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Welcome to the harbor, Professor! A couple questions:

  • Where were you constructed? I noticed your path to the harbor started in Pasadena; what's in Pasadena?

  • Where did you get your degree in trash studies? What was your dissertation on? Do you have an abstract?

  • Why did you decide to eat the trash coming out of Harris creek as opposed to one of the other rivers?

  • What was your favorite part of the welcoming ceremony yesterday?

  • What advice did Mr. Trash Wheel give you to prepare for your job?

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Mr. Boh was present at the welcome yesterday!

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Thank you!

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For another question about inflationary spending, I thought the Fed had dropped interest rates to close to zero in order to promote business activity, which I also thought was inflationary. Is it reasonable to say we have somewhat propped up the current inflation level, and we might actually want to pursue non-Fed inflationary policies to allow interest rates to rise again?