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Yes, she's messing with you. j/k :P

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My character would be "Non-Combat-Tonometer." I would blow air in your eyes at unpredictable times.

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Hi! Ummmmmmm yes. People make up stuff all the time. It's my job to figure that out. 8 year old girls are classic for lying in the exam chair. They just really, really, really, really want glasses.

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Patient can't see "anything" with their naked eyes. Then I tell them I put in their correct prescription lenses into the phoropter (the machine that holds all the lenses and measures the glasses prescription) . . . but there's actually NO prescription in there. The patient then reads the entire chart. We call this malingering. It happens all the time. :)

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Hi! Congratulations on driving soon! Please show this to your parents:

Dear Parents of u/Boredomis_real,

Your child is about to drive a car. Having clear vision will drastically improve safety and keep your insurance rates down.

Please have u/Boredomis_real see an optometrist so you can sleep well at night.


Dr. Tanya Gill, Optometrist