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After doing plastic surgery has a client ever absolutely hated it?

Like you gave them exactly what they wanted but they didn't like it as much as they thought or it looked different on them then they would have imagined so they blamed you?

And if yes, what course of action did they take? Demand their money back, demand to have it undone, sue you, etc?

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Hi, Im an Irish citizen so Net Neutrality doesn’t affect me personally but I still want to do something to help, because it is ridiculously unfair to the average American citizen who is already suffering under the current government, and I have had my fair share of issues with internet providers (namely Virgin Media) and the last thing they need is more power to take advantage of customers. Its a long story but when I cancelled my contract and they realised that I wasn’t coming back they did everything in their power to squeeze every cent possible. Between phone call charges(that they told me were free), doubling my final bill, adding extra charges and taking money out of my account for “not returning my internet box” (in reality I had and had picture proof of it), i ended up paying an extra 100 euro that I have never gotten back. the only way they would return it was if I signed a new contract and that money would be taken out of my first few bills.

So my question is, as an EU citizen is there anything I can do to help fight the repeal for Net Neutrality, because if it passes there, theres every chance internet companies could fight to have it repealed in EU countries.

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As a Irish man myself who quit my job as a manager in an independently owned bar days before the virus broke (luckily got another job that is safe right before the shutdown), my worry is how small independent bars will bounce back. Have you heard anything about help for small business to survive and get back on their feet?

The only reason I ask is because I left my job for safety reasons. I felt I was in physical danger from a violent friend of my boss who my boss just gave free reign of the bar while openly admitting he was dangerous and violent. Like my boss literally telling me to just let the guy do what he want so he wont get angry, while this guy was opening stealing my tips and just sitting mext to the bar for hours stealing drinks and getting drunk while just staring at me. My boss refused to do anything and ordered me not to do anything, so to ensure my safety, I left.

But because of the virus coming so soon after the quiet period of the year (Jan/Feb) he has lost so much business and can barely afford to keep the bar afloat and has been unable to pay me the over 3000 he owes me in holiday pay, credit cards tips, etc. Getting money out of him is difficult at the best of times. So just wondering if small businesses will get any help, so I can avoid reporting unpaid wages or taking him to court.

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First of all, absolutely love you in the Arrowverse. Nyssa was never really a character I cared much about as in other shows, movies, games and comics, R’as al Ghul and LoA stories focused more on Talia, but your wonderful performance really sold me on the character. You are a phenomenal actress.

Will we ever see a reunion between Nyssa and Sara? You guys work so wonderfully together, would love to see you appear on Legends of Tomorrow and would love to see Nyssa’s reaction to Ava. Or even to meet Laurel from Earth-2, your relationship with Earth-1 Laurel was wonderful, one of the best things about season 3.