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Hello Mr. Flescher

First of all thank you for during this AMA! Now my question if twofold, I hope that's alright.

How did you keep going, when it was hard? Not it it wasn't hard all the time, but as a young man reading about it, I always find myself in wonder of how people got through it.

Secondly,why did you keep the tattoo? I have meet a couple of other Holocaust survivors with the tattoos themselves and heard their reasons, so I'm very curious to hear yours.

Thank you again for doing this AMA!

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Hello Aaron Paul

Firstly thank you for doing this AMA, I missed your first one, so this is great. I really enjoyed you in Veronica Mars and, yes, Breaking Bad. Say hi to Bryan from me, if you get the chance. He was lovely in Trumbo.

My question is: If you to take one thing from Triple 9 and keep it forever, what would that be?

Thank you for doing this AMA!

ps. what's your favorite kind of pizza?

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As a poor university student, I can't handle that amount of money. 100 bucks a minute, oh boy. Are you generally well tipped?

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You must have some weird stories about stuff you see when you work, right?

Also what are some of the things a someone in your position do, that might surprise people?

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Thank you for your reply Mr. Flescher. Your reason for keeping the tattoo and remembering the past, is the same reason I heard from one of the survivors I met.

Once again thank you for doing this AMA. I wish the best for you and your family.