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If you could attempt any surgery with no repercussions if something went wrong, what would you like to try?

Edit: Thanks for the gold stranger, very cool of you!

Edit 2: Thanks for the response. BTW if you ever want to make this a reality give me a shout. (Retractable Wolverine claws for the lazy)

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Have you visited the U.S.S. Alabama since it's become a tourist attraction in Mobile? If so how did it feel?

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How much does your ass hurt from that much riding?

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A few questions.

  1. Do you get your labs from shelters? In San Diego groups like yours made it very difficult to find a shelter lab. We searched daily for a lab, instead a "rescue" would snatch them up as soon as they were available then charge 300-500 dollars as a "rehoming fee". If you take them from no kill shelters, why?

  2. Why "rescue" a breed that is in high demand, why not a breed shelters are full of like pitbulls or chihuahuas?

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I'm going to buy two KTM 1190 Adventures RIGHT NOW BECAUSE HE SAID THAT.