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"If I have nothing to hide, then I have nothing to fear"

My favorite response to this (which I admittedly stole) is "Neither do I when I'm taking a shit, but I shut the door anyway"

Edit: This sort of blew up a bit. Allow me to point out that I don't believe in an absolute right to privacy any more than I believe in an absolute right to "security" or however you define either word. There will never be total agreement on the issue. Some people really don't give two fucks about who sees their junk. Others have a very real problem with peeping toms. But the fact that we're having this discussion is what I think is important. As a society, we need to find that line that works for as many people as possible. You'll never please everyone, that's just not how governing works.

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Ah, so you're my dad then

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Hello Mr. and Professor Trash Wheel! I submitted a post 3 months ago about your funding goal being completed in regards to the Canton water wheel. Sadly, no one commented and few people took notice it appeared.

Are there any plans of creating additional wheels throughout the country? You probably get asked that all the time but I know there are several major cities in the US that could definitely use one (or three) of your kin.

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And travel to Rochester Hills? Not likely

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