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i worked for a while in the adult entertainment industry (not as a performer), and i learned that the vast majority of people in the industry -- performers, producers, website operators, distributors, whatever -- are just working stiffs like me trying to make the mortgage and feed the family. most of them fell into sex work and went for it as the best of available options, just like i did. i found that the jesus loves porn stars people were remarkably ignorant of that fact ... my attitude dealing with them became, lock yourself in a closet and pray for a hot dog and see what happens.

while i was pretty private about my work, when it did become public, i found a lot of people were pretty dickish about it, despite the fact that what i did was 100% legal, with only of-age performers in fully-consenting scenes, and it supported a family of five without public assistance for multiple years.

have you ever been "found out" by someone with whom you wouldn't ordinarily discuss your work? what's the reaction you get? have you discussed it with your family or close friends? without naming names, who are the biggest dickheads you've had to deal with?

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Arthur --

First, thanks for years of fantastic entertainment!

A DW question: Rory Williams is a role you will never live down. It'll follow you wherever you go, and whatever you do. If you don't believe me, ask Katy Manning and William Russell. :-)

When you took the part of Rory, did anybody warn you before you signed the contract about us crazy fans? If so, what were you told?

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Thank you for decades of entertainment!

Word? Scrivener? Something else?

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Are congrats on the new addition to your family appropriate? How is everybody doing with that?

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Mr. Secretary --

Do you have any regrets from your time in public office? Lessons about politics or American government or even yourself that you have taken away from the experience?

Would you ever consider working in government again, if asked by a Sanders or HRC administration? What position do you think would suit your abilities and allow you to be an effective public servant again?