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I_am_Bearstronaut599 karma

Do you listen to music while you work in the shop? If so what do you listen to? Your dedication to the craft is astounding.

Second question if I may, if you could build the best pirate ship to sail the seven seas and beyond, what would that ship need to have in order for one to become the King of Pirates?

I_am_Bearstronaut356 karma

How much trash could a trash wheel wheel if a trash wheel could wheel trash?

Also the more you type "trash" the weirder it sounds/looks.

Love from your friend,


I_am_Bearstronaut79 karma

By getting blasted

I_am_Bearstronaut50 karma

Wood shavings and her pussy, probably

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Good day to you! How has your new year been treating you? Anything unexciting that you're excited about? New towels, pots and pans, etc.?