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Hi there! I'm currently a high-school sophomore who has a interest in space and space flight, so I naturally have a few questions!

  • Although I acknowledge it is highly unrealistic, if I wanted to become a astronaut, what types of things would I have to study in college to have a chance? Would a background in engineering be beneficial (this is what I plan to do anyway. Aerospace engineering to be exact)?

  • Also, in the a few weeks, I am giving a persuasive speech in my English class having to do with manned spaceflight. And there's no better person to ask than an astronaut! What do you think the single, most beneficial aspect of spaceflight is?

That's all I have! Keep on being awesome, and know that you are doing what many of us dream of!

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  1. What accomplishment are you most proud of, both personally and professionally?
  2. How do you think food TV programming has changed since the original run of GE, and where do you see it going?
  3. What makes a good meal?

Thanks so much for doing this - I've always loved good eats, and Cutthroat Kitchen is almost always on in the background when people are home for the holidays. Such an enjoyable show, no doubt due to your presence.

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If you could go back to 1990 and change one thing about how the web developed, what would it be?

Personally, I would have introduced alternative financing models early on in order to avoid the expectation that web content be free, and therefore driving companies to seek other streams of revenue, i.e. collecting and selling data. I think this set up a bad incentive structure early on.

What would you change?

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First, I want to say thanks for all the great content you put out. Buying the Food Lab cookbook made completely changed the way I cook and I now consider it a hobby of mine (beyond just weeknight dinners).

A few questions:

  1. What do you think is the most overlooked spice in kitchens? Anything big people are missing out on beyond the basics?

  2. What’s the most surprising piece of conventional kitchen wisdom you’ve found to not hold up under scrutiny?

  3. Favorite cocktail?

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Hey guys,

First, I'd like to get the usual "I'm a big fan of your work" out of the way. I discovered your podcasts on a trip to Michigan a few years back when there were still only about 100 episodes, and I've been a fan since. Keep up the good work!

You two seem pretty interesting, so I'll ask a few questions, answer any or all or none:

  1. Which are each of your guys' favorite books (if you had to choose)?

  2. Which episode do you think was your best, and which would you like to revisit at some point?

  3. Who would win in a fight between you two?

  4. What is the process of researching a topic like? How prepared are you all going into a podcast? Have there been times where you scrap a topic because its just not going well?