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Can you make one that looks EXACTLY like Harley Quinn from the new Suicide Squad movie? Asking for a friend

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You ever get chills doing something totally ordinary? Like maybe you're walking down the cold food aisle at the grocery store, get a chill, and then you're like "What the fuck?!"

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So you know that one goofy looking dude from Super Troopers who ate all the drugs? Can you believe he married Emma Stone Christina Hendricks? Did you happen to notice he was packing a monster rod or something?

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If you were trapped on an island with former America's Funniest Home Video hosts Bob Saget and Tom Bergeron, and the island is overrun with dinosaurs, and they were going to hunt and you had to cook - and you had a $500 budget for cookware - what would you buy?

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Ever hang out with Michael C Hall (Dexter)?