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I would say that the parent should see a therapist and/or have someone slap him/her.

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Not my field. I stay away from genital surgery, which is becoming more and more popular. Maybe tape a straight stick to it! ;-)

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There was once a doc in LA who claimed to use his patients' liposuctioned fat to power his car. He called it "Biofuel." The only car I know of that could run on Biofuel was the old AMC Pacer pieces of crap. Anyways, his office was raided by the cops and last I heard he fled to South America!

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I've had a lot of people ask me for wings. Like, turn them into the X-Men character The Angel. And they believe it's possible. The next craziest thing someone asked for was to look like Kim Kardashian.

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Yes, it's exactly like Nip/Tuck. I saw one episode of that show where one of the doctors killed someone and got in a fight and attacked the other person with a syringe of Botox. He ended up losing the fight and had the Botox injected into his face instead, leaving it droopy and funny-looking. These things happen to me all the time!