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So when an administrative assistant takes lunch or something, do they put a doll behind their desk? That'd be pretty funny.

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So... Like was there a point where you went "Ive had so much sexual and relationship experience, I'm now a professional" and that's how you started your career? How did you conduct your research? In the library, or in the field?

These may seem like funny questions, and they are, but I'm using humor to get at a point I do want you to explain to me, namely how you got into this line of work, and what such work entails!

Thanks in advance, and I'll be sure to read up on your studies!

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Did you not get any help from the Chinese authorities when you shed light on the trafficking practices? Or do they not care/are in the pockets of the traffickers?

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People. What a bunch of bastards.

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They do this on TV a lot because otherwise half of a TV show's run time would be boring crap.

But in real life I've heard the only answers you give to a cop without a lawyer is the info on your drivers license when they bring you in. If the cops try and hassle you or tell you it can be over quicker by just giving a statement, just ignore that. You have the legal right to an attorney, but like in the rights they read you, anything you say is admissible.