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One little boy was Autistic, and since I know a bit about Autism, I was put in charge of keeping an eye on him. The only thing that seemed to calm him down when he was on tirades, biting and kicking and ripping everything in sight, was just to hold him tightly for as long as it took, and he was happy again. They let me hug that one.

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You're awesome. I decided when I was a kid that I'm never gonna forget what it's like, and be the best parent ever. How can a mother not want to hang out wit their kid?

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Temple Grandin! She's the smartest living person in the field of autism awareness. She used to be non-verbal, but she developed her own coping methods to teach herself to talk as a teenager. She's a really great person to explain to the world how kids with autism feel.

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Why do some people call your clan the Turtle Clan if it's really the Wolf Clan?

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Fuck it, I'm letting my kid ride the subway alone too. (NPR reference? Anyone... ?)