I’ve spent the past sixteen years researching the secrets of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, makeup artists, and dietitians. I’ve heard some pretty crazy requests and trends from clients and and celebrities, like leech therapy, freezing fat, and stacked breast implants.

Here’s my proof: http://imgur.com/scH7eex

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zestaytaco4267 karma

So seriously. My uhhh friends dick bends pretty seriously to the left.. is there any options on straightening? No length gain required just some straightening? What are my options. I mean his options

TonyYounMD5431 karma

Not my field. I stay away from genital surgery, which is becoming more and more popular. Maybe tape a straight stick to it! ;-)

lordeddardstark4081 karma

Maybe tape a straight stick to it! ;-)

Now this here's a very sound medical advice if I ever saw one

TonyYounMD830 karma

If you don't like it, check out my recommendation below.

CrimsonSoldior464 karma

I second this. For uhhhh, a science project. Just wanna know if it's possible. You know. For science.

TonyYounMD1240 karma

There are actually real treatments where a weight is attached to the penis for many hours a day after a penile ligament is cut, in order to lengthen the johnson. Never seen it or done it, but heard about it.

Troppin834 karma

What if I just tug at it all day long?

lordeddardstark1492 karma

if this works then redditors would have the longest wangs in the world

TonyYounMD1368 karma

I love that your name is Lord Eddard Stark!

flammablepenguins3585 karma

If you could attempt any surgery with no repercussions if something went wrong, what would you like to try?

Edit: Thanks for the gold stranger, very cool of you!

Edit 2: Thanks for the response. BTW if you ever want to make this a reality give me a shout. (Retractable Wolverine claws for the lazy)

TonyYounMD65 karma

Hmm. Hard one... I'd love to figure out how to attach retractable adamantium steel claws onto a dude's wrists. But they probably wouldn't work and Huge Jackman wouldn't be happy.

RoosterSamurai2971 karma

What do you have to say about parents seeking cosmetic surgery for children?

TonyYounMD5666 karma

I would say that the parent should see a therapist and/or have someone slap him/her.

RoosterSamurai2145 karma

I really appreciate the honesty. I like this answer. Thank you!

TonyYounMD1761 karma

Thank you!

silentangel99518 karma

Love this!

TonyYounMD3055 karma

I once had a parent call to make an appointment for her son. She was Korean and claimed her son wanted Asian eyelid surgery (to make an extra fold to look more Caucasian). He was only seven! I told her she had major problems and I would never do that to him!

amaninja2220 karma

What are qualifications (or red flags) patients should look for in a plastic surgeon for purely cosmetic issues?

TonyYounMD2970 karma

Awesome question!!! Probably the most important one of all. I give an in-depth guide to choosing a plastic surgeon in my new book "The Age Fix" but here are the mandatories: 1. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery 2. Member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 3. Good before-and-afters and spends time with you in the consult. 4. He/she seems trustworthy and doesn't operate in a strip mall 5. Shirt isn't unbuttoned down to the belly button. More in my book! http://www.dryoun.com/books/the-age-fix/


Has anyone ever try to pull a "Fight Club" and steal fat?

TonyYounMD3992 karma

There was once a doc in LA who claimed to use his patients' liposuctioned fat to power his car. He called it "Biofuel." The only car I know of that could run on Biofuel was the old AMC Pacer pieces of crap. Anyways, his office was raided by the cops and last I heard he fled to South America!

pm_pee_pics1726 karma

What is the craziest surgery request you have gotten?

TonyYounMD3829 karma

I've had a lot of people ask me for wings. Like, turn them into the X-Men character The Angel. And they believe it's possible. The next craziest thing someone asked for was to look like Kim Kardashian.

lost_in_life_341718 karma

Have you done anal bleaching?

TonyYounMD3108 karma

Why do you want to know? ;-)


Haha, you're now my favorite doctor.

TonyYounMD1845 karma

I've always wondered what people use for this. I've met Tabitha Stevens a few times. She's the porn star who had anal bleaching on Dr. 90210. Never had a chance to ask her what they did, though...

NotoriousDSG1564 karma

What's the most cost effective way for someone to improve their beauty?

TonyYounMD3615 karma

The easiest and most cost effective way to improve your beauty is: 1. Limit your sugar intake. Sugar is the worst food for your skin. 2. Apply a Vitamin A cream before bed (tretinoin (prescription strength) or retinol) 3. Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times per week. I give cost-effective options for exfoliation in my book The Age Fix.

silentangel99853 karma

Is it too late to stop the sugar intake after a certain age?

TonyYounMD1966 karma

It's never too late! And it's not just sugary desserts and candy to avoid. Switch from white to whole wheat (if no gluten problem) to slow down the sugar spikes that can be damaging long term.

SeriesOfAdjectives1376 karma

Your title made me curious, that you've seen it all in your career :) What is the wildest thing you've experienced in that respect?

TonyYounMD3204 karma

I've used leeches to save nipples that were about to die, I've counseled women who had industrial strength silicone injected into them in hotel rooms, I've seen maggot infested wounds, I almost got lice from a patient, I've seen genital warts the size of cauliflower heads, and have had patients hit on me, ask to set me up with their children (I'm married), threaten to hit me with their car, and ruin my career so that the only people who would let me operate on them are "the whores!" Seriously.

HorseAFC1277 karma

I've used leeches to save nipples that were about to die

Nipples can die? How did the leeches help?

TonyYounMD1888 karma

Leeches act as a 'vein' to drain out the clogged up blood. All plastic surgeons have them in their 'back pocket' in case all hell breaks loose and the surgery goes down the tubes. Thankfully I've never had to use them in private practice. I tell a story about this in my first book "In Stitches" - the chapter is called "Beverly Hills Bloodsuckers" Here is an excerpt! http://www.dryoun.com/books/in-stitches/excerpts/beverly-hills-bloodsuckers/

silentangel99380 karma

I'm in awe of you.

TonyYounMD1167 karma

Be more in awe of the people who walk through my door

TonyYounMD1611 karma

I'm actually pretty normal.

daidougei983 karma

Where do you see cosmetic surgery going in the next 16 years? Any trends you've noticed in the last 16?

TonyYounMD1898 karma

The trends are all towards not having surgery. The numbers of people undergoing actual surgery is rising very slowly, whereas the number of people undergoing nonsurgical procedures (Botox, filler, lasers, IPL, radiofrequency, chemical peels, etc.) has exploded. This is definitely the future of plastic surgery: looking better without actual surgery!

silentangel99488 karma

I'm so afraid of a chemical peel though I have been wanting one. I'm afraid they may over do it.

TonyYounMD980 karma

There are lots of chemical peels, from lunchtime to really aggressive. Start slow, then work your way up. If you have dark skin, though, proceed with caution. You don't want to end up looking like you've seen a ghost!

christopher1393934 karma

After doing plastic surgery has a client ever absolutely hated it?

Like you gave them exactly what they wanted but they didn't like it as much as they thought or it looked different on them then they would have imagined so they blamed you?

And if yes, what course of action did they take? Demand their money back, demand to have it undone, sue you, etc?

TonyYounMD1751 karma

As a plastic surgeon who has operated on thousands of patients, I'm sure some (a small percentage) have been unhappy with the results. I honestly try to do anything reasonable to make it better, if it's possible to improve it. The problem comes when it's not possible to improve it. You can't take away scars. You can't always change what God gave you. Sometimes people have BDD and have a skewed, unrealistic view of how they look. These are the mos difficult cases. Knock on wood, I've never been sued. But I know I will get sued someday. It's the unfortunate nature of medicine nowadays. :-(

trippin113884 karma

Have you ever talked anyone out of surgery?

TonyYounMD1891 karma

I've talked a lot of people out of surgery! About 1 out of every 5 people I see in consultation are told no. So many people have issues which can be treated non-surgically, as well. For every 100 patients in my practice, only about 10 are surgical patients. It's crazy how many options we have for looking younger and better without surgery!

karlkeeloyd787 karma

What’s the craziest celebrity beauty trend you’ve heard of?

TonyYounMD1069 karma

There are lots of them! Reportedly Demi Moore underwent leech therapy many years ago!

AdaptiveHoneybee781 karma

How much will a scrotum lift cost me?

TonyYounMD2138 karma

I hear these are starting to get popular. Never have done one. I have no desire to look and cut on dudes' ballsacks.

silentangel99772 karma

Is a tummy tuck truly worth it? I dream of a flat belly but just don't see it happening.

TonyYounMD1505 karma

Tummy tucks are big operations that usually entail a 2-3 week recovery and create long, permanent scars. But they create big results. If you've had children or lost a lot of weight, and your tummy has skin that's saggy and excessive, then it's very effective at flattening the tummy. Diet and exercise don't tighten skin. But keep in mind it's big surgery with big recovery!

NDoilworker721 karma

How filthy fuckin rich are you?

TonyYounMD1825 karma

The average full time plastic surgeon makes about $300,000 per year. I know of some plastic surgeons that make a lot less, and some that I suspect make $5 million a year (but only a couple). Only my wife and accountant know how much I make. But keep in mind, I work in Metro Detroit, not L.A. or Miami.

Kevin-P721 karma

How common is it for people to try evening out their breasts, and after this surgery, can you tell that they have been modified? Is this a fairly simple procedure or more difficult?

TonyYounMD1145 karma

It all depends on the situation. Many, many women (and some men) have uneven breasts. Some of these can be treated pretty simply (different size breast implants) and other assymetries require breast lifts or can't be completely corrected. Sorry I can't be more specific, but breasts come in all size, shapes, and nipples!

HempCO719709 karma

Is your life at all, like the tv show Nip/Tuck?

TonyYounMD3793 karma

Yes, it's exactly like Nip/Tuck. I saw one episode of that show where one of the doctors killed someone and got in a fight and attacked the other person with a syringe of Botox. He ended up losing the fight and had the Botox injected into his face instead, leaving it droopy and funny-looking. These things happen to me all the time!

friendsareshit651 karma

I remember as a kid seeing something on TV about a boob job, and they showed a picture of the patients breasts -- after they'd removed her nipples. (They.. put them back, I'm sure.) Keep in mind I was very young so the memory is vague, although I'm positive it was not a horror movie. Do you actually cut nipples off during boob jobs? If yes, what is the reason for this?

TonyYounMD1052 karma

In very rare cases the nipples are removed during surgery and placed back on as a 'free nipple graft' where it is a skin graft. This occurs in extreme breast reduction surgery where the breasts are so long that they may hover near the waist band area. Not sure where you saw this, though!!!

sleepingsysadmin648 karma

How many surgeries to fix arseface? http://i.imgur.com/ehrNWGC.jpg

TonyYounMD822 karma

Wow, that's a tough one! Maybe remake the mouth using two radial forearm free flaps (taking skin from the arms and using it to make lips).

Ennion442 karma

I have learned from Salvador Dali that the creases around your mouth are as unique as your fingerprints.

TonyYounMD349 karma

I love Dali, but haven't heard this! Interesting!

dezboi605 karma

Can a bald guy have a face lift since there's no hairline to hide the scars? My 'friend' wants to know.

TonyYounMD1034 karma

Sorry, but bald men (and Sinead O'Connor) have a hard time hiding the scars of a facelift. Even worse would be the scars of a browlift! I suppose you could wear makeup to cover the scars, but this would get tedious. I've done a lot of facelifts on men, some with short hair (like cops!) but none of them have actually been bald.

PhilMcCoq562 karma

I know a girl that got plastic surgery at 14. How young was the youngest person you gave plastic surgery?

TonyYounMD1508 karma

I don't perform cosmetic procedures on anyone under 18. I have performed breast reductions on teenage girls with really, really large breasts and back pain though.

davesoverhere538 karma

What work are you the most proud of?

TonyYounMD2181 karma

Honestly, I'm most proud of the hundreds and hundreds of people I've got off cigarettes. I give them a choice: smoking or plastic surgery. Almost all of them choose plastic surgery. Best thing I've done for people, giving them many more healthy years!

UncleWillie408 karma

All I ever see are examples of terrible looking fake cosmetic surgery. Can you give an example of some very well done jobs?

TonyYounMD919 karma

The well-done jobs look so good you can't tell they've been done! I have no evidence, but I bet the following celebs have had: Helen Mirren - facelift Madonna- facelift Julia Roberts- nose job Julie Bowen - breast implant Jennifer Aniston - nose job And they all look great! (Yes, that includes Madonna)

clutch_batman408 karma

In the future do you see it happening to where people who have passed away can donate their faces??? Like in GOT where somebodies face gets removed with carefull craftsmanship, and then that face implanted in somebody else. We've seeing the face transplant that happened in NY, but do you think the process could someday be as regular, and as perfected as breast implants? All out of curiosity, Game of Thrones got me interested in the concept of that happening :)

TonyYounMD1020 karma

I LOVE Game of Thrones! I hope Arya doesn't die and she eventually gets back to Westeros and teams up with the Hound. Anyways, yes, they are already doing face transplants. I talked about it on HLN several months ago. Crazy stuff! And real!


How hard was it for you to become a plastic surgeon? Especially in regards to the required schooling/education. And what's your opinion on the job outlook for plastic surgery?

TonyYounMD682 karma

It's a long, hard process to become a plastic surgeon but well worth it in the end. I wrote about this in my first book "In Stitches." Four years med school, 6 years of residency. It's very competitive to get spots, and with the poor state of health care today (for doctors) I think more and more docs will go into cosmetic medicine as a way to void the hassles of dealing with insurance.

Troppin340 karma

reconstructed and enhanced over 5000 faces, breasts, and bodies.

Does a set of titties count as one or two?

TonyYounMD696 karma

Two, of course. Some people only get one done, so should that count as 1/2?

Troppin508 karma

Fair enough. You obviously have thought about breasts more than I have.


TonyYounMD847 karma


ThatsMyHoverboard326 karma

What's the heaviest plastic surgury you've done on someone, either reductions or new parts or really just anything?

TonyYounMD540 karma

I once took 25 pounds off someone's tummy. If you watched "The Doctors" today, I was on performing a tummy tuck that removed 20 lbs. Big surgery!

damianted314 karma

Whats the measurement of an ass after you have performed an implant? Do guys ever get ass-plants?

TonyYounMD635 karma

I've never heard of a guy getting buttock implants. Lots of women do, though. There are complex measurements, believe it or not, and classifications for the shape of butts. (Heart shaped, Square, Shelf, etc.) But never heard of a guy wanting it. Are you interested?

PhilMcCoq302 karma

What's the weirdest thing someone's asked you to do? Did you do it?

TonyYounMD617 karma

Please see my story about the Wings above. I've also been challenged to a fight by the Lizard Man. I turned it down.

actuarally269 karma

Any non surgical treatments for the dreaded double chin? No matter how much I work out or diet, the family curse has claimed me.

TonyYounMD264 karma

Yes! Try looking into Kybella - injections to melt double chin fat. I give a ton of nonsurgical treatments in my new book The Age Fix: http://www.dryoun.com/books/the-age-fix/

sandersidle268 karma

If I wanted breast implants, is it true you can go in through my arm pit? I scar super easily so I can't imagine having scars around my nipples or under my boobs.

TonyYounMD483 karma

I don't do the trans-axillary breast augmentations anymore. The risks of complications are higher, and it's very difficult to stuff a silicone implant through the armpit (although I know some docs do). I typically use a scar under the breast, which studies are revealing has a lower risk of capsular contracture (the most common complication of breast implants). My scars range from 3 cm to 4 cm long, so not too bad. I give a ton of info about breast implants in my new book "The Age Fix" http://www.dryoun.com/books/the-age-fix/

leclittoris238 karma

Serious question. If I get a nose job done, will that make it very sensitive to where if I'd get in a fight it'd be really fragile? So, if I wanted to do MMA, possible?

TonyYounMD674 karma

Yes, it's possible that it will be more fragile afterwards. IF the bone is broken during surgery (which it often is) then it will probably never be as strong / stable as it was before surgery. Ask your plastic surgeon about this for more info. Are you sure you want to do MMA? The info coming out on concussions is scary!

kjoro225 karma

Have you heard from your clients months/years later? Are they usually glad that they did or did not go with the procedure?

TonyYounMD314 karma

I've been in practice now for 12 years, and I see a lot of people who've been regulars in my practice for 10+ years. Usually they see my aesthetician and/or nurse for non-surgical treatments. I have reversed some surgeries (like taken out breast implants) but these are few and far between!

Grls_PM_Me_You_Peein210 karma

where does your lap go when you stand up?

turnpot369 karma

It hangs there, but I hear you can get it removed laproscopically

TonyYounMD306 karma

Nice pun!

hdnafksg203 karma

What do you do with the fat that is not used?

TonyYounMD435 karma

We throw it out. Not sure what the hospital does with it afterwards. Burn it? That would smell so bad!

samwise0912192 karma

On a personal level, what is your favorite movie?

TonyYounMD492 karma

All time: Grease (Loved it since I was a kid. Olivia Newton John is the bomb!) Also: Die Hard, Star Wars trilogy (4-6), Lord of the Rings trilogy, Before Sunrise/Sunset, Marvel Superhero movies. Recently: Loved Room, Revenant, Boyhood, The Artist.

Powermonger_187 karma

Do you ever turn anyone away or try to discourage anyone who asks for surgery if you don't think they need it? By this I mean surgery for adults.

TonyYounMD546 karma

Yes, the classic person who gets a 'no' is the person with unrealistic expectations. I had a guy who weighed 400 lbs with a massive belly walk in, sweating and wheezing, sat in the chair and said, "I need to get rid of all this blubber!!" I turned him down. Diet and exercise can do amazing things, much more amazing that I can do with a liposuction cannula.

TheBigItaly175 karma

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!

Do you think women should always go slighter big or smaller when deciding on breast implants? Thanks

TonyYounMD346 karma

Great question. Depends on what size you start with. If you pick a reasonable size, and can't decide between two sizes, then pick the bigger of the two. If you are already looking at a big chest (D or DD) then keep in mind that the bigger the breasts, the heavier they are and the greater the chance of back pain, drooping, and sagging. In that case, I recommend going as small as you know will still make you happy. That way they stay looking young as long as possible.

karlkeeloyd162 karma

When I think of plastic surgery I often default to the skill being used for strictly cosmetic, which i know isn't true but do you have any stories or have you ever performed surgeries after traumatic accidents, or for charity purposes that really changed a life in terms of a need instead of want situation?

TonyYounMD198 karma

Check out this video from today's "Doctors." It's a tummy tuck I performed: http://www.thedoctorstv.com/videos/one-woman-s-incredible-weight-loss-journey I also take call in the ER, and see dog bites, accidents, etc.

tama_chan99 karma

Dr Youn, how are you?

In 2013 You saved my wife's life by repairing her face after a dog attack. The surgery you did to reconstruct the damage was amazing.

I'm forever in your debt and will never forgot what you did for my wife.

TonyYounMD45 karma

Thank you for your nice comment. That's great to hear. I hope you both are doing well!

tkk6209 karma

What will your PBS show be about?

TonyYounMD13 karma

MY PBS Show is called "The Age Fix" and is all about superfoods for your skin. I also reveal certain popular treatments that don't work (busting the myths) and reveal exactly what you should apply to your skin to keep it looking young.

MegaMagikarp3 karma

Have you ever had anything go wrong in any surgery resulting in a botched procedure?

TonyYounMD8 karma

I would love to say no, but every plastic surgeon, no matter how good he or she is, has some bad results. Patients don't heal the same way, infections happen, scars don't heal like they should, etc. The measure of the doc is whether that doc tries to make it look as good as possible, sometimes with a revision.

BasedLx2 karma

How selective are plastic surgery residencies? Or do you have to be a general surgeon first and then specialize?

TonyYounMD3 karma

Some residencies are integrated now, where you do both general and plastic throughout 6 years. Others are more of a 3 year fellowship that are applied to and completed after general surgery residency. Check out my first book "In Stitches" for my comprehensive story of going through this! http://amzn.com/1451649762

cicalino1 karma


TonyYounMD3 karma

Yes, it's called brachioplasty and is used to remove excess skin from the upper arm (not typically the forearm). Creates a long scar from armpit to elbow. Scar is permanent, and as long as the patient can benefit and is ok with the scar, the patients are usually very happy. I really only offer this surgery to patients with a lot of excess skin, since the scar is long, permanent, and can be visible if you wave to someone.

lifeinhexcolors0 karma

Accutane did nothing for me (literally, no improvement whatsoever). what other treatments could I look at to stop having such ridiculously greasy skin all the time?

TonyYounMD3 karma

Use a foaming cleanser in the morning and evening. Don't use moisturizers. Try this as a toner: https://zoskinhealth.com/zomedical/cebatrol Hopefully the combination of these can help! Dr. Obagi (famous dermatologist) is insistent that sebum (oil) is bad for the skin and creates inflammation.