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Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!

Do you think women should always go slighter big or smaller when deciding on breast implants? Thanks

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Seems like very sounds advice. Thanks for your response! If you have time I have a scenario below that is relative to my SO's situation. If not no worries!

28 year old female Before kids had 34D/34DD breasts. After kids wears similar bras but not nearly as full and definitely lost the same feeling.

Is it normal to think a breast lift won't accomplish the results desired (getting back to pre-pregnancy). What are your thoughts on a lift vs implants? And can you go into back problems more?


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Can you explain the Durant thing further?

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I was also told that it's for when a car is taken from one location and dropped at another. So there isn't one set in Arizona and then another with the car in Texas or what have you. The car could end up changing locations several times and finding where the other set is could be very difficult.

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Any chance of expanding to the Midwest? Would love to work with you guys.