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Have you done anal bleaching?

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it's called the October Surprise and goes back decades. nothing new. in fact, before TV came along US elections were a lot worse with real fraud and really bad mudslinging and name calling. TV gave us a presidential candidate

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i've got two kids and the sight words seem to be those that don't sound like they are spelled.

i even joke with my kids how in english every word has it's own rules to pronounce it

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I have two kids and none of them took the G&T because I'm zoned in one of the best elementary schools in NYC and didn't see a need. what percentage of your kids make it?

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i did it one time when i had a 3GS years ago. played around with some of the themes and after a few months i got bored and tired of it slowing down my phone all the time and had no intention of paying for some of the software people were selling on the marketplace back then