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Have you ever had to call the police to your Waffle House? What happened that you needed them?

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But dude-- deets! Why did you have to call the police in the first place? What went down?

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He was intentionally unoriginal. The story is based heavily upon The Hidden Fortress, and the characters are archetypes based upon The Hero With a Thousand Faces. When he was still planning Star Wars, he cut clips from various films-- including war movies like The Dam Busters, but also westerns, noir, and romance stories-- to create what was more or less the grandfather of the animatic storyboard.

Lucas gets a lot of crap, and it's warranted in some cases (his dialogue is terrible), but to his credit, he's great at visuals and visual storytelling. He really nails it for the action sequences.

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Or the delicious factor!

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Those are comedy bronze mines, you shut your mouth!