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I have never heard such a polite term before! And I love/hate the idea that some grumpy old man believes someone would ship a few dozen women to Antarctica just to turn down beds and make the boys sandwiches.

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If you were around in 1258 AD during the sack of Baghdad, would you rather have been on the Tigris river and collected all the books (soggy though they may be), or the Euphrates river and collected other more mundane artifacts of the time?

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You mentioned tourists visiting the outpost during the summer. I live in a cruise ship town myself, and we accumulate lots of fun and also cringe worthy stories of tourists. Any wacky stories? Funny or silly questions they asked? Hawaiian patterned parkas?

Also, how can you call John Carpenter's The Thing a bad movie!?

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Thanks, Proff! You're my kinda academic trash collector!

But to be fair, if the Khwarezmia hadn't gone around axing Mongol envoys and merchants, this might not have happened! Khwarezmians, am I right? Just the worst sort of neighbors.

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Shame he was only paid in deadly neurotoxin.