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original_greaser_bob1091 karma

ever reach that point where you realize "holy shit! this is the highest i can get! i cant get any higher! all i am doing after this point is wasting weed. wasting all that weed and the sunshine and the minerals and the air and the time and the effort that went into creating it. Mein GOTT I am smoking sunshine... and i SPEAK GERMAN!!! GOTT IN HEIMEL!!!" then you spend the rest of the day trying to figure out the name of the dog on Petticoat Junction?

Edit: Vergoldet!!! Danke! Danke! Bitte Schon! Bitte Schon! Liebe meine Apschminki!!!

original_greaser_bob361 karma

Which of you is the city sheriff and which is the city chief?

original_greaser_bob269 karma

In true junkie fashion have you ever sucked dick for some adrenaline?

original_greaser_bob232 karma

how often do you watch this video to pump self up?

original_greaser_bob219 karma

Traditional, Fancy, Grass, Chicken, Hoop, Southern Straight or Gourd? and can you gimme a ride to da powwow... i will totally get you back on the first...