My short bio: Hi Reddit, I am Dr. Tanya Gill, UC Berkeley trained Optometrist and Entrepreneur based in Oakland CA. I’ve been practicing Optometry for 17 years and have seen just about everything you can imagine come through my office o__o

Recently I’ve been treating an increasing number of patients suffering from computer eye strain. Yes screens are bad for your eyes! Yes I am staring at a screen now for this AMA ;) Thank you for having me and looking forward to answering your questions.

My Proof:

[edit] Note: I do not condone or agree with re-using daily contact lenses. I do not want you to buy your glasses or contact lenses online as it undermines my small business while putting money into greedy internet companies. Buying your glasses or contact lenses at your local optometry office puts money into your community: jobs, public works, community programs, etc. Let's all #shoplocal and do this!

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babygrenade34 karma

Is my optometrist just screwing with me when she asks whether 2 or 3 is better, but 2 and 3 look exactly the same?

DrTanyaGill86 karma

Yes, she's messing with you. j/k :P

Talisker1214 karma


DrTanyaGill10 karma

LOL. Nice to e-meet you!! Where do you practice!?

WabidWogerWabbit3 karma


DrTanyaGill3 karma

Hi! The humorless answer would be that I over-ask and over-test . . . not to mess with my patients, but to test for consistency and reliability of your responses. Because, that's how I roll:)

margaretmedeiros23019 karma

Have you experienced any cases where the vision disorder was mental? Is hysterical blindness really a thing?

DrTanyaGill45 karma

Hi! Ummmmmmm yes. People make up stuff all the time. It's my job to figure that out. 8 year old girls are classic for lying in the exam chair. They just really, really, really, really want glasses.

hlwroc14 karma

Why do 8 year old girls really want glasses? When I first got my classes, the other kids teased the shit out of me.

DrTanyaGill11 karma

Yeah. Don't really know. That just seems to be the age. Usually they have a friend or sibling that wears glasses and they wanna fit it. It's totally a peer pressure thing. IMHO.

MathyKathy4 karma

My brother, when he was around this age, lied to the eye doctor because he thought he would look smarter with glasses.

DrTanyaGill8 karma

It's the 8 years olds!! I'm telling y'all!!

Nevuary5 karma

How do you figure that out?

DrTanyaGill28 karma

Patient can't see "anything" with their naked eyes. Then I tell them I put in their correct prescription lenses into the phoropter (the machine that holds all the lenses and measures the glasses prescription) . . . but there's actually NO prescription in there. The patient then reads the entire chart. We call this malingering. It happens all the time. :)

cinepro6 karma

Do you go all-in and tell the parents to get her some 1x glasses?

My daughter went through a phase a few years ago where she wore clear 1x glasses (around age 10). I don't know why. But she grew out of it.

DrTanyaGill10 karma

Depends on the case. Some kids really want glasses and they THINK that wearing the glasses will help them with homework and studying. In this case, I do prescribe glasses. Anything to help the kids study and do well in school. And yes, they sometimes outgrow that prescription:)

Butta_Butta_Jam17 karma

I have an astigmatism and have always been worried about getting corrective surgery. I just turned 50 and can read w/o glasses with no problem, although some of my finer close up vision is not what it used to be. Can you convince me corrective surgery would be worth it for me?

DrTanyaGill11 karma

Hi! Can you read your cell phone easily? I may be convincing you not to get lasik . . . to be continued.

Butta_Butta_Jam3 karma

I can easily read my cell phone as far as numbers and what not. Walls of text, not so great.

Butta_Butta_Jam3 karma

And by that, I mean web pages. Text messages are no problem.

DrTanyaGill4 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest: How much does this bother you???

Butta_Butta_Jam3 karma

Maybe a 2. My biggest concerns are not being able to read street signs when riding my motorcycle w/o my glasses. I've had a "prescription eye glasses required" endorsement on my driver's license since I was 15.

DrTanyaGill11 karma

Ohhhhhh got it. So here's the thing. If you get lasik to correct your vision for distance, you will have the opposite issue. Distance clear. Reading vision fuzzy (meaning you will need computer and reading glasses). Motorcycles are so much fun!! On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love your motorcycle??? 10 being the highest. I'm still a NO vote on lasik for you. You're gonna have to convince me you need it. Tables turned?

Butta_Butta_Jam3 karma

Motorcycles a 10.. I don't want to mess up my in close vision so I'm out for lasik. Thanks for your insight.

DrTanyaGill5 karma

You're welcome! Enjoy that motorcycle!!

harry505013 karma

if u had a character in a down and dirty mortal kombat-style fighting game, what fighting moves would you have?

DrTanyaGill78 karma

My character would be "Non-Combat-Tonometer." I would blow air in your eyes at unpredictable times.

Fuck-You-Dave12 karma

What is your favourite type of cheese?

DrTanyaGill14 karma

I'm a lactard. NEXT!!!

Likeabalrog8 karma

Hi. In the past few years, it seems I've developed a problem with how my eyes work together. Individually, they see ok, but together the images they see are shifted. I've seen two different Dr's trying to figure out why my new glasses (with several remakes tweaking the rx) give me headaches and I feel like one eye is doing most of the seeing. I'm in a 6yr old pair of glasses that are super scratched. I'm paranoid now about getting new glasses because the optometrists couldn't figure it out before. The most recent dr figured that I should get prism in my lenses. Any advice?

DrTanyaGill4 karma

Hi! When your eyes feel like they are not working together . . . what are you doing? Driving at night? Using the computer? . . . to be continued.

Likeabalrog6 karma

Truthfully, I have some days where it's not noticeable and other days where it's very noticeable. I work on the computer most of the day, but the symptoms are present throughout the day. I believe it's more noticeable with closer objects. Lee's noticeable watching tv across the room, etc.

I have done my own self tests where I cover each eye in turn, and see what is different between the images. My left eye image is lower than my right eye image.

I have had dry eye issues in my left eye for ~6 years, and I've wondered if the inflammation had my eye alignment outta whack.

DrTanyaGill4 karma

Hmmmmm. What is your prescription? You may have an issue . . . but I need to confirm your glasses prescription first. If you don't have it exactly, an approximation will work . . . :)

Likeabalrog3 karma

I'm something like -7.25 in both eyes, with the smallest increment of astigmatism in the left eye. My prescription hasn't changed more than -0.25 over the last ~8-9 years. Btw, Thanks for your help.

DrTanyaGill7 karma

With -7.25 in both eyes, the images do get minified. I think you may be having a classic case of computer related eyestrain. The discomfort and the dry eyes are pretty classic for this.

You may need a computer eyestrain pair of glasses for work on top of your everyday glasses. For the dryness you may need to use eyedrops like Refresh Preservative Free tears and We Love Eyes eyelid foaming cleanser.

These 3 things: computer eyestrain glasses, tears and We Love Eyes helps lots of my patients with your similar symptoms. Great question!! :)

Changoguapo3 karma

Likeabalrog might also have a vertical phoria (a small misalignment of the eyes), if you tilt your head to the side do you see better?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Good call! Yep agree with this possibility!! Thanks!!

Boredomis_real7 karma

I'm getting my driver's licenses in 10 months and my brother had to get glasses because he failed the vision portion of the test. Last time I went to the eye doctor(Feels like i'm pissing people off by saying eye doctor) I had 20/20 vision. But I feel like that has gone down some and my parents wont take me to the eye doctor (hehe). Should I just wait until I go to take my driver's test?

DrTanyaGill20 karma

Hi! Congratulations on driving soon! Please show this to your parents:

Dear Parents of u/Boredomis_real,

Your child is about to drive a car. Having clear vision will drastically improve safety and keep your insurance rates down.

Please have u/Boredomis_real see an optometrist so you can sleep well at night.


Dr. Tanya Gill, Optometrist

UntamableOcelot4 karma

Hello Doctor; I have a question. Online, many sources (some reliable, some not) say that using the computer for extended periods, or reading in a dim light just temporarily strains the eye and doesn't really affect eyesight. However, i just got back from my optometrist and I now need glasses, and the doctor says I should take frequent breaks from eye-straining activities so I don't further affect my vision. What's the truth?

DrTanyaGill7 karma

Hi! Let's be real here. I'm in downtown Oakland where there are so many computer users with computer eyestrain. Asking them to take frequent breaks certainly helps, but is really not realistic. Most jobs around here are high-intensity and before you know it, morning turns into the lunch hour (so 4 hours have gone by) . . .

Here are 2 very simple hacks to help you:

1) Move your computer monitor back 5 inches. This will help with fatigue and eyestrain.

2) Make sure the top of your computer level is at eye level. This way, when you're looking at the computer, you're looking in the down gaze position. Your eyelid will cover more of your eyeball and you will have less dryness (a computer eyestrain symptom).

Ohhhhh. Lemme throw in a 3rd hack: computer eyestrain progressive lenses to use as needed when you feel tired at the computer. They work awesome!!

TheRealEnglishGamer4 karma

What can i do to reduce the floters in my eyes? Its not annoying but everytime i see one i think oooh shit... Ima die:)


DrTanyaGill10 karma

Awwwww. This question always breaks my heart. Floaters are not fun especially when they are in the center of your vision. Since they usually happen in a brighter room . . . sunglasses do help. Also if you look away to the side real fast and look straight again . . . the floater will move and may move out of your line of sight. Great question!

PS: When is the last time you had this annoying floater checked by an optometrist?

qwell4 karma

Costs are ridiculous because Luxottica owns the entire glasses market.

How long do "daily" contact lenses really last? Is there actually any difference between the daily, weekly, monthly versions?

DrTanyaGill10 karma

Hi! My practice, Oakland Vision Center has worked super hard in cutting Luxottica products out of our office . . . because the quality has gone downhill and the hinges are no so good (meaning they break often and patients complain more and more) and you're basically paying for branding . . . SO YES!!!

DrTanyaGill3 karma


profnutbutter3 karma

It sounds like you're condoning that behavior.

DrTanyaGill2 karma

I have deleted the comment so it's clear that I am not condoning that behavior. Because I do NOT!

qwell1 karma

FYI, Oliver Peoples is Luxottica.

DrTanyaGill4 karma

I know. I have Oliver Peoples and Rayban at my practice. There is a demand for it that's why we do keep them.

Build685 karma

My wayfarers are the best frames I have ever had. I've been beating the snot out of them for about three years as a general contractor and they refuse to die. I really liked when they finally came out with spring temples. Are they not as good these days? Otherwise, I'd get them all over again, and it is time.

Fellow cal alum. In about 1988 you guys gave me my first eye exam for getting glasses (free) when I was next door at Wurster hall. Go Bears!

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Go Bears!!

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Go Bears!!

We do struggle with spring temple repairs. Sounds like you got a great pair! When's the last time you had an eye exam? Please don't say 3 years!

guntygoo4 karma

Hi, +4.5 in both. If I don't wear glasses for a while my eyesight improves significantly. Can I train my pissy, weak little eye muscles to work better?

DrTanyaGill7 karma

Hi!!! +4.50 is significant. I'll need to know your age to give you the best answer! Reply back!

pumicashi4 karma

Is there any advantage 1-eyed people have over 2-eyed people?

DrTanyaGill7 karma

Hmmmmm. Good question. The answer is simply: NO. So sorry to all you 1-eyes peeps!!

With 2 eyes . . . you have binocular vision to help with: 1) 3-D movies 2) amusement park games are easier 3) depth perception and it's cues 4) computer eyestrain (2 eyes are better than 1) 5) dynamic vision which is important for sports

Well, 1 eyed peeps . . . you would kick ass using a telescope, rifle, kaleidoscope and be a kick ass pirate. :)

PegasusKidIII3 karma

I’ve been experiencing an eye twitching that will last for upwards of half an hour, naturally I stare at a screen for over 8 hrs a day at work. Is there a practice that I could do to help ease the twitching until I can get to an eye dr?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! Ask your boss for a couple weeks off??? If that doesn't work . . . chill out on the caffeine and get some real Zzzzzzzz. Blepharospasm (twitchy eyelid) is a smooth muscle twitch and it almost always related to fatigue. So usually 1) computer eyestrain; 2) too much caffeine; or 3) too little sleep. Ohhhhhhh and computer eyestrain things can help. Like computer eyestrain glasses. I prescribe those almost daily at my practice and the patients (and their bosses) LOVE them:)

jackrabbitstorm2 karma

1) computer eyestrain; 2) too much caffeine; or 3) too little sleep.

Hey, this is me.

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! Yes . . . it's extremely common in this day and age of constant computer use. What is your daily computer use in hours? Just curious.

jackrabbitstorm2 karma

I would say 9-10 hours computer use (work) and a few more hours of phone screen time intermittently

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Yes, thats a good chunk of your day! Definitely look into computer eyestrain progressives. They work wonders for fatigue and strain:P

Dr. Tanya Gill xo

DrTanyaGill2 karma

That's substantial! Your optometrist can do test to measure the degree of computer eyestrain. Time for a visit!

Sodabot3003 karma

are the lenses made by robots or humans by hands ? or is it a human operating something similar to the thingys they cut patterns to wood ?

DrTanyaGill7 karma

Hi! Lenses for glasses are made either by a knife/stone process OR by a digital process. A human does have to set up the equipment or computer. And yep. There are plastic patterns to trace the lenses. My preference are digital lenses. The clarity is amazing compared to traditional lenses made by a knife/stone process:)

valkyriemissile3 karma

Hey! I loved my glasses I got from you! Thanks for being such a great eye doctor! My eyes a doing better now that I have the daily contact lenses. EDIT: looks like my question was already answered so I'll ask a new one.

What's your favorite part about working in Oakland?

DrTanyaGill5 karma

Hi!! So good to get some love from my real life patient, yay!! I love Oakland. I own a home in Oakland. I own a business in Oakland. My husband is an Oakland Police Officer. We are heavily invested in our city.

A couple years ago, I re-invented Oakland Vision Center. We got our tag line: WE LOVE EYES and just went with it. We made it hipster friendly by dropping licensed frame brands and really got into social media which separated us from all the other practices in our area.

But my favorite part about working in Oakland are the people. Like yourself, they are dedicated to the cause. Shop local is a huge part of it. Oaklanders support Oakland biz. I love it. xo

fuhrmanator3 karma

Any idea why 1.74 high-index plastic lenses are harder to buy in Canada (Costco Canada stopped selling them a few years ago and only provide 1.67)? I have -8.0 correction with no astigmatism and am willing to pay for the best lenses. Why would a lab just stop providing that quality lens? Is it harder to work with? Require specialized machinery? etc?

DrTanyaGill4 karma

Hi! Conspiracy theory says that Costco can't get the 1.74 cheap enough!! It's all about the markup when it comes to Costco!! Nothing to do with harder to work with or specialized machinery.

If you are willing to pay for the best lenses, you should stop going to Costco. They buy the cheapest quality lenses for like $2-10. For my patients with your Rx, we do a fair amount of digital lens product. The clarity can't be matched. Hope that helps ya!!

vedder443 karma

what 5 things would u try to experience if u could be the opposite gender for a day?

DrTanyaGill8 karma

If I was male, I would do this:

  1. Hella boss around my staff. They would think that I was just doing my job and not just being a b*tch.

  2. I'd give myself a raise for doing the same amount of work.

  3. Buy a woman flowers for no reason and watch her heart melt.

  4. Shaving my face will be interesting.

  5. Drive like my husband. Switch lanes without signaling. I think I would make a great dude for a day.


Pascalme92 karma

Conversely, what advantages (physically) do you see being a woman?

DrTanyaGill9 karma

Love these questions!!

  1. work accepted long hair
  2. live longer
  3. in a fire, I can easily crawl through the window
  4. I'm amazing at yoga. Flexibility!
  5. I get into clubs for free.


kii01 karma

what about the bad stuff, like getting hit in the balls?

DrTanyaGill1 karma

I went mountain biking recently, fell over the handle bars and got the wind knocked out of me. My husband said that's what getting punched in the balls is like. So been there done that?

hlwroc3 karma

How am I supposed to not blink when they blow that air into my eyes? I know it is coming, and it takes everything in my power to not just close my eyes until it is over.

DrTanyaGill3 karma

Hi!! LOL. I appreciate your determination and grit. You will always be a welcomed patient at my practice!! But glaucoma is glaucoma and one of the measurements we take for that is the eye pressure. We love to puff your eyes and check for glaucoma:)

Aman_Fasil3 karma

I'm 44. About 2 years ago I started having problems seeing things up close, even though I've been nearsighted all my life. Went back to the eye dr., she said it was just part of getting older, and gave me new contacts. They're multi-focal. And I hate them. They don't really work very well.

I'm told that this is a result of some of my eye muscles being weaker now than they used to be. Is there anything else I can do or any other products that will help? This crap is so annoying!

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! I feel ya! I had a lot of success with the Proclear MultiFocal XP lenses for cases like yours! They emphasis the distance vision while giving you a little bit of help with the near stuff, especially computers. Ask your optometrist and lemme know how it goes!!

[edit] Sorry! I mis-spoke . . . it's the Proclear EP lens you want to seek out. I will send you a message to make sure you get this!

DrTanyaGill1 karma

Hi! Message me your glasses Rx. Let's start there!!

rnbwpnt3 karma

My prescription is -4.25/-4.75 and I have worn glasses (now 1.5 bifocals) for most of my life. I have to have high index stuff, so it's never cheap. Things seem to be deteriorating at about 0.25 per year, on both sides.

The one and only time I tried contacts, I did soft lenses that I essentially couldn't use. They felt thick and my eyes didn't completely close when I blinked, so my eyes dried out and I wound up spending tons of money on saline (at something like $350 a gallon).

For someone like me, is there a point to contacts? Is there an approach I can ask my optometrist about? Or should I just empty the mason jar for surgery eventually?

DrTanyaGill3 karma


benkinstianharmer3 karma


DrTanyaGill4 karma


eyebroski5 karma

You cannot be serious right now.

The profanity in a public forum is one thing. Now youre telling people what their OD should rx them?

Please, stop.

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Dear Fellow Optometrist,

My intention was not to tell you what to do, but to give you new business. My apologies if I offended. Totally not my intention!

Dr. Tanya Gill xo

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi U/eyebroski. Thank you for the feedback and helping me out today. I did edit the post as I do not want to tell people what their optometrist should rx them.

arboretumind3 karma

What are your thoughts on laser eye surgery?

DrTanyaGill7 karma

Hi! It's kind of a simple math formula:

Person with a cool disposition + stable prescription + adequate corneal thickness + adequate tear production = great lasik outcome!!

Is this you?

residue693 karma

Hello, thanks for staying on so long.

What lens coating do you recommend? If it's super expensive, could you suggest an affordable option?

DrTanyaGill5 karma

HOLY MOLEY!! THANK YOU! I've been here all day being the good optometrist!! :P

I'm currently obsessed with the Zeiss DuraVision Platinum. I love it because my patients are happy with it. I believe it's like $150. Super pricey, but effective.

I'm about to break it to you though . . . the cheaper stuff at $40-80 is tends to get scratched and peel off easily. Best to avoid the hassle and headache. xo

NotQuiteOnTopic2 karma

Dr. Gill,

Which one looks better? Number one or number two? Here we go again, take your time. Number one or number two?

DrTanyaGill4 karma

I go so far as to what's better, 9 or 10 to spice things up!!! lol. Plus I do the whole do you have glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes, hypertension, dry eyes or blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid) thing. Killing many birds in one visit. That's how we roll . . .

jeepnerd2 karma

I am 46 year old male, work on the computer all day long, no idea what my prescription is (mostly astigmatism / near sighted) has not changed in years. I have some contacts that I wear maybe 3-4 times a year, usually for an outdoor sport of some kind where my glasses are a pain. So here is the question, you mentioned a new procedure for 40+ and I have been hesitating forever on Lasik (Wave form, etc) mostly due to the dry eye syndrome (10% or so of patients!?)

I have noticed that I am having to push items out further to read them/focus, but I am told that is pretty much part of aging, eyes have a harder time focusing close to you. No big deal but thought I would mention it.

What are the newest and best options, will likely get surgery next year?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! Nice to e-meet you!! There is a procedure that exists called KAMRA that has had good results. Having said that, it's a newer type procedure that hasn't been tried and testing like LASIK has.

In cases like yours, my high recommendation is to do intralase with wavefront on both eyes . . . Correct the dominant eye for distance and the non-dominant eye to -1.25. The right eye will work great for distance and the left eye will be set up for computer distance.

It's a bit of a compromise, but you'll be out of glasses 100% of the time time for outdoor sports. If you have a job that has heavy computer, you will have to wear computer glasses sometimes or as needed per my patient's feedback.

I have patients with this exact set up that NEVER wear glasses and they are perfectly happy too! Hope that helps ya!!

RichardFeud2 karma

Thanks for this AMA. I had a friend who had his window tint very dark. (I believe it was 5% like limos do) I asked him how he gets away without getting a ticket from the cops and he said, "just tell your eye doctor your eyes are sensitive to light and they will write you a pass or give you some type of permit that allows you to get darker window tint. Is that even possible?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! In Oakland, I know it's not legal. If I had a patient ask me for that note or permit, I might rage face:/

So he's getting away with it because he's getting away with it. And plus, I would not want my windows tinted that dark. How do you drive at night with tinted windows like that?! Because, car crash.

Dr Tanya Gill xo

mbouchard2 karma

What is the most unusual eye injury you have seen?

When I was in 2nd grade (am 44 now) I had a "spear" thrown at me and as a result now have a small scratch on the back of eye. The throw was perfect in that it missed my eye lid and taking out my eye. The "spear" was from a flag pole that you would see on the backs of kids bikes. My older brother sharpened it and I get hit while we were hunting....

DrTanyaGill3 karma

Hi! A few years back, 23 year old female walked in with a broken shot glass in her eye. It was not good!

tehspud2 karma

It is currently 2016. Why do I still have to tell you if #1 or #2 look better? Don't we have a machine that can scan our eyeballs and say what kind of corrective lenses we need?

DrTanyaGill6 karma

Hi! Yep, my phoropter (the device that measures the glasse) is digital. It takes a lot of guesswork out of it, but I still need to ask the 1 or 2 question only because even though a prescription is physically and empirically correct, the final answer is very subjective.

Some patients like it super crisp. Some patients want to compromise clarity for comfort. Some patients have an eye dominance that needs to be corrected or not corrected for.

Promise, we are not asking you 1 or 2 to mess with you. We are doing it to make it perfect for you. :)

Alfeiya2 karma


DrTanyaGill2 karma

OMG. NO!!! I would never this!! No. No. And I repeat No!!!!

GrimeMachine2 karma

Is there an age range (or set of ordinary circumstances) where your vision can change dramatically? I've always been told that I need an eye exam every year, but the past 5-6 times I've gone, my prescription hasn't changed (or very, very slightly, such as needing a "stronger" prescription in my right eye one year, and the next year returning to the prescription from the previous year).

DrTanyaGill3 karma

Hi! Vision changes usually taper off at around age 18-20. At age 40+ vision for up close stuff starts to change and continue to change until age 62-65.

Some of my patients are like you, stable prescription year after year with some fluctuations . . . Getting your eye pressure checked at least once every 2 years (once a year if you have history of glaucoma) is still something that should be done. Make sure you score under 21! The optometrist will also check for cataracts, diabetes, macular degeneration, check your retinal for holes/tears, dry eye, blepharitis, etc...

Jek_Porkinz2 karma

Are there any upcoming advancements as far as corrective eye surgery goes?

DrTanyaGill1 karma

Yes, there's a procedure for the 40+ crowd. How old are you? Not sure if this would affect you . . .

BornNRaised4152 karma

Why are RGP lenses so difficult to keep clean?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! RGPs need TLC. They need to be cleaned daily. Are you doing that? Also how old are your RGPs?? . . . to be cont'd.

BornNRaised4151 karma

Yep, I clean daily and rub them morning and at night. I even switch between Lobob and Boston solutions every other week just to see if that makes a difference. I also use a new lens case every 3 months. Just switched it. Current lenses are about 6 months old.

DrTanyaGill2 karma

6 months is not long!! Do you enzyme weekly?

BornNRaised4151 karma

I do not enzyme weekly. I've asked that to my optometrist before, and she said it's not necessary to do it at all. Should I? At what frequency?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Yep, use a weekly enzyme every Sunday. I like the Boston enzyme. Your optometrist is right, it's not necessary . . . but in your case, you may be depositing protein or eye makeup residue on the lens. Oh, how do you remove your eye makeup? I am assuming you are female:)

valkyriemissile2 karma

Is some part of you mad you didn't come up great names like "Site For Sore Eyes" or "Eye Care For You"?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! I'm not mad at all although I cry at night sometimes. Kidding. I actually came up with WE LOVE EYES. How about them apples? (vibing Matt Damon) :)

Seriously. Lemme know what you think about "We Love Eyes."

apl_d_art2 karma

But why male models...? Jk jk jk after getting PRK or Lasek done, can your eyesight get worse overtime? What I'm trying to say is, is it even worth getting?

DrTanyaGill1 karma

Hi! Here's the million dollar question? How many hours a day are you on the computer?

Booey1232 karma

How often should eye tests be? I'm 18 and am recommended to have them every 18 months but I often find my vision is blurry or weak when reading so generally ask for every 6 months but they don't usually find a change in prescription? What could this be and should I get appointments less often? Thanks

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! You could be experiencing computer eyestrain. Please ask your optometrist. They can also let ya know how often to return:)

unreliablepinwheel2 karma

I have a very light prescription--I basically only wear glasses to drive at night. Every couple of years they test my eyes and adjust the prescription ever so slightly, but if I'm being honest, I can still use the glasses I got 16 years ago in high school and they still work wonderfully (they are ugly...but that's not the issue here).

Are these adjustments actual minor shifts in my vision (I don't know the numbers)? Or is it more likely that I can't adequately answer the question "Which is better? 1 or 2?"

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Great question!!! So many things factor into a glasses prescription. Tears, fatigue, responses, tester, etc . . . So if you came into my office every day for an entire week, I could theoretically get 1-7 different prescriptions.

For you, just get new lenses so they are clear. If you were my patient, I would recommend the new tech: digital lenses. Really clear, crisp vision. I love them.

Not_lurking_no_more2 karma

Hi! First off, thank you so much for doing this AMA. Secondly, I wear acuvue oasys with hydra clear and they're advertised to last for two weeks, however in daily life they typically only last for four or five days. I take them out daily and never leave them in for more than 8 or 9 hours but they still rip within a few days. I've asked my optometrist about changing the last two times I've been in but he insists that this is the best brand on the market. I'll be switching optometrists at my next appointment but do you have any recommendations on brands I should ask for? I'm a college student so when my box of contacts that are supposed to last for three months is up in three weeks it really grinds my gears.

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! Yep. That is super, super annoying. My motto is happy patients, happy doctor!

You SO need to be in either of these lenses: Acuvue Oasys Dailies or Dailies Total 1. You are depositing too much protein on your lenses and that's perhaps why they are lasting only 4-5 days. More protein on your contact lenses, more inflammation for your eyes. You want healthy, white eyes, right?

Totally ask your optometrist for dailies and a health check!

Cruthie2 karma

Hello! I've been wearing contacts for years (Acuvue 2, L: -1.75; R: -3.75). I wear them during the day and then soak them at night. In the last sixth months, my eyes have been produces this sticking, mucus-like junk almost immediately after I put my lenses in. It usually ruins the lenses even if they're brand new and my eyes are grainy and scratchy....any ideas on what's happening and why? I've been using these lenses for years without problems and then, suddenly, they seem to be at war with my eyeballs!

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! Love this question!!! When a contact lens is worn on the 2nd day, it starts to become pro-inflammatory. That's because it can never be quite as clean as that brand new sterile lens.

What you are describing is quite common. For cases like yours, I immediately move my patient to daily contact lenses. I've had the most success with Dailies Total 1 contact lenses. Imagine wearing a drop of water that corrects your vision . . . my patient love them.

And I know with your Rx, it's difficult to wear glasses . . . so dailies would be ideal for cases like yours:) Lemme know your thoughts!

pdwHu2 karma

How often should you get your eyes checked if you have no problems with your eyes whatsoever? I've been staring at computers since I was 8-9 years old (now 30), but have almost no problems with my eyes. Last time (~5 years?) they were checked they were 0 / 0.25 diopter.

DrTanyaGill1 karma

H! Your eye pressure, is considered a vital measurement like your blood pressure. This should be checked at least every 2 years just to make sure you're not 21 or higher . . . as it can be a risk factor for glaucoma. That thing that makes people go blind. You're overdue!!

belisabot2 karma

Going for a 3-in-1 here! Is it true that I should only wear my soft contact lenses 8 hours per day? Are eyeglasses so expensive because most designer brands are manufactured by those 2 Italian eyewear manufacturers? Other than minimizing extreme computer use (already a given), what's a pro-tip for taking care of my eyes when I have to wear my glasses and sit in front of a laptop screen for 8-9h on weekdays?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! Nice to e-meet you!!! Love love heart your questions!!

1) It's difficult to answer this question without seeing your corneas. But in general, I tell my patients that the healthiest wearing schedule for your eyeballs is 40 hours a week in contact lenses. So this perhaps may be true for you.

2) Some eyeglasses are expensive because they are actually made by hand and pieces of art. Some other glasses are expensive because what you're paying for is a designer label. But hey, some people don't mind paying more for labels!

3) My best hack for this is to get computer eyestrain progressive lenses. The power changes from the top of the lens to the bottom so you have less fatigue at the computer. I prescribe this all the time for my patients and they feel so much better!

xo Dr. Gill

gredr2 karma

A couple questions. I have astigmatism, and when I got my glasses, I was told that I wouldn't want to wear them while using a computer. I found, however, that they work wonders with the computer! I never take them off! Why would my experience be so different than I was told?

Second, I have been fitted for contact lenses twice now, by different doctors. Both times, I felt like the lenses just didn't help much. I understand that contact lenses for astigmatism are kinda an iffy proposition, but if the prescription was correct, why wouldn't they help?

DrTanyaGill1 karma

Hi! Please post both your glasses prescription & contact lens prescription and we will start there. xo

YouJustGotJEWD2 karma

Could you explain why I am blind in one eye and not the other? When I get glasses they usually put a lens with no prescription on one side and the prescription lens on the other. I understand that I have an astigmatism in the right eye I just don't understand how it effects one and not the other?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! Ummmm. I really can't explain that . . . well, unless you give me more info or your mom's number so I can call her and ask. Yes, that lens is called a "balanced lens" so the lens thickness looks the same when your glasses are made. Astigmatism is pretty normal stuff, but I'm guessing you're talking about the good eye. If you're blind in the other . . . the astigmatism is probably there, but you just cant see it. Pun intended:) Thank you! Awesome questions!!

Cynexide2 karma

Hi! I am someone who's eyes have recently been tested, and are quite good. However, at night, when looking at a computer screen or reading a book, they get quite tired and sore (probably very common). Can/should glasses fix that?

DrTanyaGill3 karma

Hi! Welcome to the world of fatigue and eyestrain!! I'm guessing you may be mildly far-sighted? Yep, a good old pair of glasses for computer eyestrain will likely help for the computer screen and reading a book. Call up your optometrist . . . they can prescribe something for you based on your eye exam. Good luck!!

Salael2 karma

Hi! I was wondering what is wrong with my eyes when I look at anything neon blue. Signs at night like the Petsmart sign that has any type of neon blue in it looks 100% blurred out. Its like there is a giant bright blue blob where normal text or signage would be. All the other colors are normal and crisp and it only seems to happen when its dark out. What causes that?

DrTanyaGill3 karma

Hi! Hmmmm I'm not sure but what I do know is if you walked into my practice I would dilate your eyes, scan the central part of your eye called the macula and likely a visual field test. You have an optometrist?

Dr Tanya Gill xo

fireballs6191 karma

I have a friend who insists that wearing glasses is actually bad for you in the long run. I'm not sure what his reasoning is, but are there any instances where this is true?

DrTanyaGill3 karma

Hi! I love it when friends play eye doctor. What is your prescription? Let's start there . . . To be cont'd.

valkyriemissile1 karma

If a screw came out of my Ray Bans can I swing by and pick up an extra? Do you sell stuff like that there?

DrTanyaGill1 karma

Hi! We are experts in repairing loose screws. You're in luck!! Are you in the Bay Area?

valkyriemissile1 karma

Yes! I am a patient of yours! Love my glasses/contacts I got from you guys!

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Ohhhh awesome. If you read the posts about Luxottica . . . this stuff happens with their frames (and others that are similar). Bad hinges. Loose screws. We will fix this for you for free. Pinky swear.

Butta_Butta_Jam1 karma

Do you use a thread lock product when you make these repairs? Highly recommended.

DrTanyaGill3 karma

We have these special screws that have a coating similar to the tread lock stuff . . . so yes!! Thank you!!

Thegenuinebuzz1 karma

So i'm paying about £40 additional for thinning per pair of glasses i get ( so once every 2 years or thereabouts).

Is this worth it? I'm a person who values their appearance over anything, and it said it would make my eyes look bigger than without thinning and make the glasses look better.

Additionally, i hate contacts and really want laser eye surgery, but i'm afraid of the risks and the cost, is it really as "amazing" as it is made out to be?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! What is your prescription and age? Lemme know!!

FestiveSpleen1 karma

Ever dealt with a ripped cornea?

DrTanyaGill1 karma

Many. Do you have one right now?

mini_apple1 karma

I had corrective surgery a few years ago, and there are some mornings when it seems to take a little time for my focus to "kick in". I can't read immediately after waking, for instance. Things are a bit blurry. Five or ten minutes later, I'm good to go. Any idea if this is normal, or why it might be happening?

DrTanyaGill1 karma

Hi! Hmmmmm could be normal. But first, what is your age. That will help me. #TIA

FanOfGoodMovies1 karma

Can a person measure reliably measure the distance between pupils themselves to get the pupillary distance? Sometimes optometrists don't give info so you can't order online and have to get glasses through them.
And what is an acceptable price range for a good quality pair of eyeglasses with good hinges - $70 to $250?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! You could measure this yourself, but you'll want it to be accurate. My best advice would be to get measurements done by an experienced optician. At that point, why not find a sturdy frame with good hinges? And at that point, why not select lenses that work best for your prescription and frame? An optician/optometrist can certainly do this.

Good hinges, the kind that last a long time are made differently than glued hinges that you see on lots of products like Rayban. Anything sold on the internet for under $100 will likely have a glued hinge.

A hinge that has rivets (not glued) can't be made in a factory in mass quantities (unlike glued hinges) . . . so although the cost substantiates the value . . . you will pay at least $200+.

2 of my favorite well made frame lines:

1) Article One. Solid. Nice design. $250 retail. 2) Masunaga. Build like a tank. Never had one returned. $390 retail.

Great question, thank you!!

pinksodamousse1 karma

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm just curious. I'm 29 and only recently started needing glasses for distance. Before my eyes were perfect and I was the only one in my family without glasses. I've been wondering if this is just because I messed my eyes up with computer/phone or if they would have always gone bad considering everyone else in my family has shifty eyes. Thoughts? Oh also, why do my eyes water over a slight breeze or sunlight? Can I toughen them up by not wearing sunglasses?

DrTanyaGill2 karma

Hi! At age 29, your prescription should stop changing. It's highly likely computer related eyestrain that's doing this to you.

In cases like this I Rx computer eyestrain glasses quite a bit. They help you feel better (less fatigue) and also help to prevent your prescription from creeping up. So yes, there is something you can do about this!!!

Watery eyes with a breeze or sunlight is common. Never toughen them up by NOT wearing sunglasses. You need the sunglasses for UV Radiation / Blue Light protection. Plus, you'll get cataracts earlier in life if you do not wear sunglasses.

You could also be having mild allergies . . . Would you like a recommendation for a great OTC allergy eye drop?