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Hey what's up man? I'm from Bad River! Always cool seeing Natives help battle the misconceptions a lot of non-native folks have about our people.

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Aside from the lake you're not missing too much

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Im a Bad River tribal member (northern Wisconsin) and I had an internship with the great lakes Indian fish and wildlife commission (GLIFWC). Part of my job was to transcribe these interviews with elders across the Wisconsin communities on wild rice traditions and generally once you got these elders taking, they would often go back to when they were kids and everything that they used to do. It was super cool to hear about how things used to be and what they used to do during the different seasons. It was a shit load of typing but very informative!

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What's up brother, Ojibwe from Bad River. You ever feel like you miss out on opportunities that other tribes have that didn't sell away most of their land/rights? Bad River members don't get paid out and are generally more poor but what we don't lack is our land and resources. We have Lake Superior and thousands of acres of land we can hunt and gather on without answering to anybody.

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I was lucky that my mom GTFO the rez when I was born because it's highly likely I would never have left it. It's poverty stricken. There's really nothing to do besides get in trouble or hunt/fish. No stores besides a gas station and casino, where a lot of our tribal members end up spending their money drinking and gambling. Housing is an issue as there's not many job opportunities on the rez so if you can't afford a car you have to find a ride 30 min into town. With that being said it's beautiful land and I'm grateful that it's there for me to visit anytime and stay with my family.