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Do you ever get a request to make a "less than glamorous" doll? Like some trailer trash chick with homemade tattoos and what not?

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Regarding a "best of", I compiled some of the "blues" tracks and had them mastered at Morrisound and put them on a CD and iTunes. That is 18 tracks. I was thinking about doing the same for some "rock" flavored songs.

It's really hard for me to pick songs that are favorites or best of, but if you want a sampling without randomly clicking then here is a few: Jan. 1, March 14, March 18, May 15, July 10, Nov. 8, Nov. 14.

As far as your writing and recording go, it's best not to force anything, but still important to put a bit of pressure on yourself to finish something. That's what that year of songs was to me. I've started so many ideas over the years, but didn't follow through. By declaring that's what I was gonna do, it forced me to follow through and pushed me to do the best I could.

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She's still alive.

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You first need to make sure all of your equipment is ready and solid to perform without down time. If anything is iffy, replace it.

I got used to tracking with mixing in mind, so when it came to mixing, a lot was already set. If you have that mindset, you can save time.

Aside from the actual music making, I had to make sure that nothing I was doing was taking away from the time I needed to focus.

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Short answer is no. Long answer is...there were days when I did songs with minimal production, just acoustic and voice for example, and those songs were quicker to record and mix. But some of those tunes are pretty strong as far as songs go.