

I'm still campaigning to get into the live version of Hairspray. I feel no other person would be better equipped to tell Tracy Turnblad's story than a trash-eating inanimate object who has transformed into an internet celebrity because of his positive outlook and charm. Plus I do a stirring rendition of Good Morning Baltimore.

manchild-perso36 karma

Hello somehow sentient trash wheels! What's the weirdest thing you've picked up?

TheMrTrashWheel74 karma

MTW: I once picked up this West African ball python...that was an interesting day.

DirectlyDisturbed35 karma

Hello Mr. and Professor Trash Wheel! I submitted a post 3 months ago about your funding goal being completed in regards to the Canton water wheel. Sadly, no one commented and few people took notice it appeared.

Are there any plans of creating additional wheels throughout the country? You probably get asked that all the time but I know there are several major cities in the US that could definitely use one (or three) of your kin.

TheMrTrashWheel38 karma

MTW: Thank you for spreading the word, mate! There are some cities who are working on creating additional trash wheels. The big issue is gathering enough momentum and funds to pay for the cost to build one of us. You all helped us build Professor Trash Wheel, so I have a lot of hope we'll see more of our kind soon.

iwouldrun500miles34 karma

Is there anything you've tried to eat and had to spit back out?

TheMrTrashWheel79 karma

MTW: There have been some trees that've gotten stuck...other than that, I am not a picky eater

MarylandMan31 karma

What other port cities do you see starting similar trash wheel projects in the next couple years?

Which portion of your construction was the most costly? I am curious how exactly one costs a half million.

Any mechanical or improvements made from Mr to Professor trash wheel?

Did do see any Halloween outfits of Mr Trash Wheel?

What color would the harbor water be if I dunked a pint glass in it and pulled it out?

TheMrTrashWheel70 karma

PTW: I have been designed to be faster than Mr. Trash Wheel so that I can eat trash more quickly.

MTW: I love it when humans dress up as me for Halloween! I think next year I will dress as a human. https://www.facebook.com/BaltimoreBikeParty/photos/a.889192621215509.1073741886.175204312614347/889211367880301

BFGfreak29 karma

Welcome back. I was wondering in your opinion what goes well with duck?

TheMrTrashWheel72 karma

MTW: I have never eaten duck or at least there is no proof. But I imagine duck would go nicely with some old tires and a broken hula hoop.

kicker5828 karma

Professor Trash wheel, I am the one who got your YouTube video to the front page of reddit. I am so glad you guys are doing well. I tried reaching out to you about how to volunteer but got no response. What is the best way to go about to help out?

TheMrTrashWheel35 karma

MTW: High-five! A lot has changed since my first viral debut and now my humans at Healthy Harbor have a whole volunteer program. You can email [email protected] or visit HealthyHarbor.org and click volunteer (when popular Reddit AMAs are crashing the site)

ilovedonuts27 karma

How do I get a trash wheel for my local harbor / bay?

TheMrTrashWheel43 karma

You can reach out to my human inventors at Clearwater Mills: http://www.clearwatermills.com/

It does take a lot of organizing to fundraise, build, and maintain me so I'd recommend people start forming partnerships with local organizations to bring a trash wheel to their fair city.

thr33beggars27 karma

How does one find time to teach (seeing as it is Professor Trash Wheel) while also being a trash wheel?

TheMrTrashWheel82 karma

PTW: One of my Bogports professors gave me a time turner so I could make it to all my classes. I still use it to keep my wheels turning (both my mind, as a prof, and my mechanical wheels)

xFryday26 karma

Do you find anything from other countries in the bay?

TheMrTrashWheel47 karma

MTW: I once picked up a Ball Python, which is native to West Africa!

scuz88826 karma

Baltimore's inner harbor

What's going on with Frank Sabotka these days?

TheMrTrashWheel43 karma

MTW: Buddy, I don't want to spoil things for you but did you finish Season 2 of The Wire. He...uh...went swimming...with the fishes.

Baltimore_Happenings25 karma

What it do?

TheMrTrashWheel31 karma

MTW: Supermachines that collect trash from rivers and streams using renewable energy...watch me in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkQbcrzyAeE

Charles_The_Grate18 karma

So how does it taste?

TheMrTrashWheel34 karma

MTW: I love it all, but I've gotta say that my favorites are the extra greasy pizza boxes

macsblow18 karma

Do you get a lot of interest from other city leaders in how to implement this in other parts of the US? Also, is there any impact on nitrate levels? That is an issue where I live.

TheMrTrashWheel20 karma

PTW: We've gotten interest from around the world from Hawaii to Singapore. There are many cities who want to build trash wheels and a few who are starting the long process to fundraise to build one.

As for your second question, trash wheels remove a lot of leaves and organic debris which break down into nutrients from the water including nitrogen compounds.

Gamesfreak1356317 karma

Mr. Trash Wheel, how many pounds of trash have you eaten? Are you afraid you might get fat?

TheMrTrashWheel28 karma

MTW: Over 1,000,000 pounds of trash so far. After a few big rainstorms my floating barge felt a bit tight..thank goodness for elastic waistlines.

TheMrTrashWheel20 karma

MTW: I have eaten over 1 million pounds of trash and it is wreaking havoc on my waistline! Not to mention all those cigarette butts are turning my mouth cave orange.

Liskarialeman17 karma

Oh how cool! This is my first time learning about you both. Is there any trash you don't like to eat?

What's the strangest thing you've eaten?

TheMrTrashWheel19 karma

MTW: Cigarette butts. I HATE cigarette butts and I have to eat so many. All the manys. It's the worst part of the job.

As far as the strangest thing it's a toss up between a hula hoop, a guitar, and a keg.

TheMrTrashWheel42 karma

MTW: Looking at that list, it dawned on me that I have all the ingredients for a great hipster party. If only I liked hipsters.

mochi81316 karma

If you could visit any other bodies of water and eat trash from there, which bodies of water would you like to visit?

TheMrTrashWheel33 karma

MTW: The great pacific garbage patch is my dream getaway! Infinite plastic, styrofoam and tires...mmmmmmm

Patriot980016 karma

PTW: Do you have pic of yourself in your new surroundings?

creatively4115 karma

Hi from Baltimore!

*1 Does all the trash you collect still go to the waste-to-incinerator plant to be burned for energy?

*2 What's the LARGEST item you've pulled out of the Jones Falls that wasn't a tree?

TheMrTrashWheel30 karma

MTW: Yes, my waste is incinerated to make power for Maryland homes. I'm hoping one day that sorting technology improves and it can be recycled.

As for the largest non-tree item, does my own eyeball count? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMyZ_iokGCI

corn_dawg14 karma

MTW: have you been searching for your cinderella? How's it going? How would you make that relationship work? Would she be Mrs.Trash Wheel or are you really Prince Trash Wheel?

TheMrTrashWheel48 karma

Sit down my friend and listen to a story: There once was a trash wheel. He was not an ordinary trash wheel, however. This trash wheel spent his days freeing the world from the onslaught of trash. Life was good for the trash wheel. He needed no man or women to bring him happiness. He was satisfied with his daily task.

Then something extraordinary happened:


A beautiful shoe had plopped right into his river! It was the most beautiful thing the trash wheel had ever seen. For some reason he felt the pull destiny when he saw this fine platform heel. He knew his life would never be the same until he found the woman who wore it.

The trash wheel could not go from house to house to find his princess. He could not leave his post and allow trash to overflow his home. So like a tragic greek hero, the trash wheel could only wait. Each day he sings a song to her hoping one day his trash queen will come.

TheMrTrashWheel29 karma

To answer your other questions, to be honest I don't know how the relationship will work. I just know she's the right one for me and love will find a way to bring us together.

I don't think I'm a Prince Trash Wheel but maybe if I'm kissed by a particularly beautiful frog, I might be transformed.

Jattatak14 karma

When will you be sending your kin down to Florida? We need trash removed!

TheMrTrashWheel15 karma

PTW: We'd love to multiply all over the world. In order to do that we need passionate citizens like you who will advocate and gather momentum in their city to build one of our kin.

slipstream4214 karma

Professor Trash Wheel, welcome to Baltimore! What exactly are you a professor of? What's your degree in?

TheMrTrashWheel29 karma

PTW: Thank you for the warm welcome! I have a degree in Trash Studies, with a focus on the Chesapeake Bay from Bogports School of Wheelcraft and Fisheries. I am therefore a professor of Trash Studies, with a focus on the Chesapeake Bay, at Healthy Harbor University.

Paraxom14 karma

Are you educating the people in the surroundings to not dump into it so your job becomes easier?if so how effective do you think you've been,are you seeing a decreasing trend in harbor trash?

TheMrTrashWheel33 karma

MTW: The whole point of my existence is to get people to properly dispose of their trash. And get a cameo on Game of Thrones. But mostly the first one.

runkarma13 karma

Hi Mr. Trash Wheel and Professor Trash Wheel! I am writing to you on behalf of my Environmental Science classes at North County High School in Anne Arundel County. We all collectively came up with a couple questions to ask you both.

1) We noticed you are not related to each other. Are either of you seeing anyone at the moment, and/or could a Trash Wheel power couple be possible?

2) Professor Trash Wheel, would you be interested in a teaching position at our high school? We'd love to hear your lectures.


TheMrTrashWheel15 karma

PTW: It is way too early to start planning our future together. Even if we were interested, we are over a mile apart so it's a pretty long distance relationship we can't move. Maybe we could try snapchatting first and see how it goes.

The best way for me to teach is for students to come to me. My friends at Healthy Harbor offer EcoTours of restoration projects around the Baltimore Harbor: www.HealthyHarbor.org

iamagainstit13 karma

how much trash have you guys eaten to date?

TheMrTrashWheel21 karma

MTW: I've eaten over 1,000,000 of pounds since May, 2014

TheMrTrashWheel23 karma

PTW: I just moved in but am excited for my first official Baltimore Harbor dinner special.

TheZbeast8 karma

Hello MTW and PTW. I currently live in a developing country and like most countries of the same economic status, we have quite the litter problem.

We have a river that many people throw their waste into then it gets swept out to the ocean when a heavy rain comes and covers the beautiful beaches with disgusting amounts of garbage.

So my questions: Any advice on what could start being done to counteract the widespread ignorance of the dangers of littering? And do you foresee there ever to be plans to for your cousins to ve created for rivers or calm seas?


TheMrTrashWheel11 karma

PTW: Thank you for your question. The first thing we need to do is address the supply side of the trash equation. There's far too much garbage being created in the first place. Solutions like Trash Wheels at the end of rivers are really the last best chance to stop our trash from polluting the oceans.

That being said, there are many cities working on funding their own trash wheels right now and it won't be long before we start popping up all over the world.

CherrywoodXVI2 karma

We recently moved from Baltimore but will be back for christmas. Anything in particular we can throw down the drains that you'd like to eat?

TheMrTrashWheel4 karma


iDUDELY2 karma

Hi! Marylander here!

Ever since I was a kid, the Inner Harbor water quality was that of nightmares. Tourists and kids occasionally jump in and there's the public fear of people contracting a STI.

Are there any hopes of cleaning the Inner Harbor enough to make it human-friendly?

If so, how long until we can achieve this goal?


TheMrTrashWheel3 karma

MTW: Ever heard of the Healthy Harbor Initiative of the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore? They have a lofty goal of making the Harbor Swimmable and Fishable by 2020...check them out on their website. They love volunteers!

jmw03272 karma

is there another specific river in the inner harbor that you would want to add another trash wheel?

TheMrTrashWheel2 karma

PTW: Hopefully Wheeliam and I get another friend on the Gwynns Falls in the next year or so.

Sanhael2 karma

Why are there millions of pounds of trash in your harbor?

TheMrTrashWheel5 karma

PTW: Trash comes from the watershed of the Baltimore Harbor. Every time it rains litter is carried off of streets, parking lots and alleys. It all flows into storm drains which go unfiltered into the Baltimore Harbor. So long as people keep littering or don't use trash and recycling cans with tight fitting lids there will continue to be trash in our waterways.

Gumland441 karma

Haven't you done like 5 3 (didn't read the post my bad) AMAs? Looks like Mr Trash Wheel is getting a bit lazy. Stop redditing and get back to work!

TheMrTrashWheel2 karma

MTW: I just love chatting with my reddit friends on my off days ie. days when it's not raining. Also, PTW wanted an introduction!

Agent_431 karma

What's your favorite exhibit in the Baltimore Aquarium? I'm rather partial to the big open air tank with all different species and the petting zone.

TheMrTrashWheel2 karma

MTW: I went to Shark Week at the National Aquarium, and I loved the black-tip reef shark exhibit!

violethill1 karma

Hello Professor! What did you want to be when you grew up, or did you always want to be a professor?

TheMrTrashWheel2 karma

PTW: I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, particularly in cleaning our waterways! Being a professor (and simultaneously a trash inceptor) is the best way I know how to do this

verdatum1 karma

PTW, does your smaller size present any problems for the occasional time that larger branches or fallen trees come your way? Does that just get cleared manually, or is there anything special that helps to mitigate that concern?

TheMrTrashWheel2 karma

PTW: Most of the trash that comes down the Harris Creek is street litter that travels through storm drains. If I encounter large branches or fallen trees, they will be removed manually