Well, I've noticed some others doing this but a whole lot of shenanigans go down at the Waffle House late at night.

My responses may slow down a bit guys but I'll still answer some off an on!

/u/Waffle_Ambasador is hosting a iAmA as well! Here's the link

The bright side is they're a district and probably have even more interesting stories than me, haha.

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bootoonoo4582 karma

Why aren't you working?

not_a_manager2004 karma

Man, I really hope I'm not in trouble for this.

Could I interested you in a Coke Cola? My treat.

not_a_manager2706 karma

Third shifter here who still hasn't gone to sleep. lol

BetterThanOP3743 karma

Do you know that we're all stoned?

not_a_manager5969 karma

Do you know we're probably even more stoned?

joe-h2o3103 karma

I'm from the UK and Waffle House is one of my very favourite places in the US. A couple of years ago I wanted to get a souvenir and asked if the coffee mugs were for sale. Our waitress said "sure, 5 bucks" and I gladly bought one. I've always wondered if they really are for sale, or if she was just feeling particularly entrepreneurial that evening? - not that I'm complaining! We left $20 on a $15 check either way.


Second edit: it seems my phrasing about the tip was off. The check was $15, we left $35 in cash on the table. I gave the waitress $5 in cash directly in exchange for the mug.

not_a_manager3258 karma

Probably entrepreneurial.

I had a lady ask if she could buy our shitty version of A1 steak sauce, I found an unopened one and told her 2 bucks, she gave me a fiver for it then left a 16 dollar tip.

To be fair she was drunk off her ass but still, god I wish she'd come in more often like that.

rentagirl08835 karma

Used to work at a WH. They're literally 5 bucks. And you have to put it on a separate ticket and stuff it in the drop box.

not_a_manager802 karma

I guess ours are different, we only sell mugs forreal where it goes to the company is around Christmas time when they have the limited edition ones.

WastedKnowledge2987 karma

Do you secretly judge people who order a double chocolate chip waffle?

not_a_manager3495 karma

Actually I'm more like "that's it?", even though I do know how filling they are.

NiceAndSoft_NonErect2296 karma

My buddies once bet me that if I ate $25 worth of food, they'd pay for all of it. I did it but it was a painful experience. My question is, what is the most you've ever seen anyone eat at Waffle House? I like to think I'm pretty high on the list of food consumed

not_a_manager3742 karma

Probably a double hashbrown double covered with cheese and ham, 16, yes 16 scrambled eggs with cheese and ham and a piece of chicken. No toast though already had his carbs for the day.

Hipster-Stalin2140 karma

What's the secret ingredient that makes everything so damn good?

not_a_manager5104 karma

Liquor probably

Putitclose2073 karma

Is the blueberry waffle going to come back?

not_a_manager3739 karma

If Waffle House realizes the stupidest thing they've ever done is get rid of them; maybe.

amda881996 karma

Is everyone really supposed to dance if someone plays Grill Operator on the juke box? I tried it and nothing happened.

not_a_manager3795 karma

No we don't get paid enough lol.

utspg19801007 karma

How much would they have to pay you for you to dance whenever the song comes on?

not_a_manager2935 karma

Honestly I'd take a 20 to do the stupid penguin-waddle like dance I already do that my co-workers laugh at.

CaptainSomeGuy1825 karma

Are you concerned about the stability of the house, being made of waffles and all?

not_a_manager3616 karma

Nah I feel like we got the upper hand on pancake hut.

alcashmoney1712 karma

How often does someone throw up from being too drunk?

not_a_manager2206 karma

I'd say once or twice a week? Courteous customers make it into the toilets or in the grass. Otherwise it's all over the walls and shitter of the bathroom or in the parking lot for the cooks to clean up.

c0de76834 karma

Do the cooks have to clean up vomit only or do they perform other janitorial duties?

not_a_manager1592 karma

The cooks sweep and clean the parking lot around shift change so when they puke on the pavement that's their job, if they puke in the resturant that's ours.

Sporkeldee1471 karma

why can't i get pancakes made from waffle batter?

not_a_manager2703 karma

We have a regular we actually do make pancakes for, but honestly if we were caught doing it we'd be in deep shit.

hedgehogsinhats1291 karma

Americans have a restaurant with nothing but waffles? How do I go about moving to this place?

not_a_manager1859 karma

Haha, we have other stuff too like hash browns and eggs. But to go about moving your best bet would be Atlanta I hear they got one on every corner.

BrobearBerbil1180 karma

How do you feel about people playing the Waffle House songs on the jukebox?

not_a_manager2613 karma

I'd rather hear "werk werk werk werk werk" on replay for an hour than two minutes of "raaasisins, raaaasins in my toast"

OMGLMAOWTF_com1040 karma

How often do people ask to talk to a manager?

Also, where do you guys get the crack that you put in your coffee?

not_a_manager1532 karma

We run a decent shift so it doesn't regularly happen, hell i'd probably say 3 times a month.

All in the bean baby.

Ryaubee1032 karma

Best thing to order at Waffle House?

Best waffle?

not_a_manager1877 karma

Probably the cheesesteak if I had to recommend anything, best deal though is the all-star since you get a waffle for just .75 ¢ more! What a steal.

It was the crunch berry waffle, blueberry and strawberry mixed together. Until those damn corporate bastards took them both away because of food cost. Which was probably the stupidest thing ever.

tbird4122860 karma

Or if you're a regular and know how to eat cheaply, get Originals with no cheese. $1 burger. And a water. Then tip your waitress 100%. $4 meal and once you become a regular the waitresses will give you soda and put a "W" on the ticket.

And after a while the cook has those originals going before you even get in the door when you pull up.

I get mine with toasted buns. Easier for the cook and not greasy and burnt buns.

Oh, and do NOT FUCKING COMPLAIN. If your original is a bit too done, your bun is stale, etc. STFU, you're eating a dollar burger. Get over it.

EDIT: Thanks anonymous Waffle House person. Now when I go to breakfast tomorrow and get my triple over medium sub grits for double toast dry light wheat I will open reddit on my phone and show my people there that I got gilded over a waffle house discussion!!!

not_a_manager1976 karma

This man gets it.

Thestigsfatcousin957 karma


not_a_manager2048 karma

You can absolutely take a coffee cup that means I have one less cup to wash. If you have a cool waitress/waiter and ask if you can buy one they may just tell you to stick it in your pocket, otherwise just steal it, we may just call you "it's that one guy that took the coffee cup." Lol

I can most certainly say it's probably because of the cooks, it gets hot as shit up on that grill line especially when it's busy and you got a lot of bodies behind the counter.

I even get super hot and sweaty running around, making coffee, setting people up while getting the high bar drinks then having to rush over to take my food out.

nowhereman136931 karma

I work at a local Italian restaurant and eat there on my off days all the time. Do you ever go to waffle house on your off days just for a meal?

not_a_manager2015 karma

Absolutely because my co-workers are angels that don't charge me even though they're supposed to haha.

I always leave a fat tip though obviously

Edit; I see this is looked down upon, but honestly it's not as if I order out of my means and I always leave enough for the price and then some. If they don't choose to write me a ticket I'm not going to break their arm about it.

dicerollingprogram904 karma

I got my first old fashioned in the parking lot of a waffle house. I remember reading an article that wafflehouses have a strange ordering system, based on putting butterpackets and shit on the plates in different areas or something like that. Any credibility to that statement?

not_a_manager1360 karma

Ha, nice man.

But yeah totally, we got a system for how we call out orders and how shit goes out.

Where the jelly is placed dictates how the eggs are cooked, jelly type determines toast, and a whole bunch of other complicated stuff lol

Mikkels479 karma

Ok, I'll ask. What's an old fashioned?

not_a_manager1676 karma

Not the right person but I just assumed it was a handy.

MegaMagikarp863 karma

Any weird stories about sketchy people that you remember?

not_a_manager2279 karma

Plenty. Most sketchy and recent happened just a few days ago. Some dude stumbled in, went to the men's room, was in there an hour before a cook banged on the door telling him if he wasn't going to eat get the hell out of dodge. After yelling five more minutes the dude left, cook checked back in the restroom, dirty needles and blood everywhere, was not pretty from what I've heard.

Saith_Cassus843 karma

Have you ever had to call the police to your Waffle House? What happened that you needed them?

not_a_manager1248 karma

Police have been called 3 times in the time I've worked there, only once were they useful so we don't bother most of the time.

Saith_Cassus498 karma

But dude-- deets! Why did you have to call the police in the first place? What went down?

not_a_manager1156 karma

Two punk ass kids drove up next to this old man who collected cans on his bicycle and beat the shit out of him, cook and the other waitress ran out and chased them off while I dialed 911.

alyalyatwork744 karma

What should I never order from you?

not_a_manager1659 karma

I, personally hate making salads because we have no fucking shredded cheese. I mean what kind of fucking shit is that? we have to cut cheese slices, cheese slices for salads.

It actually tastes alright though lol.

FatherJuanX739 karma

Have you ever engaged in sex with a customer in the restaurant?

not_a_manager1332 karma

Strangely no, I've asked my favorite co-workers to join me though.

Pirate_Redbeard516 karma


not_a_manager1635 karma

They laugh me off like usual, hurts me to my very soul. :(

Ohm_eye_God556 karma

Are the steaks frozen or fresh?

not_a_manager1215 karma

Frozen sadly, they still taste good though to me. I'm no food connoisseur however. Bonus; probably everything tastes fresh when you're drunk.

cosmo_bear470 karma

What's your opinion on the hit Waffle house jukebox single "Raisins in my Toast?" And furthermore, what's your opinion of the person who plays it 5 times straight, throws in 1 of Marvin Gaye's "Let's get it on," and then plays "Raisins in my Toast" 5 more times.

not_a_manager1462 karma

I'd rather be cunt-pounded by a steel beam than listen to it.

pm_me_whateva464 karma

Everyone there at night is just coming off a party, right? Are there folks who just legit want eggs and bacon while sober?

not_a_manager1006 karma

Actually yes, most people getting off work from warehouses or bartenders themselves. We get occasional sober strippers too.

inked-gold379 karma

I know in Texas you're not supposed to smoke in restaurants, but every time I've gone to a Waffle House outside of Dallas (late at night) when someone starts smoking they pull out an ashtray for them.

Does this happen everywhere or is it only in Texas?

not_a_manager719 karma

I guess only in Texas.

Most people here have common courtesy not to smoke but if they ask if they can; after that whole ordeal with that waitress getting shot in the head over telling some guy not to smoke, we tell 'em "we didn't see nothin'."

tooken2369 karma

Do you get a lot of pick up to go orders?

not_a_manager894 karma

Ugh yes, I don't like to-go orders that often unless they come in and place it, mostly because answering the phone and THEN being put on hold because they actually didn't know what they wanted before they called backs me up majorly. (even a bigger fuck you to me if theres multiple people in the background wanting something)

Ain't nobody got time for that.

dontaxmebro360 karma

Do you like waffles?

not_a_manager1588 karma

My ten year old self's old password was iwuvvleswaffles.

My ten year old self can go fuck themselves.

imdefnotaterrorist348 karma

Have you ever me Bert, creator of the most decadent chili on this great earth?

not_a_manager419 karma

No, :(

I don't think anybody in my store has actually met him not even the managers, I'll have to ask the district if I ever get the chance to see him again.

awesomejustin325 karma

I like your mugs. How much do you care if I just take one with me when I leave?

not_a_manager1585 karma

What mug.

FatherJuanX319 karma

Did they accept your offer?

not_a_manager729 karma

No. :( I've gotten pretty much everyone I've asked though to see my tits since I got them pierced. That's rewarding.

LoggJamminn273 karma

Ever see a fight break out?

not_a_manager855 karma


I've found out bitches can't throw worth shit.

Bird_Dawg270 karma

What is the secret to eggs scrambled with cheese?!? They seem so simple, but I try to make them at home and its just a symphony of disappointment.

not_a_manager680 karma

Probably the mini cast iron skittle we have, all it takes is your eggs, two slices of American cheese and put it in after its melted and stir.

I'm stealing one once I quit.

Not_Joshy250 karma

Favorite way to do hashbrowns? Any secret menu combos people should know about?

not_a_manager420 karma

Personally I like them well, in the ring, smothered and with worcestershire.

As for secret menu we actually have this pricing chart with a lot of stuff that isn't actually on the menu. Like chicken omelettes, waffle sandwiches, etc

colorcoma240 karma

What is the most common order? Is there any secret menu items the public may not know?

not_a_manager387 karma

All-star definitely because you get the most for your buck.

Like in a earlier comment we have a price chart with stuff that isn't even on the menu but it isn't that much.

Like chicken omelettes, waffle sandwiches, etc

not_a_manager193 karma

Ate pepper spray for the fun of it, guy said it was a great show got 15 dollars.

10gauge191 karma

Why does it seem like everyone that works at waffle house is missing teeth?

not_a_manager1011 karma

They got in a fight with meth and lost.

chockfulloffeels132 karma

What is your average tip percentage? Average sales?

not_a_manager316 karma

Honestly on a good night I can do 500 by myself in my tiny section, and make 25% back. This is all dependent on what's going on in town, seasons, and how many waitresses there are.

treblebeard122 karma

Does your location never have pie too? Chocolate creme pie seems so rare and I've heard employees save most pieces for themselves since it's not always available.

not_a_manager240 karma

That is severely accurate, haha.

We have one customer we call the pie guy and try to hide a piece of chocolate pie for him.

MuffinMan0420112 karma

Best/worst customer experience?

not_a_manager436 karma

Well, this really drunk lady and her surprisingly sober husband came in one night.

Like she's wobbling in through the front door and we're all like, "Oh boy" she sit's in my section, yay.

Now I'm a pretty laid back person, not aggressive at all and I take things lightly, I get their drinks and she asks if she can hug me, I say, "Yeah of course." She leans over the booth and hugs be, it's alright here but then here's how the rest goes,

"Does this make you uncomfortable?"

"Eh, not really I've had worse." I respond loosening myself from the hug.

"Well I can make you really uncomfortable." Then proceeds to shove her whole tongue into my ear.

Then after is all said and done and I had sanitized my ear and taken their order she starts asking the other waitresses if they want to "Get assaulted" too.

snarky_answer108 karma

What's the largest tip you have ever gotten? I say this because I got hammered out on town in Kansas City and made my way back to a city in Missouri called belton. I ordered about 30 dollars worth of food for myself and took two bites of food and then left 200 dollars and walked out. It hurt the next morning when I realized what I did but some sassy black lady got a nice tip.

not_a_manager129 karma

Fifty smackaoonies on Christmas eve, boy was I proud of that sucker, still am. I can only hope I'll get a bigger one than that one day, haha.

letsgetnudibranch62 karma

Hold up scuse me ma'am, what come on a sausage biscuit?

not_a_manager311 karma

Me if you're lucky.

risunokairu61 karma

Why do I stop getting refills after the check is dropped at the table?

not_a_manager159 karma

Policy is if you haven't order anything to eat you only get two refills, but if you do get something it's unlimited.

Assuming you did, and it wasn't busy your server was lazy, or I hate to say it shitty. If it was busy, they should've still made rounds to see if you needed one.

Sorry man.

adrianmesc60 karma

I went to a Waffle House for the first time a year ago and tried to order a beer. My friend and the waitress laughed at me. Is this common? Please comment

not_a_manager121 karma

Yeah, every time somebody asks for a budlight or rum n' coke, anything I just tell 'em we're out. I still enjoy the joke but I bet I won't the longer I work here haha.

KingerBeady55 karma

Have any famous celebrities dropped into your Waffle House? If so, how was your encounter with them?

not_a_manager109 karma

We have one celebrity I guess you'd call him that comes in every once in awhile, his names Dusty he's a rapper I think?

spicybois181 karma

DUSTY THE RAPPER? Holy shit. I have no idea who that is.

not_a_manager156 karma

Me neither and I wait on him.

Ecjg201048 karma

Why were you banned from IAma?

not_a_manager80 karma

No idea but it was pretty much a one time thing so I don't mind, I'll just do back to lurking like usual.

Jpandrg41 karma

Have you yourself, or any of your customers, actually made a house out of waffles?

not_a_manager217 karma

No but I made a waffle dick, put it in the fridge and forgot about it and my boss found it. whoops.

Mayor_of_Istanbul37 karma

What is the strangest thing you've witnessed at waffle house?

not_a_manager163 karma

Apparently long ago there was a customer that was really good at drawing anime and he jerked himself off under the table to his drawings.

Azami_Nevinyrall35 karma

Sex in the work place, what (if anything) goes on?

(I'd like to know all the know, for science!)

not_a_manager79 karma

If anyone want's to hear the story you'll have to privately PM me reasons, haha.

beaujangles72723 karma

I heard Waffle House cooks make a very good salary especially in high volume areas +60k a year. Is there any truth to this that you know?

not_a_manager43 karma

Man I wanna be a cook where they are!

That's not true in my area at all, it's more than minimum wage though so that's good I guess.

dremasterfanto18 karma

How do you feel about this?

not_a_manager19 karma

I'm surprised they let him stay in there.

AK_Happy6 karma

How many teeth do you have? If the answer is > 20, you've got upper management written all over you.

not_a_manager21 karma

I want my promotion by tomorrow then.

DrinkslikeanAMERICAN4 karma

Do you enjoy the song Sturgill Simpson & Steven Colbert did about the awful waffle?

not_a_manager6 karma

Haven't heard it actually, I know one of my bosses likes it though.

Akimanki1 karma

Are you the manager?

not_a_manager1 karma

Nope, simple waitress lol

NotPartOfFBI1 karma

I went inside a Waffle House a few days ago and asked the cashier is there's Pokémon inside as a prank. Do you get more people like this?

not_a_manager1 karma

Not really, me, other co workers and customers talk about the gyms nearby and what we've caught and where though.