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How do we change the mentality and social norms that make survivors of sexual abuse feel worthless?

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Can you explain how the question of standing affects your litigation? Specifically with something like drilling in the arctic or mining on public lands, how does the question of standing get hashed out in your cases?

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How long until the Stepford Wives movie becomes a reality, and will real doll be part of that?

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So, did OJ do it?

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Isn't the difficulty in media bias that there is a market for it? Meaning there are many people who agree with the narrative and believe it to be true, even if it is demonstrably false. I think it is naive to say that if a majority thinks it's true, it is. There are many instances where a majority believe something to be false. Who becomes the arbiter of what is true and what is false when everyone is sectioned off into their own echo chamber?