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Northern Territories use something called ''SeaLift'' in order to get vehicles, houseware, non perishable items, etc. They come by boat on a fixed schedule between June and October. This service is not covered by the government, this is why all the prices are inflated in grocery stores. My mother pays a box of 24 water bottles over 100$.

Edit: she doesn't pay 100$ for water. I only meant that is what it costs in grocery stores.

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I've once seen a psychiatrist due to some anxiety. Nothing serious but I had to see her because insurance demanded it. She would always ask about my childhood and how my parents behaved with me. I avoided the questions because I thought it was irrelevant to my situation. My childhood was just fine. Why would she press me with those questions about childhood all the time?

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What's creepy? The photography? Post-mortem photography is actually a service that parents are grateful for having, down the line, when the pain has subsided.

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If you ever need a transcriptionist, I'm willing to help out! :)

A fellow Canadian who's not involved in any of this but wants to help you spread the word:)

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what the fuck dude.