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What has been your favorite thing to ruin thus far?

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I see you interviewed Die Antwoord. Are they as crazy as they seem?

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How would you rate the freedom of expression in the United States as compared to other countries around the world? A lot of my friends think that the Government in the United States tries to shut down the freedom of expression, while it appears as Americans can say just about anything (with a few exceptions, of course). In stories I see about other countries, those same freedoms don't seem to exist in the same manner.

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I first was introduced to them in the movie "Chappie." I didn't know they were a band until my girlfriend looked them up, and then played nothing but their music as we went to bed for like 2 weeks. I'm not the biggest fan, but I thought they did well in the movie, and are somewhat entertaining. Was always interested in how much of it was an act and how much of it is real.

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What percentage of your work is done in bed? I can't help but notice the gentleman behind you in the proof picture.