My short bio: I grew up and lived on the Oneida Nation rez in Wisconsin. I am part of the Turtle Clan (or Wolf, if you want to be pedantic) I have a lot of insight on tribal affairs, customs and culture. Feel free to be non PC.

My Proof:

Edit: I'm going to answer questions as long as i can. My friends and myself are very moved that so many people took the time to ask me questions. I am very honored

Edit 2: I'm surfing the new section! Keep em coming

Edit 3 : I'm still answering questions in the new section. Also slowly replying to old ones

Last edit: I'm looking through everything and what I thought would be a nice AMA turned out to be enabling some stereotypes that I should have left to myself. Take all my opinions with a grain of salt. I don't speak for any other people besides myself. This is a very nihilistic world view and i hope somebody got something good out of it. Please go to /r/IndianCountry for a more balanced view from other Indians.

I'm doing my best to answer PMs don't be afraid to send me one

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SlaughterMeister1522 karma

Does it bother you at all to be called "Indian"?

Here in Canada, aboriginal people prefer to be called "native".

EDIT: after reading all these replies, apparently I'm wrong. This has only been true in my own experience.

EvilRedditBacon2091 karma

Frankly, I have been an Indian longer than iv'e been a Native American and most people here like it that way.

Chrispychilla1414 karma

How much of the old bush crafting/ living in the outdoor skills are still taught?

EvilRedditBacon1893 karma

Not really. It's more of people teaching beadwork/dancing/language.

Catonlap796 karma

What exactly is the significance of beadwork?

EvilRedditBacon2238 karma

It is just as important as dancing as it connects us to our ancestors. There's a lot of rules for when you bead though. You can't bead when you're tired, when it's stormy, when its dark out, and a whole host of other things.

Semicolon_Cancer1384 karma

How bad was/is the drug/alcohol abuse on the Rez? Were you exposed to it a lot?

It seems like we get a lot of meth and alcohol related admissions from our local Rez to the hospital where I work.

EvilRedditBacon2235 karma

There is so much alcohol abuse it's disgusting. There's more heroin then meth from what I've seen. A lot of my family drinks and it will bring them to an early grave

beast33341379 karma

What is the most common misconception that people have about you and/or your culture?

Edit: Fixed phrasing

EvilRedditBacon2962 karma

That (my tribe specifically) wear headdresses. Also rain dances are not a thing, they were never a thing and will never be a thing

swellblitz714 karma

Perhaps in the tribes around OP there weren't rain dances, but that's not a blanket statement as there are a very wide variety of indigenous people throughout North America. It would be like trying to blanket all the cultures of Europe as one thing. I'm plains Cree in Canada and can confirm thirst dances are a thing here, which can bring sun or rain. There are many other cultural dances aside from that. There are so many different beliefs and traditions it's pretty hard to be aware of them all haha.

EvilRedditBacon726 karma

Maybe it was a blanket statement (my bad). That's super cool that its part of Cree culture though. I'm sure you're keenly aware of how other tribes see Cree people no?

apolldog1210 karma

How much of native tradition is carried on in the reservation? Does anyone still believe in the spiritual ways of native Americans in the past?

EvilRedditBacon2435 karma

To be honest, it is pretty much all lost or dead. We still observe certain traditions such as powwows. (I actually had a powwow just for me) The elders are dying faster than we can interview them and there isn't much we can do. Just recently two of our oldest elders were stabbed and murdered in their own home and left to rot for almost a month. I would like to think the good outweighs the bad though

Carlysed921 karma

What a loss (both the tradition and the elders). Any idea who did that or why? *edit additional info

EvilRedditBacon1991 karma

I actually knew the guy personally. He had a really rough life. (physical abuse by all his family) He was probably looking to rob them and things went south. I feel no remorse for this guy. Everything coming to his is what he deserves. He took two lives.

Rest in Peace Harry and Lorraine Brown Bear.

Melesani496 karma

was he a native Indian too?

EvilRedditBacon807 karma

Sadly yes

bestrez413 karma

I mean are you speaking for your reservation (Tribe)? Because on mine (Lakota) plenty of people still practice Lakota traditions (Sundances, Inipi) and know our culture and where we came from. Though at least on my reservation, in school we had a history class on our people.

We also started a language program that brings in pre-school/K children and they only speak Lakota to them. My little niece can hold a conversation in Lakota. It is pretty impressive.

EvilRedditBacon403 karma

I'm jealous you have those resources. I wish someone could help me learn my native tongue.

Its_All_True977 karma

Is your Oneida Nation related to the Oneida Nation in NY?

EvilRedditBacon1882 karma

Same tribe. Moved forcefully to Wisconsin

encom-mcp905 karma

Do any young people speak the Oneida language? What do people think about the relationship of language to their identity? What is different about speaking English as an indigenous person versus a native language?

EvilRedditBacon1592 karma

I know a handful of words. I know MAYBE 3 people that can hold a really shitty conversation. It's pretty much forgotten

mufasa_has_risen91797 karma

I currently teach high school students US History, every year we briefly talk about the Native American Movement (AIM), have you in anyway been apart of that, or think that change in general needs to change for those on reservations? Is it looked down on to leave the reservation life? So cool to see an AMA on this!

EvilRedditBacon1399 karma

I personally have not been part of that. The biggest change that i would like to see with Indians is to get off of welfare and actually have the US have good programs for a change. It's so hard when people are this poor and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Leaving the rez is not looked down on the traditional sense. There's more of a jealousy going on. Very few people can just leave. Feel free to PM for more in depth stuff. I'd love to help you

Edit: I made a generalization that i should not have. I just feel very strongly about certain assistance programs that my family has gone through and how they were abused

ReindeerHoof755 karma

How often does your reservation rely on tourism, if you had to take a guess?

Do you mind?

Also, what's the most inconvenient way to roast a strawberry?

EvilRedditBacon1251 karma

We get 99.99 percent of our money from our casino. If you count that as tourism then quite a bit.

I have never heard of roasted strawberry but i would guess on a stick above an open fire. Thanks for making me laugh!

feluto674 karma

How do people in reservations view "Outsiders"?

EvilRedditBacon1131 karma

The rez is open to the public as it stands right now. The tribe does not own 51% of the land and therefore cannot fully govern the territory. I don't have any disdain for white people living here and i don't really know anyone who does.

hotcaulk672 karma

I'm a noticeably very white person but i love language. Would your tribe be offended if someone like me wanted to learn and speak your language? I don't like the idea of languages dying.

If i were to move to France i would want to learn about their culture and traditions, maybe even observe some. I am, however, American. Would it be offensive if i went about Native American culture in a similar way?

EvilRedditBacon1366 karma

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO IT. My language is dying and i'd love to be able to hear it

CheechWizaard651 karma

What a great AMA, thanks for taking the time.
My question, have you found much prejudges or animosity between different native tribes? Or has the history of oppression unified the native peoples somewhat?

EvilRedditBacon1100 karma

I'll be blunt with this one. There are respectable tribes and there are not respectable ones. Theres a lot of shit some tribes do that make me angry

kaptinkangaroo630 karma

Do you feel like racism towards natives is more openly accepted? Like if you're racist towards blacks or Latinos, you're labeled a racist, but everyone can do it to natives. Do you feel that way at all? Ever had personal experience with it?

EvilRedditBacon1519 karma

People call me a dirty redskin all the time. Cops openly pull me over for having native american plates and people act like we dont exist

Edit: I guess i'm an apple now too

fantomknight1601 karma

I have heard obesity and alcoholism is rampant in reservations across the US. Can you elaborate on what you've seen this issue or what the validity of the statement is? (I'm sorry if this comes off as insinuating or rude. I'm not trying to be offensive. I just want to understand.)

EvilRedditBacon1113 karma

When you're poor you have nothing to do besides eat and drink. Most of my aunts and uncles are diabetic through no fault of their own. Indians have to watch what we eat. Most of my family does not process sugar well.

pingasthrowaway512 karma

Why is there such a disturbing lack of Native Americans in porn?

EvilRedditBacon896 karma

There's only about 15,000 people left in my tribe

I_tend_to_correct_u504 karma

What three things do you believe the government should do to improve the lives of people on your reservation?

EvilRedditBacon1002 karma

They could keep honoring the treaties. I don't think the government will ever help out besides that. It's nice to dream though

EvilRedditBacon838 karma

1) Honor the god damned treaties

2) Reign in welfare and actually have real social programs for Indians

3) (this one is totally an opinion) More tax breaks

MrShortPants492 karma

Do you feel like an American? I'm not suggesting that you should, but I just find the social status of American Indians odd in that way. You didn't choose to have this government or culture put upon you, but do you accept it and feel a part of it?

This part is more Yes or No. I don't want you to feel like you have to explain yourself, and as a fan of sports I just want an honest/no bullshit answer without debate. Do sports team mascots make you feel like you're being degraded? Redskins? Indians? Braves?

EvilRedditBacon1196 karma

If I lived on the rez forever I would never feel like a American Citizen. Nobody gives a shit about us. Sports mascots do not offend me in the slightest

dushbagery443 karma

My father worked as a consultant for reservations, and I took a bunch of Native American studies classes(aka get depressed fast classes). IMHO, Indians have had it worse than Black Americans over the last 300 years. While we progress slowly with eradicating prejudice toward blacks and other minorities, people still hardly even acknowledge Natives as worth a discussion. Well it absolutely sickens me, but I am wondering how you feel. At some point for sanity's sake do you just forget about it all and move on? Is there still deep rooted frustration? Hope that things will get better? - at least until they find oil or gold on a reservation and a special interest decides to redraw the boundaries, of course

EvilRedditBacon625 karma

Thank you for your question. At this point the older i get the more i realize that nobody will ever give a shit about us. We will cease to exist and only become a footnote in a history book. I personally have moved on from the past, it's just that nobody cares about their neighbors anymore

beerandmastiffs430 karma

Where do you live now? What do you do for a living? Will you go back to live on the rez in the future? Who's your idol?

EvilRedditBacon1574 karma

Right now I live in Appleton Wi. I'm currently on the path to becoming a Firefighter! I go back the the rez every weekend pretty much to visit my family. My Father is my idol. He has worked hard all his life (and continues to do so) to give his children a future. He's tough as nails and a big reason I'm going into a Firefighting career. He continues to volunteer at the Oneida Fire Department and hes a huge influence on my life.

Caifanes123344 karma

Hello. So Im a utility worker and a big part of my job is to go unannounced into peoples yard to check their gas lines. When I was assigned a reservation, I noticed there were a lot of free roaming dogs, and I'm not talking about cute little Chihuahuas and shitzus, I'm talking about pitbulls, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds. I was attacked 3 times that day. One of them by two dogs at the same time. I was lucky not to have been mauled. So my question is if ferral dogs are a problem in the reservation you live in or was it just the reservation I visited?

EvilRedditBacon650 karma

It's a problem on a lot of reservations. Mine is too cold for them to survive. We also shot all of them

turtlewig303 karma

What was your early education like? Is alcohol abuse a problem on your reservation? What's the biggest misconception outsiders have?

EvilRedditBacon522 karma

I was pulled out of Turtle school really quickly because the tribe at the time had a terrible program going on. I can't speak for specifics right now. But i know it has gotten a lot better.

Alcohol abuse is a problem is any impoverished community

the biggest one is that (my tribe specifically) wear headdresses. Also rain dances are not a thing, they were never a thing and will never be a thing


Do you like listening to slayer?

EvilRedditBacon859 karma

I'm more of a Iron Maiden fan.

toeofcamell274 karma

Do you guys have casinos? If so how big are your monthly membership checks? How does the tribe determine who gets what amount of money?

EvilRedditBacon535 karma

We have one large casino and members get 1000 dollars a year from it. Far from a monthly check. Elders get more money though and have other benefits such as free wood and housing

unhappygounlucky250 karma

Hey, how are ya?

EvilRedditBacon345 karma

Pretty swell. Its a nice day today

keepitdownoptimist221 karma

Please don't take this as an attack. I don't know much of your culture but I do mean to respect it. My experiences deal with my sister in law... Please don't think I'm applying a blanket prejudice.

My sister in law is native and works helping native women (and men) who are subject to domestic abuse. Apparently it's rather prevalent, at least where she grew up. I forget which tribe sorry.

Have you witnessed this? Do you have anything you could offer as advice or insight for someone experiencing this no matter their culture or location? Are there any specific native problems related to this? Laws, consequences, etc?

EvilRedditBacon430 karma

Thanks for asking! With any poor community it is hard to escape domestic abuse and even harder when you basically trapped in a area for the rest of your life. It has gotten better though with programs helping these women.

original_greaser_bob219 karma

Traditional, Fancy, Grass, Chicken, Hoop, Southern Straight or Gourd? and can you gimme a ride to da powwow... i will totally get you back on the first...

EvilRedditBacon334 karma

Fancy all the way. That's the way i was taught. I won't be dancing for a while as i am currently designing my regalia. IM SO EXCITED

BCB441317199 karma

What is your opinion of the team name of the Washnington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians?

EvilRedditBacon703 karma

Who gives a flying fuck! Let them have their team! Nobody really cares on my end haha

dokkuni173 karma

Do they update the card as you grow taller?

EvilRedditBacon338 karma

I guess i could get a new one but i don't fancy paying 5 bucks for it.

pussgurka159 karma

What is the most obnoxious/ridiculous thing someone has ever said to you? and what do you think will help combat institutionalized discrimination in the United States?

EvilRedditBacon557 karma

"we should get rid of reservations they are racist" They are all we have left. Don't take it away from us

Brytanium156 karma

Hey what's up man? I'm from Bad River! Always cool seeing Natives help battle the misconceptions a lot of non-native folks have about our people.

EvilRedditBacon150 karma

Hey dude. I've always wanted to go up there

brbafterthebreak138 karma

How hard is it to get fast foods like McDonalds or more unknown ones, or are you stuck using food from the stores on the reservation?

Apologies if my question is ignorant, feel free to correct me.

EvilRedditBacon265 karma

Where I lived I was a 15 minute drive from a McDonald's and 20 minutes away from a grocery store. The reservation touches Green Bay Wi.

BrandNameShirt136 karma

I would like to thank you for doing a AMA. There are stereotyping everywhere. I was wondering how does your tribe view aboriginals from Canada?

EvilRedditBacon215 karma

Honestly they view them either neutrally or with disdain. A lot a tribes do some stupid shit

BrokeTheInterweb127 karma

Why do some people call your clan the Turtle Clan if it's really the Wolf Clan?

EvilRedditBacon330 karma

Oneida is a Matriarchy and my ancestry is through my father which would put me in wolf clan. My Grandma is Turtle though, so i choose to go off of that.

heliotrope3n109 karma

How would you compare life on the reserve to the life you currently have in the city?

EvilRedditBacon294 karma

I can walk down the street without feeling like i'm going to get robbed. Also there is so much more things to do here. The rez is poor and boring to be honest. In Oneida you have to drive a good 40 minutes to get to any place of culture that is not a bar.

Frentis106 karma


I'm not from the US, but I've been there a couple of times now. I was wondering, if I meet an Indian/Native American is there anything it wouldn't be alright for me to ask about?

I always find culture and history of people interesting, so I like to ask questions, when I get the chance. I just don't want step on people's toes or what have you. Thanks!

EvilRedditBacon214 karma

Just like any normal person, be polite and respectful. Anything is on the table as long as it is a genuine question

Pantheon_of_Absence97 karma

As a native American, who's lived on a reservation, how do you or other native Americans feel about people with mostly white ancestry who have a small percentage of native American blood?

EvilRedditBacon253 karma

Depends what you call a small percentage. If you're just collecting a check you're kinda an ass.

misscleomustdie96 karma

What are your thoughts on this? I drive through Browning, MT (Blackfeet Rez) every other week on the way to visit my girlfriend who lives another hour East. I see a couch in the bushes which is always inhabited by people next to the Exxon station. This couch has been there for about a decade and I was wondering if you think anyone would be offended if I dropped off my old couch. I'm not using it any longer and it's way bigger and more comfortable-looking than the one that's currently there. People think I'm native because I have darker skin (1/2 Pakistani), so I don't fear getting shanked in Browning, I'm just wondering if there's some sort of tradition that deals with someones' lodge that I should be made aware of before I roll up and say, "Hey, guys! Take this's nicer." Also, do you enjoy Brockett 99?

EvilRedditBacon111 karma

Brockett 99

Thanks for that! I'm going to give it a listen

I think you should. That's some of the funniest shit i've heard all week

bosxe84 karma

Have you ever read the graphic novel "Scalped"? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Genuinely curious how this subject comes off to someone living on a reservation, such as yourself. If not, are you interested in it?

EvilRedditBacon104 karma

Thanks for the link! I'm putting that on my book list.

muchamp75 karma

I saw your response about most of the spiritual beliefs going away from your tribe. What do most people believe now? (religiously)

EvilRedditBacon147 karma

There's a lot of catholics

EvilRedditBacon65 karma

I think I'm done for the night. Please visit /r/IndianCountry for people that are not as nihilistic as myself. Please reach out to your neighbors not to take but to give. I want to see love between everyone. Thank you and goodnight

Almondgeddon56 karma

What does the "Sportsman" sticker on the back of your ID mean?

EvilRedditBacon134 karma

That I can hunt on Indian land

Throwaway110982849 karma

Do you dislike $20 bills?

EvilRedditBacon104 karma

I think it's hilarious

nowhereman13647 karma

Have you traveled internationally as just a regular tourist? What do people from other countries say when you tell them you American Indian?

EvilRedditBacon192 karma

I'm too poor to travel. Most Indians are.

aptennis140 karma

Hey I grew up in Oneida, NY(i'm not a native american though), really to cool hear from someone from the tribe. What is something that you would consider a grand or even just sub-grand gesture that is related to native american culture?

EvilRedditBacon85 karma

If someone offered to make you regalia it is something you can never ever turn down. It is of the highest honor to be offered something like that

IAmIronJudy25 karma

What advice can you give to a native who was never raised to learn the traditions in a reservation but curious about it?

EvilRedditBacon55 karma

Just read and ask. Attend powwows and be respectful.

Bathbodyworks21 karma

What is the biggest issue facing your tribes and/or natives in general?

EvilRedditBacon57 karma

Generational poverty. It's sad how a lot of my people live.

st_owly17 karma

What's your favourite thing about being a Native American?

EvilRedditBacon59 karma

The sweet parties

KingDiEnd16 karma

Hey, this is cool, thanks for taking questions.

How do you feel when you hear a noticeably white person talk about being 1/16 Native American or whatever? what about Natives who don't grow up in the tribe, do you see them as being less "genuine" to the culture, as they don't participate or learn about their culture? And for a last one: what sports are popular on the reservation? Whether to play or watch.

Thanks again.

EvilRedditBacon48 karma

Obviously Lacross dude. Personally I don't care how much native you are. If you can make a positive difference you're okay in my book

CutthroatCat12 karma

Hi! Thanks for doing an AMA. So Thanksgiving is coming up, and, understandably, I've heard that a lot of native people have a problem with the premise of the holiday as a whole, considering you guys definitely got screwed.

How do you and others you know feel about Thanksgiving? What can my friends/family and I do to not seem like we're dancing on the graves of millions of native people?

EvilRedditBacon54 karma

I fucking love thanksgiving. Huge meal with all my family? Sign me up! I really don't care about the implication at this point. White people are offended enough for me

RachieeMariee10 karma

Can I come visit?

EvilRedditBacon19 karma

I'll make extra cornbread <3

amperelaw9 karma

What's your perception of Mayan Indians? Are you able to tell a native north american from a Mayan native?

EvilRedditBacon17 karma

I have never met one personally, so I'm sorry i can't really say.

onlyhalfpolish5 karma

What's your belief on skin walkers? Or does that topic exceed the whole non-PC thing?

EvilRedditBacon19 karma

Not an Iroquois thing.

bothanspied2 karma

What kind of lodging/homes are on a reservation? Regular houses? Does the traditional teepee survive? Are teepees a Hollywood thing?

EvilRedditBacon5 karma

My great grandparents were part of the last generation to be taken from New York (Oneida Lake) They lived in longhouses/tepees. My grandma (who is still alive) was part of the first generation to be born on the rez. People live in regular homes though. There's cool housing programs though the tribe that they expand every year.

hcnuptoir1 karma

Could a regular white guy, such as myself, be able to live on any particular tribes reservation? Not buy land and farm it. But just wander off into the wild and be left alone without fear of game wardens and park rangers? Not for anything nefarious, just to live with nature.

EvilRedditBacon1 karma

You would be kicked off pretty damn quick. There's not much land here. Bigger reservations maybe. It would still be trespassing.