Since 1997, I have been making the world's finest love doll. Now, almost 20 years later, I'm helping to steer sex into the future with, as seen in the newest episode of 60 Second Docs - Invasion of the Sex Robots


Ask me anything!

EDIT: After about 6 solid hours of answering your questions, I'll be heading out of the office. I will continue to answer a few choice questions and discussions from home. Overall, I had a great time and as always Reddit is awesome. Thanks for hosting me, and feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for any questions, interests, or purchases. -Matt McMullen

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iceburglettuce3357 karma

If I ordered one, could you pack it in a wood box with hay/straw, and stamp fragile on it so I can recreate A Christmas Story?

mattrealdoll3599 karma

If you order one, we can do exactly that

SuaveMF3283 karma

Critique my idea? Obtain 2 or more Real Dolls and "whore" 'em out at hotels in 20 minute intervals (looking for high volume here) then use bowling shoe spray to clean the dolls between sessions.

mattrealdoll3913 karma

hmmm. I can't find an emoji for this.

ihatekickass3428 karma

You're looking for 🍯

mattrealdoll3481 karma

Oh, there it is.

Jmunnny2971 karma

Can you make a couple dolls that look the like Donald and Hillary? and put them in conspicuous positions, and take pics. It would be great advertisement for you. You're welcome.

mattrealdoll2341 karma


Mean_PreCaffeine772 karma

Considering how often "an exact likeness requires legal permission" has come up, I'm curious if that applies in this scenario. Can you make and use them legally, just not SELL them without permission? Also thanks for the AMA

mattrealdoll1185 karma

Technically we could probably get away with it I suppose. It's a personal choice;

bs1949546 karma

They are public figures. You can definitely make these dolls and advertise, just speak with your attorney to get it crafted properly.

mattrealdoll1613 karma

I prefer not to make a doll of someone without express permission. It's not about marketing or money.

FUCITADEL2524 karma

Do you have dolls sitting in office chairs in your office? If not, do you recognize how this is a missed opportunity?

mattrealdoll2557 karma

Yes we do!

ecafsub1054 karma

Well, which is it?

mattrealdoll2406 karma

Multiple dolls in multiple chairs

ThorneLea993 karma

Do you dress them up for Halloween?

mattrealdoll2499 karma

Yes, actually we do. Just for fun.

Sam-Gunn538 karma

So when an administrative assistant takes lunch or something, do they put a doll behind their desk? That'd be pretty funny.

mattrealdoll783 karma

And confusing.

asoiahats2500 karma

Do you currently own and use your products?

mattrealdoll4584 karma

No, I leave my work at the office.

frehsprints2073 karma

Can you make one that looks EXACTLY like Harley Quinn from the new Suicide Squad movie? Asking for a friend

mattrealdoll2319 karma

We can certainly come very close

I-Am-McLovin986 karma


mattrealdoll1207 karma


loonatic1123581885 karma

How creepy does the warehouse look in low level lighting?

mattrealdoll2174 karma

I love it. Don't find it to be creepy at all.

mooshoes1667 karma

Prices for a RealDoll are quite high. It seems like this is partly due to the amount of manual work done -- is this something you've been able to improve over time, and how?

mattrealdoll2559 karma

Our prices are VERY much due to the amount of skilled labor involved. We employ trained artists and people who love what they do. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible while maintaining the high quality we are known for. It's difficult to compare our products with Chinese dolls that are mass produced with cheap materials and even cheaper workers

JackDaniels181593 karma

What's one thing that you wish you could incorporate into your dolls, but isn't technically feasible yet?

mattrealdoll2419 karma

Full body robotics like walking

Sykotik1558 karma

What is the oddest request a customer has ever made? Maybe for something custom?

mattrealdoll3014 karma

A doll with 4 breasts

mgebers1115 karma

2 on top of 2? or all 4 side by side?

qwell901 karma

or maybe a pyramid? or like 2 on the back?

mattrealdoll2388 karma

The possibilities are endless.

wintermitch911320 karma

Have you seen the movie "Lars and the Real Girl"? If so, what did you think of it?

mattrealdoll1335 karma

Yes, amazing film.

RocketPoint1309 karma

Are you working to incorporate VR technology into your future models?

mattrealdoll1873 karma

Yes, we are building an AI system which can either be connected to a robotic doll OR experienced in a VR environment.

RocketPoint407 karma

How do you think this might impact the future of relationships? -- Online dating changed the landscape dramatically.

mattrealdoll1423 karma

I think it will allow for an option that never existed before, and for some, may represent a happiness they never though they could have.

Poison_Pancakes410 karma

Have you ever seen the Twilight Zone episode "The Lonely?" You might enjoy it.

From Wikipedia:

In 2046, an inmate named Corry is sentenced to solitary confinement on a distant asteroid for 50 years. In his fourth year of confinement, he is visited by a spacecraft (flown by a Captain Allenby) that regularly brings him supplies and news from the Earth four times a year. The ship and crew can stay for only a few minutes each visit, as the asteroid's orbit and the ship's fuel consumption rate make longer visits impossible, lest the space-traveling delivery crew would be stuck for 2 weeks or more, awaiting favorable orbit conditions to depart.

Captain Allenby has been trying to make Corry's stay humanely tolerable by bringing him things to take his mind off the loneliness. On this trip on the 15th day of the 6th month of the fourth year, however, Allenby tells Corry not to open a certain crate that has just been delivered until after the transport crew leaves. Upon opening the special container, Corry discovers that Allenby has left him with a feminine robot, named Alicia, to keep him company. At first, Corry detests it, rejecting Alicia as a mere machine; synthetic skin and wires inside. However, when Corry sees that Alicia is in fact capable of crying, he begins to fall in love with it.

When the ship returns, Captain Allenby brings news that Corry has been pardoned after a review of past murder cases, but they only have 20 minutes to leave. Corry, it seems, can return home to Earth immediately. Corry is delighted, until he learns that there is only room for 15 pounds of luggage, far too little for his robot companion, as there are seven other passengers on the ship from other asteroids. He frantically tries to find some way to take Alicia with him, arguing that it is not a robot, but a woman, and insisting that Allenby simply does not know it as he does.

mattrealdoll276 karma

Love Twilight Zone, and yes I have seen this episode.

ferlgatr1254 karma

What's been the biggest hurdle you've had to overcome in growing your business?

Where is the sex industry headed at this moment?

mattrealdoll1627 karma

I think the biggest hurdle is simply constantly innovating and not losing the drive to push limits. I think the sex industry is headed for the integration of a LOT of new technology.

ferlgatr605 karma

What technologies in particular do you think are going to be integrated?

mattrealdoll1935 karma

AI and VR, to name a couple. Teledildonics as well.

MotorcycleCK2166 karma

Teledildonics is such a great, intelligent sounding word. Would be a great title for a pseudo-science book.

mattrealdoll1334 karma

I concur.

narwhal081183 karma

Hope I am not too late for this. I looked through the comments and saw nothing regarding it but wanted to ask.

I went to your site and honestly find the work to be very well done for skin tone and the realistic appearance in lighting.

My question is if you have ever thought about skin to prosthetic limbs?

As we, society, move further into the future I can really see prosthetics getting smaller and having a next to real skin on them could help a lot of people who are worried about appearance. I know you should never be afraid of what people think but sometimes it is just so hard to avoid the thought. I think by applying a realistic skin on the prosthetics it will greatly improve lives of some prosthetic recipients.

mattrealdoll1972 karma

Yes, in fact we have a couple of special projects in the works now for exactly this. We do all kinds of custom work that is non doll related.

tretter1127 karma

Is the person in the proof picture actually you or is it a RealDoll made in your likeness?

mattrealdoll1576 karma

The world may never know.

dweekss1074 karma

What's the best part about your job?

What are people's usual reactions when you tell them about your work?

mattrealdoll1595 karma

I get to work in an environment with like minded creative people, what could be better? Most people are VERY intrigued with what I do and always ask for a tour.

just_a_thought4U996 karma

Are you exploring technology to bring near surface heating and fluid compartments to mimic the tactility of the body?

mattrealdoll1232 karma

Absolutely. We have multiple R&D projects on the go!

No_Manners256 karma

How did you find the employees for your R & D department?

mattrealdoll550 karma

Special effects artist or art school graduates.

bbllaakkee986 karma

What is the weirdest situation you have seen one of your dolls in?

mattrealdoll2360 karma

Carpool lane

Timcwalker877 karma

Do you ever get a request to make a "less than glamorous" doll? Like some trailer trash chick with homemade tattoos and what not?

mattrealdoll1094 karma

yes, we have done this.

0235872 karma

Have you seen the bit in family guy where they make a joke about every post office in America now has a huge warehouses to cope with the inevitable demand of real dolls In 10 years time?

mattrealdoll914 karma

Yes, and that is my favorite show of all time BTW

Lucavesh816 karma

Do you make celebrity dolls as well, if so what's the most popular celebrity? Male and female...?

mattrealdoll1549 karma

We can approximate anyone from photos, but an exact likeness involves legal permission.

Brotaoski443 karma

Which celebrities have given permission for exact likeness?

mattrealdoll1484 karma

None, with the exception of the Porn industry. Go figure.

olivias_bulge362 karma

Say someone gave their permission, how do you go about making it ? Photos? Some sort of scan? Does the person make a trip to your studio?

mattrealdoll619 karma

We prefer using a combination of digital scanning and life casting. Multiple visits to the shop are required.

olivias_bulge407 karma

Do you have any "how its made" style videos?

mattrealdoll1282 karma

We are just starting a youtube channel for this! Stay tuned.

Daddy-Discord779 karma


mattrealdoll1390 karma

I simply wanted to make a living as an artist, and in that I have succeeded.

tailsfromretail770 karma

How long does it take to manufacture a doll? Are you the only ones doing high end products such as this? Also, how many units do you ship a year?

mattrealdoll1165 karma

Each doll takes about 80 man hours. We currently ship about 300-400 per year.

Gsz_741 karma

So... how many have you "tested"?

mattrealdoll2317 karma

a few, in the early days. strictly prototypes to make sure everything worked well and felt pleasurable. Someone had to do it.

LukeHazy697 karma

Do you sell in all 50 states? if so, What state orders the most dolls?

mattrealdoll698 karma

Yes we do, and I think it's a pretty even spread all over the US

I_heart_tetas677 karma

Does your company support a way for customers to dispose of their dolls once they've run their course? I imagine tossing such a nice product in a dumpster isn't good for brand image.

mattrealdoll754 karma

No, we don't get involved with disposal or recycling of used dolls.

CaptainJamesTRustle641 karma

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, especially responding to responses, which doesn't happen often here.

My question is as follows:

Can you hook a brother up?

mattrealdoll913 karma

My pleasure. We do have a special right now, $1000 off all dolls! That's a hook up of sorts...

PurifiedFlubber1074 karma

Y'all accept kidneys

mattrealdoll2152 karma

Only with fava beans

SynDaverlover761631 karma

What is the weirdest name you have been called? Such as the next Steve jobs or Christopher Sakezeles?

mattrealdoll2614 karma

Leonardo DiVagina. By Howard Stern.

dfnkt738 karma

Just like Pablo Puscasso, it's not that weird. Kind of genius.

mattrealdoll922 karma

I'll give you 4/5

fanny__pants587 karma

hi! first time caller. what is the strangest request you've ever received for a customization?

mattrealdoll1448 karma

Full body Sasquatch hair. On a female doll.

InfernalWedgie559 karma

What's the best way to clean out a RealDoll's orifices?

mattrealdoll949 karma

They are removable, and easy to clean

Supersoul1551 karma

I see you are working on mini realdolls, what can you tell me about them? Are they for display only or will they have a degree of 'functionality'?

mattrealdoll760 karma

The small scale dolls will be anatomically correct but are going to be designed to be functional with each other. We plan to make male and female versions.

Ladranix715 karma

Not sure if that's the worst or best idea for a centerpiece ever.

mattrealdoll658 karma

We will find out!

SubjectiveHat376 karma

mini realdolls child-sized?

mattrealdoll409 karma

Not child sized. Imagine an adult doll, just hit with a shrink ray. Adult proportions, shape, and look.

philoponeria462 karma

Can you please make a real doll who can clean catboxes and fold laundry?

mattrealdoll451 karma

When we do it you'll be the first to know.

Kindbud70369 karma

In the NY Times doc, you mentioned that you were trying to avoid the 'uncanny valley' when it comes to future robot companions, did you mean this aesthetically (e.g. RealDoll2 vs. BoyToy doll) or the degree in which the AI will interact with the user or both?

mattrealdoll459 karma

I meant both; The current iteration is sort of a combination of the two styles of dolls aesthetically. We are designing the AI to be fun and engaging, more than focusing on weather it can fool you into thinking it's a person.

marzblaqk354 karma

Do you make curvier models or even specialty dolls for certain fetishes?

mattrealdoll478 karma

We have many different body styles, and make very unique dolls all the time.

Frajer347 karma

Is there a typical type of person who uses a real doll ?

mattrealdoll502 karma

No typical type, they're quite diverse in every sense

bag531343 karma

What's the biggest hurdle you had to overcome in growing your business?

mattrealdoll807 karma

Cheap Knock off dolls that detract from the artistic integrity we strive to uphold.

audiodrone343 karma


mattrealdoll518 karma

They vary from 60lbs to 90lbs; One person can move them.

generationXandcandy332 karma

Do you ever feel a bit like Dr. Eldon Tyrell?

mattrealdoll262 karma


spicypepperoni252 karma

Do you have a mullet flowing in the back? Kinda looks like it in the proof picture.

mattrealdoll474 karma

not any more

MrE761234 karma

I hear so much sadness in this response :/

mattrealdoll429 karma

You can hear that? Good hearing.

gregoryscoffee247 karma

Do you think an AI RealDoll will ever be able to love us back?

mattrealdoll457 karma

I hope that we can at least simulate that. That's the goal.

tah_infity_n_beyarnd213 karma

Hi Matt! We recently published a textbook where RealDolls were mentioned. Thanks for the awesome skin samples that you sent over! They feel great! I am fascinated by the work your company does, and wish you great luck in continuing with your endeavors! My question - if you could add one dream feature to the dolls, that technology does not yet currently exist for - which feature would you choose and why?

mattrealdoll239 karma

Full body animation! One day!

clboisvert14164 karma

Do you tell people you meet in real life what you do? What about friends and family?

mattrealdoll275 karma

Yes, and yes. Everyone I know knows what I do, and are very supportive.

superpanavision142 karma

So what exactly is your highest-end doll capable of doing?

mattrealdoll251 karma

Anatomically correct positioning, and fully functional. Not much imagination required to figure out the rest...

SynDaverlover761139 karma

What shore A hardness is RealDoll? How much experience do you have in doll use for medical simulation? I also am a TDF member

mattrealdoll375 karma

We are below 20 on the shore A; But it's hard to get an accurate reading with the tool when they are as soft as they are. So I guess I'm not shore :) We have made several custom dolls for medical simulation as well for the military.

SynDaverlover76196 karma

How relistic did you make the medical ones?

mattrealdoll244 karma

They differed in the sense that they required sensors under the skin for diagnostics etc.

LatvianGiant129 karma

  1. What made you come up with this idea?

  2. How did you start a profitable business out of that idea?

  3. Do you test out your products?

  4. Can people request certain features such as skin color and voice?

  5. What is the average cost of one of your sex dolls?

mattrealdoll256 karma

It started as a concept for a hyper realistic posable mannequin. The public reaction pushed me into making them anatomically correct and functional. No I don't need to test the dolls, we've worked out all of the major designs. The dolls are fully customizable and each one is truly unique based on client choices. The prices range from about 5K up to 9K

pfeifits109 karma

How long until the Stepford Wives movie becomes a reality, and will real doll be part of that?

mattrealdoll227 karma

In terms of the darker tones of that plot, not sure. But robots are coming, and you will be able to be intimate with them.

BadNewsBrown99 karma

I started following you guys because of Davecat. Is he one of your best customers?

mattrealdoll134 karma

He is a good friend of mine, and of the doll community.

Crazyjose200098 karma

Any plans for new Wicked dolls?

mattrealdoll116 karma

I haven't heard any plans on their end, but we are always ready!

mattreyu87 karma

How many people try to return used dolls?

EDIT: also, shoutout to a fellow Matt!

mattrealdoll281 karma

We don't take returns...

Plasmatdx85 karma

Who would you say is in direct competition to you?

mattrealdoll548 karma

The human female.


Do your office Christmas parties involve making giant orgies with your dolls?

mattrealdoll383 karma

No we only do that on New Years Eve

corby31553 karma

What have to the idea to start this?

Also what is your opinion on the people who buy these dolls and then treat them like an actual person, even going as far as to marry them?

mattrealdoll90 karma

I originally designed them to be very realistic mannequins. And anyone who finds happiness in my dolls, in whatever fashion, allows me to do what I do, so I appreciate them very much. I don't find such things strange at all.

auspiciouslizards40 karma

Are you planning on incorporating AI in the sex robots at any point in the future?

mattrealdoll64 karma

Yes, we are currently putting the finishing touches on our artificial intelligence app, which is part of the Realbotix project. The robotic head will also be available hopefully next year.

Thetmeister0533 karma

I've seen small tidbits implying some pushback from certain groups of people but never anything that shows outright disapproval.

Have you experienced much resistance as your products become more popular?

mattrealdoll50 karma

We are experiencing less and less in terms of resistance or disapproval. I feel society is becoming more and more open minded all the time, about a great many things.

Pritam199716 karma

I don't know much about the history of sex dolls but who would imagine such an invention?

mattrealdoll64 karma

All invention comes from necessity

Divided_Pi11 karma

Do you think your technology will help kill off the human race? When I first tried in a VR headset I basically decided when we can "feel" VR, humans will just live in VR and eventually starve to death or something. Do you think your dolls will cause birth rates to drop and human to human relationships numbers to drop?

Sorry if weird question

mattrealdoll16 karma

No, I don't think any of this will come to pass; To me, social media and reality TV are more frightening in the ways they have separated us from those in the same room with us.

MrSanford10 karma

What's the worst customer service story floating around your company?

mattrealdoll15 karma

Don't really have one...

robbdire10 karma

What is your best selling Real Doll?

What's the most unusual custom request you are aware of?

mattrealdoll26 karma

The combinations of dolls make it difficult to peg one as a best seller. We did make a blue doll once, and one that had 4 breasts

needathneed10 karma

Are you married, or dating anyone?

mattrealdoll15 karma

Happily married.

declined_corn417 karma

Can you order dolls to look like someone you know?

Edit: asking for a friend

mattrealdoll10 karma

We can approximate anyone but exact likenesses require legal permission.

ThatsMyHoverboard7 karma

Do you make dolls based on actual people ever by request or if they're celebrities?

mattrealdoll7 karma

We can approximate anyone but exact likenesses require legal permission.

iambluest6 karma

Is there a line, regarding what you won't provide? Fetishes you won't cater to like necrophilia? Animals, or toddlers?

mattrealdoll5 karma

There are multiple lines I won't cross. You covered some here.

Seaciety6 karma

How much would you pay an A-List Actress for the rights to make an official RealDoll in her likeness?

mattrealdoll7 karma

Depends on who it is I suppose. However, it seems more people prefer to make a unique doll from the options we have verses a copy of someone in particular.

Ilikepaulblart4 karma

Is your Research & Development department hiring?

mattrealdoll3 karma

Not at the moment!

grossbitch694 karma

Do you personally test out any of the dolls?

mattrealdoll7 karma


Senior04223 karma

How do you make the skin feel life-like? I would imagine that's incredibly difficult to do.

Do the dolls have hard bones (like a rib cage), or are they just molded to look like they have a rib cage, but are pliable (which wouldn't happen with a human)?

Finally - Do you make non-human dolls? Like anime girls, or whatnot?

mattrealdoll5 karma

The silicone formulas we use are constantly evolving and yes, quite complicated to continually adjust. The inner skeleton is made with varying layers of firmness to simulate the human body. And yes, we can make all kinds of fantasy based characters- Check out our website at

Hinderwood3 karma

How many dolls do you personally own / possess and which one is your favourite and why?

mattrealdoll3 karma

I don't have a doll personally. I have multiple dolls that I am quite proud of but can't pick a favorite.

huge_ox2 karma

Can I get tree fiddy?

Otherwise, how realistic do you think these will become?

mattrealdoll5 karma

as realistic as we can make them


HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Google Cardboard ?

mattrealdoll4 karma

Currently testing on the Oculus